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News - November 2018

WsProAudio releases free EQ E87V2 plugin                     07th November 2018

WsProAudio has released free EQ E87V2, free plugin for Windows (VST 32/64 bit) and macOS (VST, Audio Unit 64 Bit).

"It has has been a good moment. Be sure that from my side I did not stop working to offer you the best. I come back with several novelty. I propose today EQ E87 V2. It's free. Do not forget to try the Color function!"

Add warmth and character to your analog audio / midi

The EQ is an equalizer E87 for Windows (VST 32/64 bit) and macOS (VST, Audio Unit 64 Bit).

The equalizer E87 was developed for one purpose: to provide a discreet and transparent equalization with the option of a similar color. Know something immediately, "Color" function is not "based on" or an imitation of a similar machine. We used a house script associated with "hardware" machine (linear pulse) to feel the effect of the analog alone can give us. We also added a "saturation" effect, which is a digital saturation. Both effects combine to perfection.


- Equalizer High quality very transparent.
- Button "Color" for adding analog character to your audio tracks.
- Button "Saturation" to add a digital saturation.
- Very low latency.
- Very low CPU consumption.
- And more

Available for Windows 32/64 bit version (VST).

Available for MacOS in 64 bit (Audio Units and VST).

*** The version for MacOS will be available later.


Visit: wsproaudio.com/produit/eq-e87v2




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