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News - March 2015

Chord Generator tonespace updated to v2.5.544       16th March 2015

Chord Generator tonespace updated to v2.5.544 by mucoder.

The beta phase is finally over, with pleasure I can announce the general availability of tonespace v2.5.544

The biggest news of course is 64-bit support on all platforms.

tonespace changes:

- new: 64-bit support on all platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux);
- new: added Lydian flat-7, Persian and Hindu scales;
- new: three additional scales: Major & Dorian, Major & Harmonic Minor, Major & Minor;
- new: support for Jack v1 on Linux;
- new: VST and AU plugins merged into a single file on OS X;
- fixed: tonespace plugin does not generate MIDI before the tonespace UI has - been displayed at least once;
- fixed: refined scale note spelling logic;
- fixed: Ableton Live 8 and 9 on Windows hangs or crashes when the plugin window has focus and user is pressing a PC keyboard key;
- fixed: When renaming a preset, every typed character is duplicated three times in Ableton Live 8 and 9 on Windows;
- fixed: menu option for showing online manual/license pages pointed to older versions;
- fixed: tonespace vertical window size too large on OS/X;
- fixed: Audio Unit validation failed in Logic 9;
- removed: 32-bit support on Linux;
- removed: PPC and OS X 10.4 support on Mac;
- removed: OS X 10.5 support for AU on Mac.

Download tonespace here (Win 32 and 64 bit)! 13.68 mb;

Download tonespace OS/X 10 32/64-bit here! 7.00 mb

tonespace is freeware.


Visit: mucoder.net/en/tonespace




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