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News - October 2008


October 2008


WOK releases StringChorus VST          31st October 2008

WOK has released StringChorus, a chorus VST effect plug-in for Windows. StringChorus is available as freeware for Windows PC, donations are welcome.

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VGP-Audio releases Auto-Filter v1.3         30th October 2008

VGP-Audio has released version 1.3 of Auto-Filter, a donationware VST plug-in effect for Windows PC.

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L-Day releases xd4         30th October 2008

L-Day has released xd4, a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

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Ben Anderson Music releases V-POPS          28th October 2008

V-Pops (Virtual Pops) is a reconstruction of the classic Minipops Junior and simmilar preset drum machines manufactured in the Mid-1970s, but with V-Pops you are no longer limited to the present sounds and rhythms! Sequence your own rhythms and tweak the sounds to suit your needs.

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Ardour v2.6 released (Mac OS X and Linux)          28th October 2008

Ardour is a digital audio workstation. You can use it to record, edit and mix multi-track audio. Produce your own CDs. Mix video soundtracks. Experiment with new ideas about music and sound. Generate sound installations for 12 speaker gallery shows. Have Fun.

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Audacity v1.3.6 Beta released         27th October 2008

The Audacity Team has announced the release of Audacity v1.3.6 (Beta) for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix. Audacity is a free wave (audio) editor.

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Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Bass Tightener         27th October 2008

Sanford Sound Design has released Sanford Bass Tightener, a new free VST effect plug-in for Windows.

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Skoggins May be a Strange Name, But its Music Booking Service is Prettyod         27th October 2008

On Skoggins, bands post their availability in terms of both date and location. This means that in addition to the finest local acts, you can find out which nationally touring acts are looking for shows in your area on any given day.

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Psychic Modulation releases their synths for free         24th October 2008

Psychic Modulation releases their synths for free. Arptron is one of them.

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Odo Synths releases Odd Odo Delay 2         23rd October 2008

Odo Synths has released Odd Odo Delay 2, a new version of the free dual-channel BPM syncable delay with resonant filter for Windows.

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Morfiki releases Redu(p)cer             22nd October 2008

Morfiki has released Redu(p)cer, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC. Modulate noise, quants and screams.

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Acrobatics Software releases Rombo           22nd October 2008

Acrobatics Software has released Rombo, an Intellidrive Processor VST effect plug-in for Windows PC. Rombo is available as a freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

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DSK Music releases DSK BlueZ (beta)         21st October 2008

DSK Music has released a beta version of DSK BlueZ, a freeware synth VST instrument for Windows PC.

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Sonicprojects releases OP-X Free and OP-X Player         20th October 2008

Sonicprojects has released OP-X Free and OP-X Player, two new VST instruments for Windows PC.

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NOVAkILL releases RIPSNORTER         20th October 2008

NOVAkILL has released RIPSNORTER, a virtual-analogue synth featuring Chris Kerry’s excellent Unison Oscillator, which has recently been updated to include PWM on all waveforms except Sine. RIPSNORTER is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

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saltline releases San (beta)           17th October 2008

saltline has announced the release of a beta version of San, a new, free, hybrid synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

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Mp3splt-gtk: powerful MP3 and OGG file splitting utility   16th October 2008

Description: Mp3splt-gtk is a free multi-platform tool that can split large MP3 or OGG files without re-encoding.

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Marvin Pavilion updates BDX, SDX, HCX, HS9 and Tromine Z  16th October 2008

Marvin Pavilion has released updated versions of BDX, SDX and HCX (v0.21), HS9 (v0.31) and Tromine Z (v0.2). Marvin Pavilion’s instruments are available as freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

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Nassen Software Development releases RaX'n'TraX         15th October 2008

Nassen Software Development has announced the release of RaX'n'TraX, a free pattern-based composition tool with linear sequencing and recording capabilities for Windows. It is the evolution of Nassen's previous releases: SQ42 and Matryx.

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MeldaProduction releases MEqualizer v.1.0         15th October 2008

MeldaProduction has released MEqualizer v1.0, a new free VST effect plug-in for Windows, and updated MCompressor to v1.03.

