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News - January 2009

Audiolife: Create Your Own Virtual Music & Merch Shop        29th January 2009

Audiolife is a new service that just launched in public beta, offering musicians a one stop shop for creation and distribution of music, merchandise and other music-related goods.

The process goes like this: you create your virtual store and use Audiolife’s free tools to create content such as ringtones, CDs and even t-shirts. Then - again, using the tools that Audiolife provides - you can embed the store into other websites or blogs. Audiolife will then take care of manufacturing, shipping, sales tracking and transactions.

Here’s what the FAQ says:

“At present, only residents of the United States with a valid U.S. Social Security or Tax Identification Number can use Audiolife to sell products. To apply for an Audiolife account, go to http://www.audiolife.com/signup/. If you currently reside out of the United States, please keep checking back with us. We are working hard to be able to offer Audiolife services to everyone in the world.”

Audiofile is free to use; it makes money when you sell something. It’s not percentage based; Audiolife takes a pre-set, flat fee that depends on the type of content you’re selling. Fee details are listed within individual categories of content creation. For example, if you sell a digital copy of your album, Audiolife takes 4 dollars; if you sell a physical CD, the fee is 5 dollars. You can set a price for your album anywhere above these prices. It’s hard to tell whether the prices are too high; the feature set that Audiolife offers for free is definitely great value, since you can basically manage your entire music & merch sales from your living room. However, I’ll leave it to the musicians to compare the prices with other similar services and judge for themselves; if you have an opinion on Audiolife’s pricing or service, please share it in the comments.


Visit: Audiolife



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