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News - July 2018

Vocals Vox & FX VST/AU plugin instrument by Audio Animals   06th July 2018

Vocals Vox & FX VST/AU plugin instrument released by Audio Animals.

Vocals Vox & FX is a free download of a VST instrument sampler that includes everything from MC phrases and one shots to spoken words and harmonies. Complete sample pack includes 203 vocal recordings by Kafzon, 87 vocals recordings by The Lost Enemy, 24 vocal chants, 24 ohhhh and ahhhh harmonies by Janethan, 26 spoken letters from A to Z, 11 spoken numbers from 0 to 10 and 15 spoken phases by KS. Download Vocals Vox & FX free by following the simple instructions below.

- Click Add To Basket below to order your sample pack.
- Now View Basket and check your order.
- Proceed to checkout and fill out necessary details.
- Accept terms and conditions and click place order.
- You will now be redirected to a download page.
- Download compatible content and enjoy.


A large range of vocal samples including MC vocals, vox letters and numbers, vocal harmonies and spoken works.  All samples are recorded in 24bit/44,100kHz wav.

VST Sampler 107 Mb

- 92 Mc Hits (Kafzon)
- 111 Mc Phrases (Kafzon)
- 87 Mc Phrases (The Lost Enemy)
- 15 Spoken Words (KS)
- 12 Ohhhh Harmonies (Janethan)
- 12 Ahhhh Harmonies (Janethan)
- 24 Chants
- 26 Letters A-Z
- 11 Numbers 0-10


Visit: vocals-vox-fx 




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