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News - January 2009

Coda.fm is a torrent-seeking audiophile's dream        16th January 2009

Coda.fm is an excellent spin on run-of-the-mill torrent trackers and indexing services. It's been cleverly built to look feel more like someone's web store than a p2p site.

Downloads can be browsed by artist or genre, and lists of the top artists, albums, new releases, and recent uploads are also maintained. Coda's recommendation engine will also offer you other albums and artists based on your current selection. Pictured below are suggestions from the Bad Religion artist page, and I'd say they're well-chosen.

Artist bios and album synopses are presented, as is detailed information about downloads including track listings and individual files sizes. Coda also provides RSS feeds for both new uploads and new album releases.

As you'd expect, the site's footer contains the usual "don't sue us because we don't actually host copyrighted material" note. How long that keeps the dogs at bay remains to be seen. In the meantime, however, it's definitely a site worth checking out.


Visit: Coda.fm (no longer exist)



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