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News - February 2011

Sir Elliot releases Little Black Box Series II and 31-Band Graphic Equaliser           01st February 2011

Sir Elliot has released Little Black Box Series II and 31-Band Graphic Equaliser, two new free effect plug-ins for Windows.

Little Black Box Series II offers a new compression circuitry from its predecessor. This enables the compressor to offer more artefacts, which may suitable for the musician who plays Rock Music..


Degree: 1 to 10

Threshold: -1.5 dB to 90 dB

Ratio: 1.0 to 20.0:1

Attack: 0.002 Milliseconds to 1.3 Seconds

Release: 0.012 Milliseconds to 3.5 Seconds

Loudness: 0 to 11

Dry Mix, Low, Middle, & High controls

Roll-off Filters

Overload Protection: Overload Protection prevents clipping. Upon engaging the Overload Protection switch, you need not to worry about any overshoots reaching 0 dB.

Channel A & Channel B Compression VU Meters

Power Consumption: 4.6%


Note: Power Consumption is based on a Pentium 4 single-core 2.8 GHZ computer, using Windows XP (Non Service Pack) operating system, playing a 44.1 kHz wav file.


Sir Elliot’s 31-Band Graphic Equaliser is designed for those who would like to add some character to their music. Unlike the 18-Band Equaliser there is no fixed delay. This may be helpful for those who do not master music.


Input Select

Auxiliary Low

Auxiliary High

Tape (with Bias control)

Output Dual Colour LED Indicators for each channel

Level Control

A.C. Switch

Power Indicator

Adjustable Frequency Range: 20 – 21,000 kHz

Highest Frequency affected @ 21,000 kHz:

44.1 kHz: 21,600 kHz – 3 dB

96 kHz: 25,000 kHz -3 dB

192 kHz: 30,000 kHz -3 dB


Sir Elliot 31-Band Graphic Equaliser Preview from Sir Elliot on Vimeo.

Note: Sir Elliot’s 31-Band Equaliser is optimised for high sample rates. To take full advantage of the sound quality, please use 88.2 kHz and above sample rates.

Both plug-ins are available to download for Windows (VST) at no cost.


Visit: Sir Elliot



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