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News - February 2011

vvvv group releases vvvv 45 beta 25.1                    23rd February 2011

vvvv group has released vvvv 45 beta 25.1.

General changes:

  • Now with crack.exe (replacing uninstall.exe). run once.
    • No more registration of.v4p file type on starting vvvv.exe. now only via crack.
  • Splashscreen now shows up when starting patch via doubleclick.
  • Subtype and iobox bug fixes.
    • Especially enum bugs. additionally enum features: invalid enum entries now lead to red nodes. useful e.g. when you have a r (Value) to a channel that doesn't exist (e.g. the patch with the corresponding sender might not be open).
  • Effect enums now update correctly when code changed.
  • Added vvvv.exe.config file to support debugging sd4/vs2010.
  • Fixed the EStringError when starting without arguments out of sd3.
  • No accidental root saving any longer.
  • Better help on using contributions in root.
  • Modules again open in a window when opened by windows explorer.
  • Correctly getting dummy node after changing nodename of a plugin node.
  • Replacing nodes also changes legacy "nodename" attribute in "node" tag beta25-iobox-(color)-opens-as-iobox-(value-advanced)-in-older-versions.
  • It should no longer be a problem to work with projects of same filename but in different locations. for example (vvvv/effects/file1.fx and patches/foo/bar/file1.fx).
  • If a cached nodeinfo is invalid (for example file is corrupted) a red node will appear instead of a gray one without any pins.
  • GUI plugin templates added.
  • Nice help files for templates added.
  • vvvv shouldn't block windows from shutting down if started with /shutup argument or no patch is edited or user doesn't chancel the quit command: vvvv-prevents-windows-shutting-down-(stillagain).
  • .csproj now available in "OpenInPatch" dialog.
  • dtd updated.


Finder & Window Switcher:

  • Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Other bug fixes.
  • Invalid enum entries now also can be found through the finder: the surrounding patch also gets red.


  • Now includes username-tags again.
  • Clicking in a patch to hide the browser now creates a comment.
  • Drag'n'drop works again from standalone version.


  • The Add Reference dialog of C# projects can now browse for assemblies (additional to selecting assemblies from the GAC).
  • Now supports adding existing documents to a project.
  • Should give a hint if a referenced file is missing.
  • Caused vvvv to crash if more than one reference was added at once.


  • Fixed copy and paste issues introduced in beta25.
  • Ctrl+F invokes correct find-monolog again.
  • Indents brackets correctly.
  • Supports auto indentation (Ctrl + I).
  • Does not show runtime errors of previously compiled assembly.
  • Handles local/global ("" vs <>) includes in.fx files correctly.
    • Effect files use directory of vvvv.exe as global include path (for e.g. #include).
    • Only locally referenced fx files are copied in a clone operation.
  • Fixed several memory leaks.


  • Fix: generic input pin didn't fetch new upstream interface if upstream node was recompiled.
  • Added BinSize property to InputAttribute.
  • If creation of a plugin fails treat it as runtime error instead of creating a red node indicating that the plugin is missing.
  • Do not use MEF to scan an assembly for plugins. use it only on plugin creation. better performance and fixes several issues, if for example classes attributed with a PluginInfo didn't implement IPluginBase or a PluginInfo was defined twice.
  • IDiffSpread> implementations didn't fire changed event if bin size changed.
  • Added new extension methods Add, AddRange, Remove, RemoveAt, RemoveAll, RemoveRange, GetRange, IndexOf, Insert, InsertRange to ISpread.

New modules:

  • OpenURL (Network) opens a link or file with the systems default application.

vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.

vvvv is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use requires a license.


Visit: vvvv group



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