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News - January 2013

Tokyo Dawn Records releases TDR Feedback Compressor II 05th January 2013

Tokyo Dawn Records has released TDR Feedback Compressor II, a free compressor VST effect plugin for Windows.

The TDR Feedback Compressor II is a radical revamp of its critically acclaimed predecessor. The processor elegantly combines the self-adjusting properties of feed-back compression with an advanced, yet musically intuitive control scheme.

A proper press text and manual is in the works.

IMPORTANT for beta testers: The project is in an early beta state. We don’t guarantee anything. The CPU performance will substantially improve during the beta period. Please report issues, ideas and enlightenments as soon as possible! We highly recommend you to join our labs mailing list for update notifications and visit our forum regularly. Note that this is a whole new plug-in with its own unique ID. It will not break your old projects, the previous version will still remain available and maintained in the future.

IMPORTANT 2: We had to remove the x64 version of a severe issue. We will reactivate the link as soon the fix the issue. Sorry!

Notable features

  • Beautiful “Feed-Back Compression” sound and behavior
  • 64bit floating point precision for all relevant calculations
  • Multi-rate processing structure for highest accuracy
  • Delta oversampled signal path (bit transparent without processing)
  • Three side-chain filter slopes: 3dB/Oct, 6dB/Oct and 12dB/Oct
  • Independent release controls for peak and RMS compression
  • Crest Factor control
  • Advanced stereo linking options
  • Delta preview mode. Allows to preview the difference between compressed and original signal
  • Latency compensated parallel bypass (i.e. processing not interrupted)
  • Processing quality switch: “Precise” and “Eco”


Visit: tokyodawn.net/tdr-feedback-compressor-2 




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