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News - June 2008


June 2008


SPEAR - Free Resynthesis App For Mac & Windows     30th June 2008

SPEAR (Sinusoidal Partial Editing And Resynthesis) version 0.7.1 is a free application for Windows & OS X for audio analysis, editing and synthesis.

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Jogli’s Music Search Streams 500M Songs, 12M Albums     28th June 2008

Jogli is the search engine for music. It scans other websites such as YouTube for any free existing music and music video clips, and then indexes the music in order to enable an easy and efficient search.

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Voxengo updates Overtone GEQ to v.1.5      26th June 2008

Voxengo has updated its free 7-band equalizer plug-in Overtone GEQ to v1.5.

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tubePlug updated to v.1.15      26th June 2008

tubePlug is a network audio plug-in that can connect multiple tubePlug users via the Internet and allows high quality multi-channel audio exchange between them.

tubePlug is freeware only for non commercial projects.

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Togu Audio Line updates TAL-U-No-62 to v.1.3     25th June 2008

TAL-U-No-62 is a polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer with a "unique" filter sound. An original Roland Juno-60 was used as reference for the oscillators, filters and controls.

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Roberson Audio updates Prophanity and Oddy-Free to v.1.2     25th June 2008

Chris Roberson has released version 1.2 of Prophanity, a freeware VST instrument which aims to clone the Prophet 5, and Oddy-Free, a clone build of an Arp Odyssey Mk.2.

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FreeeQ is a free high-quality 3-band 'instant results' EQ which is highly optimized for CPU usage.

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Cross platform, open source media player      24th June 2008

aTunes is a full-featured audio player and manager, developed in Java programming language, so it can be executed on different platforms: Windows, Linux and Unix-like systems, ...

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More Free Audio Loop Packages      24th June 2008

Dubstep is the new hot sound straight from grimy London. Deep kick drums, heavy breaks and syncopated dub grooves at 140 bpm.

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Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v.0.9h     23rd June 2008

Jeremy Evers has released version 0.9h of Atlantis, a freeware synthesizer VSTi and Filter Delay plug-in.

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Free-Music Champion Jamendo Nets 10,000 Albums, Adds Partners               23rd June 2008

Jamendo, a music sharingservice which originally launched more than two years ago in 2006, and has maintained a firm ideal of free-to-download and free-to-listen media consumption, earlier this week announced its having massed a catalogue 10,000 albums strong.

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Siegfried Kullmann updates SQ8L to v.0.91b     23rd June 2008

Siegfried Kullmann has released version 0.91b of SQ8L, a software model (Freeware VST) of Ensoniq’s classic 1980s synth SQ80.

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Univers Sons releases UVI Workstation public beta      21st June 2008

Univers Sons has introduced UVI Workstation - a free, advanced, universal software instrument workstation, and uvisoundsource.com - a new sound download website dedicated to the UVI community.

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KResearch releases KR-Reverb FS v.1.1      20th June 2008

KResearch releases KR-Reverb FS v.1.1 (formerly KR-Micro Reverb).

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Barricade Pro builds upon the free Barricade limiter plugin     19th June 2008

Barricade is a simple yet effective brick wall limiter. It has separate controls for gain adjustment, limiter release time, and variable softclipping for extreme 'overs'.

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Raw Material Software releases JUCE v.1.46     19th June 2008

Raw Material Software has announced the release of version 1.46 of JUCE, the cross-platform C++ toolkit for developing applications and plugins on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Juce is free.

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Voxengo releases Sound Delay      19th June 2008

Voxengo has announced the release of Sound Delay, a new, free, Audio Unit and VST plug-in for Windows

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Freeware Loop Slicer And Rearranger For Windows      18th June 2008

Yedey has released LoopDrive, a freeware loop slicer and rearranger for Windows.

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B.Serrano releases Nucleus v.3.0      17th June 2008

B.Serrano has released version 3.0 of Nucleus, a freeware Soundfont player VSTi for Windows.

