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News - September 2008


September 2008


g200kg releases Vocovee v1.0            30th September 2008

g200kg has released Vocovee, a VST effect version of vocoder plug-in VOCOV. Vocovee is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.

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Explore a community of independent artists and their fans in babulous           30th September 2008

Babulous.com is an online music network created to give a space to emerging independent artists.

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Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis Orgone to v1.0.2       29th September 2008

Homegrown Sounds has released version 1.0.2 of Astralis Orgone, a dual sample based synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC. A free copy of Orgone Lite is available for download.

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de la Mancha releases boost         26th September 2008

boost is a freeware version of bathtub, which is a fully featured and flexible compressor / limiter / maximizer plugin.

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Audio Damage Releases Free Rough Rider Plugin         26th September 2008

Audio Damage has released a free compressor plugin for Mac and Windows, Rough Rider.

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BonkEnc v.1.0.9 is available now        24th September 2008

BonkEnc is a CD ripper, audio encoder and converter for various formats. It can produce MP3, MP4/M4A, Ogg Vorbis, AAC and Bonk files. License: Freeware/Open Source.

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Terry West Plugins has updated EasyVox to version 1.7    24th September 2008

Terry West Plugins has updated EasyVox, a free effect for processing vocals to version 1.7.

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Homegrown Sounds releases HGS Wav Recorder        23rd September 2008

HGS WAV Recorder is a simple plug-in that performs a single role, recording the incoming signal directly to a WAV File. WAV Recorder is free, but donations are appreciated if you find the plug-in useful.

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SoundFonts.it releases TimeVerb        23rd September 2008

SoundFonts.it has released TimeVerb, an easy to use digital stereo studio reverb effect plug-in for Windows PC. TimeVerb is available as freeware for Windows PC.

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Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Phaser         19th September 2008

Leslie Sanford of Sanford Sound Design has released Sanford Phaser, a new, free, VST Effect plug-in for Windows.

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VRsoonic relases HeadSpace Room v.1.0         19th September 2008

HeadSpace Room is a new physical modeling based reverb VST plug-in that accurately simulates room reverberation. A user-definable virtual listening environment allows for adjustable room dimensions and material properties. Copy Protection: Serial Number.

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Bootsy updates the Nasty Series to v.1.2         19th September 2008

Bootsy has released version 1.2 of the Nasty Series, a collection of freeware effect VST plug-ins for Windows PC. Version 1.2 adds two plug-ins to the Nasty Series.

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Bootsy updates Rescue to v.1.2.1        18th September 2008

Bootsy has released version 1.2.1 of Rescue, a freeware signal modelling VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

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KResearch updates KR-Reverb FS to v.1.2        18th September 2008

KR-Reverb FS is free easy-to-use Reverb processor based on features found in the Reverberation module of KResearch's commercial product KR-Space.

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Minisoftmusik.de has announced the release of UniRetroPro v1.8, a new synth VST instrument for Windows          18th September 2008

Now you can make your own GUI. All colors are customizable and can be saved in the preset. UniRetroPro is commercial VST.

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Njouba: Search MP3s, Books, FTPs, Rapidshare & Torrents 17th September 2008

It seems I’m just in love with alternative search engines, isn’t it. Today I talked about how search.io lets you search different sites in tabs on the same page. And here I come across another cool alternative search engine named Njouba which lets you.

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de la Mancha releases faderratic           17th September 2008

de la Mancha has released faderratic, a new free VST effect plug-in for Windows that brings you cross-fading of 2 stereo inputs, but with a mind of its own and a ton of options to change the fade shape, length, limits, frequency and probability.

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AZ Audio releases SampleTagger         17th September 2008

AZ Audio has released SampleTagger, an audio sample cataloging software for Windows systems. SampleTagger is currently in a final beta stage and is distributed as donationware for Windows.

