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News - September 2009


September 2009


Synthgeek releases SG-WSS1, SG-APCX and SG-APC1      30th September 2009

Synthgeek has released the SG-WSS1, SG-APCX and SG-APC1, three free virtual synthesizer plug-ins for Windows.

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ifoundasound releases LiveProfessor Beta 1.1            30th September 2009

LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST plug-ins - specifically with live sound in mind. The concept is very simple: using an ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST plug-ins. LiveProfessor Beta 1.1 is available as a free download for Windows PC.

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Eric Beam releases Pan-Tool VST                    29th September 2009

Eric Beam has released Pan-Tool VST, a free effect plug-in for Windows PC.

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Free 303 Sample Pack - Features MC-303 & TB-303 Clone Loops                    29th September 2009

Stoke-On-Trent, UK's Dan Weatherall has released a free sample pack of bass and drum loops.

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NOVAkILL releases NEOkILLER III            28th September 2009

NEOkILLER III, the latest incarnation of a NOVAkILL favourite, is a freeware virtual analogue synth.

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VoltKitchen updates MinimogueVA and MinimogueLUXUS to v2.2                      28th September 2009

The VoltKitchen group has released version 2.2 of MinimogueVA and MinimogueLUXUS, two free virtual Minimoog synthesizer instruments for Windows PC.

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Christian Budde releases Barberpole Flanger and updates Noname EQ to v1.1            26th September 2009

Christian Budde has announced the release of Barberpole Flanger and updated Noname EQ to v1.1. Both are free and available for Windows as VST effect plug-ins.

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SampleRadar - 503 free techno samples        24th September 2009

Welcome to the second edition of SampleRadar, MusicRadar's new weekly giveaway of pro-quality, royalty-free samples. It's a simple deal: we upload genre-specific loops, hits and multisamples, then you download them to your hard drive and use them in your music.

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Christian Budde releases Bugpass (lite) and VST interfaced ASIO-Host            24th September 2009

Christian Budde has released two more free Open Source VST plug-ins for Windows: Bugpass (lite) and VST interfaced ASIO-Host.

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J's MIDI tools updated         23rd September 2009

J's MIDI Tools is a collection of free VST MIDI plug-ins.

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Kriminal releases Oktagon            23rd September 2009

Kriminal has released Oktagon, a free virtual analogue VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

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Prime Loops releases 200 mb of free Loops            23rd September 2009

As a big 'Thank You' to all of our fans and subscribers we are giving away this exclusive pack of free audio loops, and the best part? They are 100% Royalty Free! But hurry!

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RunBeerRun releases Destructonoid        22nd September 2009

RunBeerRun has released Destructonoid, a dual MIDI/Audio triggered synth that focuses on phase distortion techniques. Destructonoid is available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in and it is free.

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Novaflash releases Geektronic        22nd September 2009

Novaflash has released Geektronic, a freeware stereo bit-crusher/decimator effect for Windows PC.

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Christian Budde releases Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters        22nd September 2009

Christian Budde has released Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters, a plug-in that offers a pair of stereo Linkwitz-Riley Filters. It can be used as a lowpass, highpass or bandpass filter and has been optimized to be used in a virtual digital crossover network. Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters is free and is available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in.

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Blue Cat's Freeware Pack Update            22nd September 2009

Blue Cat's updates Freeware Pack. The bundle contains a wide range of modulation effects, an EQ and analysis tools to get you started with your favorite Digital Audio Workstation, for free! This bundle is available for Mac and PC, in DirectX, Audio Unit and VST plugin formats. Enjoy!

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nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.2            22nd September 2009

nashNET has released version 1.2 of reViSiT Pro, featuring a number of new features that will, among other things, give you greater control of time. The Pro version is still available for free as part of the reViSiT Experiment.

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rInstruments releases RPiano            22nd September 2009

rInstruments has released RPiano, a free piano instrument for Kontakt and EXS24.

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WOK releases SampleTrigger and SamplePlaya         21st September 2009

WOK has released SampleTrigger and SamplePlaya, two free wav player instruments for Windows PC.

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Jeff Larson updates Mobius to v1.39         21st September 2009

Jeff Larson has updated Mobius for Windows and Mac OS X to v1.39. Mobius is a freeware tool for live recording and manipulation of audio loops, with features similar to those of the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro and the Electrix Repeater.

