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News - January 2013

MusE v2.1 Now Available                                                 07th January 2013

Version 2.1 of MusE is now available for Linux.

Assortment of topics worked on this time around are:

  • Native VST support, first drop: effect rack isn't supported yet and some synths are misbehaving a bit but it should be usable.
  • New type of drum track with easier instrument handling.
  • Improved Wave Editor.
  • Improved MIDI import/export.
  • Longtime weirdness in MusE, song-type is finally removed.
  • Improved: Deicsonze soft synthesizer: Fixed crash, bugs, added LADSPA plugins.
  • Added: Request from forums: Auto-start Jack upon MusE startup. Command-line disable switch -J added.
  • Added aftertouch controller handling.
  • Piano KB and drum list show coloured dots when per-pitch controllers exist or have data.
  • Improved: Instrument Editor (controller tab): Redesigned. Fixed MANY bugs.
  • Improved: MIDI controller graph 'Ctrl' popup menus now unified (cascading).
  • Improved: built-in templates and removed lots of unneeded definitions.
  • Improved: Velocity graphs. Icon for showing per-note or all velocities.
  • Improved: Piano KB has current selected note (yellow). For velocity/polyaftertouch/other per-note ctrls.
  • Added 'speaker' icon to drum edit. And drum list and piano keyboard now obey the 'speaker' icon.
  • Improved: Multi-port (aka multi-channel) MIDI import and export.
  • Added Gain knob on channel strip for audio tracks.
  • Changed WaveTrack and AudioInput to create mono tracks instead of stereo.
  • Added: Informative text on Undo/Redo buttons/menu text/tooltips ("Undo AddTrack" etc).
  • Fixed CR:3567893 Play Event on note creation.
  • Bug 3555569, 3555572: New informative ERROR, WARNING and HINT messages in cmake build script.
  • Bug 3555581: No synths listed in Edit menu: main.cpp: Move initMidiSynth() ahead of MusE.
  • Feature request 3565102: FLAC audio file import.
  • Fix for forum topic "Ordering of simultaneous events".
  • Summer sleep is over! plugins can now be grouped.
  • Finished the Sysex Editor in the Instrument Editor.
  • increased zoom range in arranger, reversed zoom in wave editor.
  • Internal fluidsynth and simpledrums search project dir for missing sounds to ease portability, and if no sounds are found a load file dialog is shown.

MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities written originally by Werner Schweer now developed and maintained by the MusE development team. MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux, it is published under the GNU General Public License.


Visit: muse-sequencer.org




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