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KAiTOP releases PARANOiA II     17th June 2008

KAiTOP has released PARANOiA II, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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DSK releases Chaos Theory     16th June 2008

DSK Music has released Chaos Theory, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

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Qbox: Free Streaming-Music Social Network     16th June 2008

Qbox.com Corporation has launched a beta version of its streaming social network music service, available from Qbox.com. By indexing the entire music inventories of top social media sites, Qbox lets users search, organize, and listen to the whole catalog of free and legally available online music.

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Rs -met releases free pitch shifter       14th June 2008

Pitch Shifter is a plugIn to shift the pitch of an incoming audio signal. By mixing the pitch shifted signal with the original signal via the dry/wet control, basic detuning, octaving and harmonizing effects are also possible.

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AZ Audio releases DoMaj v.1.0      14th June 2008

AZ Audio has released DoMaj which is described as a "MIDI VSTi scale constrainer" - it translates C maj to the defined output key and scale. Domaj is freeware.

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Rough Diamond Productions releases granulOSO v0.5 and studioCLOCK v1.0     13th June 2008

Rough Diamond Productions has released two new VST plug-ins for Windows PC: granulOSO (v0.5 beta), a granular sample masher, and studioCLOCK.

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Neotec updates CetoneOrg and CetoneSynth2     12th June 2008

Neotec has released updated versions of CetoneOrg, a freeware Hammond like organ, and CetoneSynth2, a freeware polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

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Aradaz Maximizer 5 (Compressor / Limiter) has been updated to v.1.2     12th June 2008

Aradaz Maximizer 5 is freeware compressor / limiter.

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New ShuttlePlugs / Ringelay, Spilo - delay and lofi effects     11th June 2008

Ringelay is a delay effect that applies ringmodulation to the repeats (not like the Vrek, where the input signal is ringmodulated with delayed repeats of itself). Spili is a lo-fi/filter effect.

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Easy#toolz releases easy-syn-sun      09th June 2008

Easy#toolz releases easy-syn-sun inspired by Hardware Synth (Korg Mono/Poly).

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DSK MUSIC releases DSK DrumZ AkoustiK     07th June 2008

DSK MUSIC has announced the release of DSK DrumZ AkoustiK - a new acoustic drums module.

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Convert your audio and video quickly     07th June 2008

FFmpeg is a powerful utility for converting practically any audio or video file to another codec.

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NastyLF / Bootsy - New signal coloring fx released     05th June 2008

As a creative mixing device 'NastyLF' offers subtle low frequency enhancements including creamy lowend distortion up to more agressive filtering and nasty saturation.

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Gary Goldfinch updates Bini to v.1.1      04th June 2008

Gary Goldfinch has released version 1.1 of Bini, a freeware noise/feedback/effect generator plug-in for Windows PC.

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Aradaz updates AradazAmp2_White to v1.1 and reworks AradazMaximizer5      03rd June 2008

Aradaz has updated AradazAmp2_White to v1.1 and "reworked" AradazMaximizer5.

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H.G. Fortune releases Anvilia Pro and Free      03rd June 2008

H.G. Fortune has released Anvilia Pro, a synth VST instrument featuring versatile modulations.

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Express Your Music Mood with Muzicons Widgets      03rd June 2008

Muzicons is a new music sharing site where you can easily create a widget (or Muzicon) to host on your blog. The name, like to ‘emoticon,’ comes from the ability to use icons to show mood, emotions, and whatever it is you are thinking at the time.

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Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9g    02nd June 2008

Jeremy Evers has released version 0.9g of Atlantis, a freeware synthesizer VSTi and Filter Delay plug-in.

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Make Moby’s Music Video; Win $10,000      02nd June 2008

Filmmakers are invited to submit their films for the track Ooh Yeah and the winner, chosen by moby, will win the $10,000 prize money and have their video used as the official music video for Ooh Yeah from Moby’s latest album, Last Night.

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Aldo Calpini releases Fatmoo v.1.0       02nd June 2008

Aldo Calpini has released version 1.0 of Fatmoo, a freeware VA type synth built with SynthEdit.

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