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News - January 2013

Liqube updates Resonic Audio Player to Alpha 540              03rd January 2013

Liqube has updated Resonic to Alpha 513. Resonic is an audio player and browser for Windows, built around a big waveform seek bar, that plays music files, sounds, and samples out of existing folders.

New features

  • Curved realtime frequency analyzer shapes.
  • Smoother, more fluid animations.
  • Cycle through visualization types with the F12 key.
  • Added support for lossless True Audio files (.tta files).
  • Added support for Opus / Ogg-Opus audio format (.opus files).
  • Added support for Speex / Ogg-Speex audio format (.spx files).


  • Improved overall application performance.
  • Optimized analyzer painting for a little less CPU usage.
  • Mac OS X resource fork files are now detected by content and hidden from the file list. These files hold meta data and are created by the Mac OS operating system when files are copied from Mac disks to Windows disks, eg. to FAT32 USB drives.
  • Updates to the interface color theme.
  • Web: List of shortcuts is now available online (www.resonic.at/docs/shortcuts).
  • Web: Site code and design completely reworked.
  • Web: German version of the website is now online (www.resonic.at/de).


  • Fixed occasional floating point errors when seeking in broken files.
  • Corrected some interface typos.


  • The idea behind the current frequency analyzer is to provide a musical display of what the user is actually hearing. Later

Resonic is a high-speed audio and music player / sample browser for the Windows operating system.

Free for personal use.


Visit: resonic.at 




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