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News - March 2009


March 2009


Computer Guitarist releases Trance Blizzard             31st March 2009

Computer Guitarist (aka RunBeerRun) has released Trance Blizzard, a freeware audio triggered synth made for the guitar.

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vastfm.com - Free Music Streaming               31st March 2009

Vastfm is a free music streaming site which lets you listen to the music online. It pulls the artist discography data from the web and extracts the album tracks from YouTube. Just search for an artist, pick an album and start listening to songs. Simple and free!

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Knobster.org releases Plastic Piano              30th March 2009

Plastic Piano is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

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Mutagene releases 2WarpDelay v1.5 for Mac OS X (AU & Intel only)              30th March 2009

2WarpDelay is a freeware feedback delay featuring 2 frequency-warped lattice filters in the feedback paths. Lattice filter coefficients are scanned from a bitmap that can be user definable or are extracted in real-time from the input signal.

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Voxengo updates Beeper, Latency Delay, MSED, Overtone GEQ, Sound Delay and Stereo Touch    28th March 2009

These plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

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LePou Plugins releases SoloC v1.12        27th March 2009

It has 3 channels clean/crunch/overdrive. It doesn’t have power amp nor cabinet model so you need to add one somewhere down your signal chain. SoloC is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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GTG Synths releases GTG EP 2008               26th March 2009

GTG Synths has released GTG EP 2008, a freeware virtual electric piano VST plug-in for Windows PC.

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QuikQuak releases UpStereo 2.0 public beta            25th March 2009

QuikQuak has released version a public beta of UpStereo 2.0, a freeware stereo enhancer plug-in.

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Make and Save Playlists at MixTape.me           24th March 2009

There's no shortage of services that allow you to mix and match streaming music from around the Web into your own playlists and virtual mix tapes.

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Michael Benjamin Voigt releases dmu prelight v0.9    24th March 2009

Michael Benjamin Voigt has released version 0.9 of dmu prelight, a modded version of the stereo effect in dmu sine. dmu prelight v0.9 is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.5        23rd March 2009

MU.LAB is a software application that transforms your computer into a real music studio. MU.LAB Free (which is free to everyone) has a 6 track limit, can only mixdown in 16-Bit and only supports 1 mono out for ReWired devices.

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Pleasurize Music Foundation releases TT Dynamic Range Meter v1.3               20th March 2009

TT Dynamic Range Meter makes it possible to provide releases with a whole-number dynamic value to be printed on the recording medium as a logo, giving consumers an immediate means of knowing the dynamic quality of a recording.

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Togu Audio Line renames TAL-TiltEq to TAL-USEq (+updates to v1.0.1)            19th March 2009

Due to some trademark problems, Togu Audio Line has renamed TAL-TiltEq to TAL-USEq (Ultra Simple Eq). Also a bug with the RTAS adapter under Mac OS X is fixed now.

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Joe Real releases Joe’s Rhodes            19th March 2009

Joe’s Rhodes, the electric piano, simple, warm sampled thru a tube amp. Joe’s Rhodes is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

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TubeOhm releases Pure-Pten v1.3 and sets Fluid v1.012 Free   18th March 2009

TubeOhm has announced that it has released Pure-Pten v1.3 and that version 1.012 of Fluid is now available for free via PlugINdex (German).

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Loudcrowd Marries Gaming And Music In A Virtual World        18th March 2009

Startup Conduit Labs  has launched Loudcrowd, a online community that integrates a virtual world with social gaming and music. Loudcrowd users can create their own virtual world with avatars and access music playlists while playing a series of music-themed games with friends.

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Novaflash releases Metaverb and Phaztronic            17th March 2009

Novaflash has released new versions of Metaverb and Phaztronic, two freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

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AZ Audio updates ADopplerEn to v2.001            17th March 2009

AdopplerEn2 is a powerful VST effect for Windows VST Hosts. AdopplerEn2 is Free (Donationware).

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Teru KAMOGASHIRA updates Freeverb3_vst to v2.0.7           16th March 2009

Freeverb3_vst is a freeware VST plug-in version of the freeverb3 library.

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B. Serrano sets Adonis Pro free              16th March 2009

B. Serrano has announced that Adonis Pro, a hybrid synth VST instrument, is now available as freeware.

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Rusty Trombone releases Erectifier              13th March 2009

Rusty Trombone has released Erectifier, a freeware doubler/phaser effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Knobster.org releases Meowsynth            12th March 2009

Knobster.org releases Meowsynth (Russian), a freeware meowizer synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

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Majken updates Chimera & Pan-Oh!-Rama           11th March 2009

Majken has released updates for Chimera and Pan-Oh!-Rama, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

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Ronald Passion releases Massive Passive EQ v1.0           11th March 2009

Ronald Passion has released Massive Passive EQ, a freeware equalizer VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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16 Great Music Add-Ons for Firefox              10th March 2009

There are numerous FirefoxFirefox reviews add-ons to help enhance your music listening experience. From those that enable you to control your online or desktop media player, to tools to help you fill in gaps in your album art collection, or tweet your current song to your TwitterTwitter reviews followers, here are 16 great Firefox music add-ons to get your groove on.

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itBreaks - Publish, Share & Discover music             09th March 2009

itBreaks! is a place where artists are free to broadcast their music.

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Upload And Listen to Favorite Songs Anywhere            07th March 2009

Drop.io is an easy to use, online file sharing service that provides users with a simple and private way to share images, video, audio, documents and other digital content through unique, user-created and controlled sharing points called 'drops.'

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Togu Audio Line - VST TAL-TiltEq            07th March 2009

TAL-TiltEq is especially designed after some tilt eq's from the 70's. This type of eq allows to adjust the audio material without changing the character of a sound to much. TAL-TiltEq is freeware.

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Lexicon PCM 79 & 90 Impulse Set            07th March 2009

Eric Beam has released a collection of impulses responses of Lexicon’s PCM 70 and PCM 90, two industry standard digital effects and reverb processor units. Price = Donationware You Decide

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Ronald Passion releases Blue Channel v1.0             05th March 2009

Ronald Passion has released Blue Channel, a freeware a digital tube channel VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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Free & Legal Music Streaming             05th March 2009

Here you can create your own music library with millions of available tracks. As soon as you’re logged in, you will be able to record music from thousands of radio stations to your playlist.

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nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.00.4           04th March 2009

nashNET has announced that reViSiT Pro has been updated to v1.00.4 and it is now available to "experiment" participants.

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VertexDSP updates MultiInspectorFree to v1.2.0         04th March 2009

VertexDSP has released version 1.2.0 of MultiInspectorFree, a freeware 31 band spectral analyzer designed to be used in a multitrack environment.

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AZ Audio sets Ultra Trigger FX and Super Midi Scripter Free   03rd March 2009

AZ Audio has announced that all versions of Ultra Trigger FX and Super Midi Scripter are now available as freeware.

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Peter den Herder releases Bank2 for Synth1            02nd March 2009

Peter den Herder has released Bank2, a collection of free patches for Synth1.

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Listen And Embed Music Online            02nd March 2009

Search, listen and embed music tracks online. The site is build on YouTube and lists over 300 millions of songs.

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