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SoundCloud is live, bringing music sharing to the masses      14th October 2008

There are plenty of ways to share music, but most of them are slow or have clunky interfaces. SoundCloud aims to be the first player in the market to catch on in a big way, by making things easy for its users. Soundcloud works like an inbox, so new songs come in from your friends (or from artists and record labels) and you can handle them all in one convenient place.

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g200kg updates Vocovee to v.1.05         14th October 2008

g200kg has released version 1.05 of Vocovee, a VST effect version of vocoder plug-in VOCOV. Vocovee is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.

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Terry West releases EasyVox F v1.8       13th October 2008

Terry West has released EasyVox F v1.8, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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SoundFonts.it releases WatKat       11th October 2008

SoundFonts.it has released WatKat, a freeware VST effect plug-in that pays tribute to Charlie Watkins, inventor of the tape echo.

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AQUEST releases Vocalizer v.1.0        11th October 2008

AQUEST has released Vocalizer, a free vowel effect VST effect plug-in for Windows which enables you to convert any sound into a human-voice-like sound.

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spacedad releases frankenstein2         09th October 2008

spacedad has released frankenstein2, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

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Mufin: Better Music Recommendations through Algorithms?   09th October 2008

Mufin.com, which launched today, uses a fully automated system that only takes the actual sounds of a song into consideration. In our tests, Mufin often returned good results, but the fact that it doesn't take genres or the quality of a song into account can make for a frustrating experience at times.

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SynthFont updated to v.1.122           08th October 2008

SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).

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Artition - The Perfect Tool for Your Talent and Creativity        08th October 2008

The Artition.com internet platform aims to enable artists and creative people to present their works to an international public online free of charge as registered users.

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MeldaProduction releases MCompressor v1.0         08th October 2008

MeldaProduction has released MCompressor, a new plug-in for Windows that provides standard compression with volume maximization and has adjustable compression shape, which gives you power to set custom smoothing or even interesting sound effects. MCompressor is available as a VST Effect plug-in for Windows. It is free for non-commercial use.

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easytoolz releases easy-mr.stringer v.1.0       07th October 2008

easytoolz has released easy-mr.stringer, a free virtual-analog vintage-style string-synth-module VST instrument for Windows.

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17hex releases Arachnid       07th October 2008

17hex has released Arachnid, a freeware 8 channel stereo drum sampler VSTi plug-in for Windows PC.

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Free DJ Software For Mac, PC, Linux       06th October 2008

UltraMixer is a DJ mixing program which lets you mix music in MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV or CDs formats. There are three versions of UltraMixer available - a Free Edition and a Basic Edition for private users and the Professional Edition for high demands and commerical use.

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jVSTwRapper updated to v0.9g (incl. AU support)         05th October 2008

jVSTwRapper, the open source Java VST wrapper, has been updated to v0.9g. This is a major release, introducing "one click multi-platform, multi-plugin-technology deployment".

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WWAYM updates NWEQDJ to v1.2         05th October 2008

NWEQDJ is a 3 band equalizer effect plug-in, especially designed for live and DJ use although also suitable for studio work where a 3-band easy-to-use EQ is required. The new version is free for all existing NWEQDJ users.

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Christian Budde releases Advanced Clipper       03rd October 2008

Christian Budde has released Advanced Clipper, a new free VST effect plug-in for Windows.

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Store and Sync Music Online for Free with MP3tunes       03rd October 2008

MP3Tunes.com offers free online storage of your music collection and gives 25GB of space for the account.

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Vacuumsound releases ADT - RIAA phono equalization      03rd October 2008

Vacuumsound has released two freeware effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac: ADT - Artificial Double Tracking and RIAA - phono equalization.

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scuzzphut releases scuzzphut6 v2.0         01st October 2008

scuzzphut vst plugins has released version 2.0 of Scuzzphut6, a free VST plugin for Windows featuring a flexible trance-gate and two delay-lines, each with its own filter and LFO.

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Asseca updates asHost to v1.2.4         01st October 2008

asHost is a simple free VST host, originally coded to test mGUI and other plugins, and minimize the use of the mouse - instead nearly every function can be executed using the PC keyboard.

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