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Togu Audio Line updates TAL-U-No-62 to v1.5 and TAL-BassLine to v1.2.2           16th September 2008

TAL-U-No-62 is a polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer. TAL-BassLine is a virtual analog bass synthesizer especially made for bass.

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de la Mancha releases psymon           16th September 2008

de la Mancha has released psymon, a new free VST instrument plug-in for Windows that continues from styrofoam the de la Mancha series of single-waveform, retro, lofi noise makers.

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FormatFactory - A multifunctional Media Converter       14th September 2008

FormatFactory is a freeware multifunctional media converter.

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Streaming Music Service Highnote        13th September 2008

Highnote's mission is to collect all of the world's music and help listeners discover and enjoy the best of it.

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Rough Diamond Productions release bucketEER         12th September 2008

Rough Diamond Productions release bucketEER, freeware stereo reverb & delay fx.

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Homegrown Sounds releases Soundscaper         12th September 2008

Homegrown Sounds releases Soundscaper, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows capable of reverb, echo and comb effects.

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Beatmatch.info releases 4 new sample packs           11th September 2008

"After a short summer break www.beatmatch.info is returning with 4 new releases. Over 100 new minimal, dubstep and electro loops in Wav and Aiff file formats
ready to use in your favorite music software.

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MusoJam - Online Community for Musicians           11th September 2008

Musojam is a free online community dedicated to musicians.

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MixMatchMusic Introduces the Remix Wizard        10th September 2008

MixMatchMusic has everything you need to connect and collaborate with other musicians, a cool way to cultivate and engage with fans, and a system of rights and legal protections to make sure you profit from your music, and a cool way to cultivate and engage with fans.

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Michael Gruhn releases MGA DRaCo v.1.0        10th September 2008

Michael Gruhn has released version 1.0 of MGA DRaCo, a freeware compressor effect plug-in.

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Human Touch Technology launches Darbukator series of Percussion Plugins         09th September 2008

HTT (Human Touch Technology) has announced the Darbukator series for ethnic and Middle East percussion and released four Windows VST Instruments for ethnic sounds, including two freebies.

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Join Audio and Video Formats Easily With MediaJoin          09th September 2008

MediaJoin is a freeware application for joining audio and video files of various formats. MediaJoin enables you to easily join (combine) all popular audio and video formats into a single merged audio or video file.

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SoundEngine v.4.21 free for Recording Voice, Creating Podcast, Mastering Music, and Editing S.E..        08th September 2008

SoundEngine is the best tool for personal use, because it enables you to easily edit a wave data while it has many functions required for a mastering process.


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Free music notation software        08th September 2008

MuseScore is a free cross platform WYSIWYG music notation program, licenced under GNU GPL.

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xoxos releases Phase Seq          05th September 2008

xoxos has announced the release of Phase Seq, a free VSTi plug-in for Windows that easily generates unquantised looping MIDI sequences that are more difficult to achieve in some hosts.

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1by1 - small and fast freeware directory audio player     05th September 2008

1by1 is a small, fast and handy audio player which is not only small: it provides a smart and versatile environment to handle your file collection and listen to your tracks - with no need for playlists or databases.

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Scuzzphut releases Switchphilter            04th September 2008

Scuzzphut has re-released Switchphilter, a freeware filter VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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35 Places To Download Free, Legal MP3s             03rd September 2008

There's plenty of good, free, and legal music on the net for you to download.

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Share your mix. Discover new music       02nd September 2008

8tracks is a simple way for people to create or listen to a mix, a short playlist containing at least 30 minutes—roughly 8 tracks—of music.

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Sawgi: Audio Version of YouTube          01st September 2008

Sawgi is basically a Youtube where instead of music videos you have MP3 audio files that you can play play online or download and save to your computer.

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Homegrown Sounds updates Orgone Lite to v.1.01        01st September 2008

Homegrown Sounds has released v1.01 of  Orgone Lite, freeware  synthesizer/sampler VST instruments for Windows PC.

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