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News - January 2009

HUE2 / Mildon Maducdoc - tonal color changer            03rd January 2009

HUE2, a light edition of Back Stage EQ One, allows you to adjust certain characteristics of the sound, making it easy for you to shape it according to taste. It has six individual controls for adjusting depth, warmth, body, clarity, sheen (brilliance), and air (brightness). It can help both beginners and pro's achieve the sound that they want instantly.

Simple plug-in, BIG results.

HUE2's approach to tonal color change levels the playing field for anyone who's trying to get a good mix. Coupled with a set of good ears, this free VST plug-in can give you BIG results with just a few turns of the knob. Easily make your vocals stand out by adding sheen and air. Tame that bass guitar by reducing warmth and body. Add life to your acoustic strumming by increasing the depth. Let those strings soar by reducing the warmth and adding some air. HUE2 is a plug-in for those who trust their ears and don't need to see the numbers to get it right. As long as you know what you're looking for, a good mix is never far away with HUE2.

Backstage HUE2 EQ is free.

Download HUE2 here!


Visit: mildonstudios.com/hue2 (no longer exist)



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