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News - June 2009

MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.14                25th June 2009

MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to v2.14.


  • Multitrack song sequencer - new song structure editor shows all rhythms in a classical track sequencer view including current position locator. Rhythms are synchronized. Additionally you can save the entire MDrummer state including rhythms, structures, effects, MIDI filters and drumset into a file, so it is now extremely easy to use it for realtime performances.
  • MReverb effect is now included in MDrummer, available to use in separate drums effect chain as well as in master effect chain.
  • Master effect chain - you can add effects not only to separate drums, but also to the global master chain. For realtime performances you therefore need no host anymore.
  • Rhythm generator preview - when working with rhythm generator the base rhythm is now played with it, so you can hear the final groove without need to generate the rhythm.
  • Rhythm generator randomizer - by clicking a single button you can make rhythm generator load random settings and essential beat.
  • Output channel association persistence - all drumsets are now even more compatible - when you change output channel mappings in one drumset it will be preserved whenever you load/join/generate another drumset (can be disabled in Drumset editor/Advanced). You can also store your predefined mappings if you are e.g. used to put secondary snare to a certain output channel.
  • Loop recorder improvements - loop recorder now synchronizes with host, so you can record inside MDrummer while the host playback is running. You can also turn off the default automatic replacing behaviour.
  • Help windows are now scrollable and can fit better for various resolutions.
  • Additional loop editor functions moved to "Functions" menu to make it easier to understand.
  • Axes for all plugins such as MEqualizer or MAnalyzer are now truly logarithmic.
  • Improved tracker control accuracy using Ctrl key.
  • Added pan law to MAutopan.
  • Increased visibility of units shown when moving graphs.
  • Painting has been optimized.
  • Fix: Rhythm generator save/load stored tempo and other settings, which should not be saved.
  • Fix: Loop editor quantization could place notes at the end of the loop.
  • Fix: Popup Windows were untouchable when minimized.
  • Fix: Routing in standalone was always attached to the first output audio channel.

MDrummer is a percussive instrument engine. Advanced users can use the rich set of capabilities to enjoy the power of sound and rhythm systems of the virtual drummer. Beginners can use MDrummer simply to create great drum-tracks in almost no time.

Free drum VST plug-in - MDrummer S is a totally free version of MDrummer! It contains everything you need - the standalone application and VST plug-in compatible with most of the VST hosts such as Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk etc. You do not need to look for drum VST warez anymore, because this one is really free! Just download, install and enjoy the power of the MDrummer VST plug-in and standalone application.


Visit: MeldaProduction



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