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News - June 2009

Wavosaur updated to v1.0.5.0             08th June 2009

Wavosaur has been updated to v1.0.5.0, featuring unlimited undo and revamped 3D spectrum.


  • Display engine RAM usage optimized.
  • Memory leakage removed.
  • Paste mono is now supported for multi-channel files.
  • Undo:
    • Unlimited undo.
    • Behavior and RAM usage improved.
    • Lots of action are now "undoable": marker and loop position, volume envelope, etc.
  • Bit depth converter dialog box bug fixed.
  • Save and Save as engine recoded.
  • Modified flag added: reminder dialog box is now after file modifications (option still existS to deactivate, but only for advanced user).
  • Unlimited marker number.
  • Export file as binary added:
    • 8, 16, 24, 32, 64 bits support, float, PCM and little- and big-endian.
    • No header or chunk added, just raw data.
  • New 3D frequency editor:
    • Independent window with menu, toolbar and status bar.
    • New 3D and color representation.
    • Increase computation speed and display.
    • Mouse support to rotate the current view.
    • Zoom in/out.
  • Time format (time bar and status bar) is now global and saved in cfg file.
  • VST:
    • VST host tempo added in editor configuration dialog box.
    • VST rack slot full replaced by replacing command.
    • Various icon bugs fixed.
    • SamplePos now supported.
  • Amplitude zoom short cut added Ctrl+up or down arrow.

Wavosaur is currently in alpha release stage (i.e. pre-release) ands made available for free (donations welcome).


Visit: Wavosaur



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