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News - June 2009

AZ Audio updates SuperMidiScripter to v0.914             24th June 2009

AZ Audio has updated SuperMidiScripter to v0.914. The latest plug-in changes, new features and fixes are the same as those already applied to the standalone version from the 25th of May to the 19th of June:

  • LNG: runtime optimized (aka the 'script execution kernel').
  • LNG: labels/Goto, position in blocks no more limited.
  • LNG: flow control functions: Break, Exit.
  • LNG: Fixed bug when accessing the first memory entry (Flags-based-scripts were affected).
  • PLG: fixed bug when using a LOGVAR() or when logging execution time and changing the view.
  • PLG: fixed various leaks.
  • LNG: Assertequ(), AssertNotEqu().
  • LNG: new call type 'ctUpdate'.
  • LNG: new plug-in system. A plug-in type and a function to call them have been added. The distribution (Standalone version) includes three source examples in Delphi and Cpp. Three plug-ins are included:
    1. 'MemDump.dll' (monitor a range of the LEOFUNS memory).
    2. 'Leo_GameOfLife.dll' (an implementation of the Conway's game of life).
    3. 'Leo_DrawXY' (warp the most common system canvas methods).
  • LNG: the SETPTADDR() function was always setting the address of the first pointer and not the one set as destination argument.
  • PLG: the application and the plug-in are now distributed with an installer because the scripts and 'bintables' folders have been changed. The plug-in version shares the same scripts and tables as the application. The software now requires at least Windows XP as OS.


  • LNG = related to the LEOFUNS scripting engine.
  • APP/PLG = related to the application or the plugin version of supermidiscripter.
  • EXT = related to a LEOFUNS plug-in.

Super Midi Scripter is a VST instrument for Windows. It acts as a relay between the host and the instrument. The scripting engine gives the opportunity to prepare various MIDI instruments and effect such as sequencers, arpeggiators and data filters.

Super Midi Scripter is freeware.


Visit: Az Audio (no longer available)



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