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News - January 2009

Free Music Streaming and Playlist Creation With Just Hear It  15th January 2009

There’s a new kid on the online music block, and though still in private beta, it offers users a fast and free way to create and listen to online playlists. Created by two college students, Nicolae Ivanescu and Cosmin Panait, Just Hear It is a new site that wants to let you, “search the web for any song in the world.”

Similiar to Seeqpod and Songza, Just Hear It offers registered and unregistered users alike a seamless interface for song search and playlist creation, all from within the browser. Registered users can create a media library to build an online music collection that they can listen to from anywhere, create mulitple playlists, view play history, and rename songs.

Just Hear It claims to be completely legal, following DMCA guidelines, and paying royalties to all of the major performing-rights organizations, like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. In the future, Just Hear It aims to negotiate licenses to share revenue with labels. Currently, much of the music actually seems to come from YouTube - much like another site we recently reviewed, StreamDrag.


Visit: Just Hear It



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