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News - January 2009

Mildon Maducdon releases freeware beta version of 3D stereo panner “LIVE 3D beta 1.0”  10th January 2009

LIVE 3D helps you visually position tracks in a 3D sound stage, making it easy for you to create a wider and more spaceous stereo image.

You can set the distance from the micrpophone by simply dragging the 3D room up or down; The view window will zoom in or out accordingly. You can also set the height (frequency range) and panning (left to right) using the sliders around the view window. Additional controls allow you to shape and smoothen the sound.


EQONE allows you to directly adjust certain characteristics of the sound such as depth, warmth, body, clarity, sheen, and brightness.

This approach to EQ lets you achieve the sound that you want instantly without having to deal with individual frequencies. Created for those who trust their ears more than the numbers. Good for beginners, handy for pro's.


Also previous released plugins “EQ ONE” and “Vocals” are updated to v2.0.


VOCALS is an exciter/enhancer plug-in that pre-mixes your track, eliminating harsh sounds in the voice like sibilance and boominess.

It will make your vocals sound lighter and more 'upfront'. It has three controls; One for adjusting the body, one for air or brightness, and one for gain. For main vocals, it's ideal to max out the body. For backing tracks, dial down the brightness and the vocal effect. Good for vocals accompanied by heavy guitars and bass.



Visit: http://mildonstudios.com/products (no longer exist)



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