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News - January 2009

Roughdiamondproductions updated baddASS, sideGATE, sideFIRE and autoBED to 1.1 and put up a bundle offer          24th January 2009

Now we are ONE its Happy Birthday us ! Happy Birthday You! Happy Birthday Everyone !

In celebration of a year having passed since the first whiteLABEL betas appeared on the net, we've got a Happy Birthday gift to share with you ... and you ... and you ...

Roughdiamondproductions updated baddASS, sideGATE, sideFIRE and autoBED to 1.1 and put up a bundle offer - save 25

Yes indeed, the whiteLABEL MK I plugin pack is here.

4 smashing plugins for 30 - a 45% saving plus an exclusive free gift. Choose from one of the following two options :

[A] autoBED + sideFIRE normally costs 35,
[B] baddASS + sideGATE + autoBED normally costs 35.

Right then - the plugins (all V1.1):

autoBED : Whenever the presenter is heard, the music fades into the background. As the music fades, its presence falls leaving focus for the presenter. When the presenter stops speaking, the music fades back in as its presence is restored. (15)

sideGATE : When the sidechain is higher than the threshhold, the channel is audible, when lower, gated - just the thing for controlling a reverb according to the level of a snare drum, a synth according to a hi-hat, a bass according to a bass drum and so on. (10)

baddASS : designed for added oooomph. From subtle re-inforcement to storming bottom end, a little bit of rough to mind-bleeding distortion, baddASS's drive, crush and EQ sections give you plenty of scope for re-inventing your kick-drum. (10)

sideFIRE(full) : A stereo enhancer / distorter employing delay, compression, & EQ to manipulate, the stereo field. Also makes false stereo from mono inputs and can code & decode mid/side recordings. From subtle & shiney to wide & wild. (20)

fatiFIER : At the quiet end, use it for flanger and chorus style effects. On a moderate setting it can be used to make things fatter by slight de-tuning, and at the extreme end of things, fatiFIER can turn a human voice into a fully-fledged MPM* :: EXCLUSIVE TO THE whiteLABEL PLUGIN PACK


Visit: http://www.roughdiamondproductions.com/whiteLABEL



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