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News - March 2015

8 bit synth P/Nes Lo-Fi Monster                                           27th March 2015

8 bit synth P/Nes Lo-Fi monster released by JMT Musical Tools.

The P/Nes 8-Bit Monster is a synthesizer, or a Nintendorgan, inspired by the 2A03 chip used in the Nes sound architecture. It can produce authentic 8-bit sounds like the original Nes and other retro gaming systems or arcades, but it can also do much more with its expanded sound design. This is not just a basic simulation, this is a full blown synthesizer, my dream circuit-bent Nes.

The P/Nes is rooted in pitch tracking. Pretty much every effects and modifiers can be controlled by the pitch/note being played to create unique sounds and phrases.

The P/Nes also offers a great amount of control over every aspect of the sound shaping and modulation, all while keeping things simple and accessible. Every settings are visible within the same window, there are no hidden sub-menus. Great for making old school arcade sounds, chiptune, or any other style of music you damn young hippies are playing these days.

And did I mention its free.


Visit: anyrecordings.com/jmttools/pnes-index




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