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News - May 2008


May 2008


easytoolz releases easy-vintage-bass 01      31st May 2008

easytoolz has released easy-vintage bass 01 - a free virtual analog vintage-style bass synth VST instrument for Windows.

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Distropolis releases SK-crooner v.1.0 beta      30th May 2008

Distropolis has released a beta version of SK-crooner - a sample-based recreation of the "human voice" vocaloid patch from the Casio SK-1. SK-crooner is free.

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Minisoftmusic releases Invector v.1.0 and Modcat v.1.5     29th May 2008

Minisoftmusic has released two free VST instruments for Windows - Invector v.1.0 and Modcat v.1.5.

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EFM releases Synthia2 v.0.75      27th May 2008

EFM has released version 0.75 of Synthia2, a freeware emulation of the EMS Synthi A.

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Saltline releases Ni v.1.0      27th May 2008

Saltline has released Ni - a free, single oscillator, 16-step sequencer synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

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Togu Audio Line releases TAL-U-No-62      26th May 2008

Togu Audio Line has released TAL U-No-62, a freeware polyphonic virtual analogue synth plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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L-Day releases SIDmonster v.0.10     26th May 2008

L-Day has released version 0.10 of SIDmonster, a freeware 8bit lo-fi synth with the classic sound of the C64.

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Free Legal Online Music       26th May 2008

Grooveshark is the ability to find and listen to any song, share and receive personalized recommendations and purchase music at a fair price with the knowledge that the copyright holder will be paid.

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New Site Wants The Songs You Never Finished     24th May 2008

Rifflet is a new site you can have some fun with those songs that you’ve never gotten around to finishing.

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Safwan Matni releases Fantasi    23rd May 2008

Safwan Matni has released Fantasi - a ten component vintage organ simulator, with Amp EG. Fantasi is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows and it is free.

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Cynthia - Free Windows VST That Emulates EMS SynthiA     22ndth May 2008

Cynthia is a free Windows VSTi/VST inspired by the classic EMS Synthi.

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Odo Synths releases Odd Odo Delay    22nd May 2008

Odo Synths has released Odd Odo Delay, a freeware delay effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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Wusik sets Wusik VM - VST Manager/Organizer FREE     21st May 2008

Wusik has announced that Wusik VM - VST Manager and Organizer is now FREE and Open-Source (using a BSD license).

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Bootsy releases BootEQ      20th May 2008

Bootsy has released BootEQ, a musical sounding mixing EQ VST effect plug-in for Windows PC. Bootsy BootEQ is freeware.

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neuenberger.de updates JellyFilter to v.2.1.1     19th May 2008

JellyFilter is a free polyphonic lead synth.

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Safwan Matni has released Matnitron     19th May 2008

Safwan Matni has released Matnitron - a one-preset strings module with amplitude envelope generator. Matnitron is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows and it is free.

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MP3-Check examines your music collection     19th May 2008

If you have a huge collection of mp3 you probably would have a hard time checking them for missing tags or other errors unless you are very thorough when adding new music to the collection checking them before you add them to the main directory. Mp3-check is freeware.

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Denis Eismann updates SuperDrumFX to v.1.3     17th May 2008

SuperDrumFX (SDFX) is a freeware software drum sampler with advanced possibilities.

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Flux release Stereo Tool      17th May 2008

Flux has announced the release of Stereo Tool - a new free plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X. Its other freebie plug-in, Bitter Sweet II, has also been updated for both Windows and Mac OS X.

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Marvin Pavilion updates BDX, SDX, HCX and HS9     16th May 2008

Marvin Pavilion has released updates for some freeware drum synth/sampler VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

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BASE designs releases VBA Monophonic Synthesizer v.1.0     15th May 2008

BASE designs has released VBA Monophonic Synthesizer, a freeware synth plug-in for Windows PC.

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It’s Science: Ambient, Chill Out Music Is Good For You     15th May 2008

New Research Encourages People with High Blood Pressure to Face the Music.

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Eric Beam releases Module Series     15th May 2008

Eric Beam has released Module Series, a number of EQ, compressor and filter audio processing modules for Windows PC.

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Convert Myspace and Youtube videos to MP3 files     15th May 2008

VidToMP3 - Convert Myspace and Youtube videos to MP3 files. Very useful for turning any music video on Myspace or YouTube into MP3 tracks for your iPod. Read more: VidToMP3 - Online Video to MP3 Audio Converter.

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Beatmatch.info releases 4 new sample libraries     14th May 2008

Beatmatch.info just released 4 brand new sample libraries. Over 120+ premium loops in WAV & AIFF format ready to use in favorite software.

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Adobe release Guitar Scales V2      14th May 2008

An essential tool for serious guitarists. This application lets you pick a scale and draws its the notes on a virtual fretboard. Everything can be customised: the number of strings, number of frets, tuning, chords, intervals, etc.

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Aradaz releases AradazAmp, AradazAmp2 & AradazMaximizer    13th May 2008

Aradaz recently released three free VST effect plug-ins for Windows - AradazAmp v.1.02.2, AradazAmp2 White Version v.1.0 & AradazMaximizer v.4.3.

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NOVAkILL releases NOVAkILLER     12th May 2008

NOVAkILL has released NOVAkILLER, a freeware FM synth VST plug-in for Windows PC.

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Radionomy Lets You Create Free Web Radio Station     12th May 2008

Radionomy, a Belgian startup, is a site that lets you create a free, ad-supported Web radio station.

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de la Mancha releases sfilter v.1.0     09th May 2008

de la Mancha has released sfilter, yet another free VST effect plug-in for Windows.

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Martin Eastwood Audio updates Compressive (Pro&Lite) to v1.1   09th May 2008

Martin Eastwood Audio has released version 1,1 of Compressive, a package of two freeware compression effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

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Audacity v1.3.5 beta now available    09th May 2008

The Audacity Team has announced the release of Audacity v1.3.5 beta for Windows. Changes include improvements and new features for recording, import/export and the user interface.

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Download favorite Music for Free     08th May 2008

Dorble is another application that lets you search, listen and download music you like to your computer for free. The website has a clean and pleasant interface, just search for whatever artist or song you want to get and wait for results.

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Novaflash releases Axons (beta)    08th May 2008

Novaflash has released a beta of Axons, a freeware Analog Bass Synth VST instrument for Windows PC.

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g200kg has updated Vocov Vocoder to v.2.13     08th May 2008

Vocov Vocoder is a Digital/Analog Hybrid Vocoder.

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Blechturmstudios releases Simple Delay v.2.0     06th May 2008

Blechturmstudios has released version 2.0 of Simple Delay, a freeware VST effect for Windows PC.

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de la Mancha updates pfilter and gator     05th May 2008

de la Mancha has updated pfilter and gator, two freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

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Discover new independent music you will love     05th May 2008

As a hybrid animal combining an online music marketplace driven by social media forces, Amie Street delivers generously on its promise: fans are empowered to explore and discover new music while musicians enjoy immediate feedback generated by a vibrant community.

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Tekky Synths releases sYnYx v.1.3     03rd May 2008

Is a very efficient little synth for creating fast and cutting thru melodic patterns.It is also very good at creating sound FX. It can very well suit all type of music but is definitely psytrance oriented.

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VSTSynthFont updated to v.1.021     01st May 2008

SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).

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xoxos releases Perfecto     01st May 2008

xoxos has released Perfecto, a freeware virtual analog synth VST plug-in for Windows PC.

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