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News - January 2013

Chokehold releases Tiny Metal Impact                          21st January 2013

Chokehold has released Tiny Metal Impact, a free percussion sample library which is also available as an instrument plugins for Windows and Mac.

* Clicks (40 sounds)
* Clangs (14 sounds)
* Pops (14 sounds)
* Chimes (27 sounds)

Basically, it's just tiny metal things colliding with other tiny metal things. There are coins, keys, a fork, a wee candy tin, and I let them all play together. Hell, I even brought out my trusty DI box to get a clang or two, as well as some switching noises.

There are also some mouse-clicks in this pack, and they're obviously not coming from tiny metal mayhem as all the other noises. I hope you'll forgive this lack of authenticity, but hey, it's free...

Very percussive and transient-rich material, lots of clicks and ticks and so on, just the right sort of stuff to layer your drums with. Give a kick the extra click, or polish off that lame snare with a juicy "pshht".

But there are also much deeper and even bell-ish sounds in there, hats, cymbals... well, not actually hats and cymbals, but noises that could be used as hats and cymbals, or layered with hats and cymbals.

Arpeggiate some of those clicks to bring movement into your meandering ballad, liven up that lifeless anvil in your orchestral piece with a healthy "diiinggg" ... coming from a fork, ringing after being struck with a coin.

Maybe need something that sounds like shoes on a sandy surface? Like a blade cutting through flesh? Or maybe you're the sort of genius slash sociopath that I am, who takes a short *pop* and for no apparent reason turns it into a minute-long pad...?

Well, hovever it may be, I went ahead and put together a cutesy demo track for y'all amusement, and of course to show off my new baby. All sounds in this track are sounds from Tiny Metal Impact, no other instruments, samples or synths were used.

I did put a Comp and a Limiter on the Master Bus, just to give it some snap.


The demo track was recorded "live" in several passes with a MIDI keyboard, using 4 instances of the sample player plugin I'll write about in a second.


Visit: Tiny Metal Impact




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