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News - July 2018

Genera Studios releases Juno-106 Simple Square free Kontakt instrument  11th July 2018

Genera Studios has released Juno-106 Simple Square, free Kontakt sample instrument of a genuine 1984 Juno-106. 

Juno-106 Simple Square is a Kontakt sample instrument of a genuine 1984 Juno-106. The knobs were dialed to a great sounding simple square wave patch, and the samples were created across 6 octaves. The filter was activated slightly to take advantage of the great filter on the Juno-106, but it was kept pretty open so that it could be modified in the sample instrument. If you've always wanted the sound of a Juno-106 but couldn't afford one and emulations won't cut it, this is the product for you.


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Juno-106 SS features a simple custom GUI to tweak the sound outside of the presets included. You can of course dig into the Kontakt editor to further tweak, but these parameters are what I found myself using the most. Chorus from the Juno was recorded into the samples, but an extra chorus is included on the GUI to help 'glue' the sound while playing.


Visit: free-juno-106-ss-kontakt 




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