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Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Elek7ro to v1.11         21st September 2009

Togu Audio Line has released version 1.11 of TAL-Elek7ro, a free VST instrument plug-in for PC.

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LiquidSonics releases Reverberate LE and Filtrate LE v1.0 + Reverberate v1.206            21st September 2009

LiquidSonics has released version 1.0 of Reverberate LE and Filtrate LE, two free VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

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Waveformless: Free Sample: Metallic Hits           21st September 2009

As a thanks to my readers, here are 30 metal hits all coming from the unlikely source of one of those gift tins of popcorn people give each other at the holidays. When emptied, it actually had a pretty nice sound to it.

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Supernova.com - Discover Indie Music and Events         21st September 2009

Supernova.com is an online music community to seek out and actively promote its artists to the industry and live in concert.

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SampleBasement announces MeanMopho         21st September 2009

SampleBasement has announced MeanMopho, a free ReFill featuring the sounds of Mopho, the synthesizer by Dave Smith Instruments.

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Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Elek7ro to v1.10         18th September 2009

Togu Audio Line has released version 1.10 of TAL-Elek7ro, a free VST instrument plug-in for PC.

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Sample Packs by Angel Draganov            17th September 2009

Free  Sample Packs by Angel Draganov.

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Open Ambience Project releases SHEPPi Free Spatial Enhancer                        17th September 2009

Dallas Hodgson / Open Ambience Project has announced the release of SHEPPi (Stereo Haas Effect Ping Pong Inverter), a stereo image enhancement tool modeled after the K-Stereo Ambience Processor by Algorithmix. SHEPPi is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows and it is free (licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License).

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Myna - The best web-based audio editor yet          17th September 2009

Use Myna to remix music tracks and audio clips. Apply sound effects and record your own voice or instruments!

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Alterex releases ViSYNTH         16th September 2009

Alterex has released ViSYNTH, a free monophonic synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows based on Synth Lite by MFB.

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Terry West Plugins updates Easy-NY to v1.7         16th September 2009

EasyNY offers the famous Parallel Compression (New York) effect. EasyNY is freeware.

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AcmeBarGig releases C-15            15th September 2009

AcmeBarGig has released C-15, the latest addition to its "Preampus Metal" series. As usual it is available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in and it is free.

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ifoundasound releases LiveProfessor Beta 1            15th September 2009

LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST plug-ins - specifically with live sound in mind. The concept is very simple: using an ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST plug-ins. The program supports snapshots, MIDI and both VST effects and VST instruments. LiveProfessor is freeware.

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Iliadis updates Efthimia Organ to v1.2        15th September 2009

Iliadis has released version 1.2 of Efthimia Organ, a freeware Hammond Clone Simulation for Windows PC.

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Got music? Find fans! Love music? Find talent!        15th September 2009

The New Music Discovery Site - Upload your Music Videos & Audios from all genres to expose your Music to a World-Wide Audience where Fans can discover your Music.

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AZ Audio releases PolyGrid - MIDI Editor / Pattern Sequencer v1.00 RC1         15th September 2009

AZ Audio has released PolyGrid, a free MIDI editor and pattern sequencer for Windows PC.

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b.serrano updates Anubis to v1.1         15th September 2009

B. Serrano has released version 1.1 of Anubis, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

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Sensomusic updates Usine to v4.22f             14th September 2009

Sensomusic has updated Usine to v4.22f. Usine is a universal audio software application designed for live or studio utilization. Usine free is fully functional except that you can't edit sub-patches or scripts and there is no dual core optimization.

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Brickwall Audio releases Advanced Distortion             14th September 2009

Brickwall Audio has released Advanced Distortion, a free Kontakt instrument.

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Nassen Software Development updates RaX'n'TraX to v1.2.4                            14th September 2009

Nassen Software Development has updated RaX'n'TraX to version 1.2.4. RaX'n'TraX is a freeware pattern-based composition tool with linear sequencing and recording capabilities.

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Antress updates Modern Plugins to v4.40 (adds: Modern Equalizer MK-IV and Modern Limiter MK-IV)           14th September 2009

Antress has updated the free Modern Plugins bundle to v4.40, adding two new plug-ins: Modern Equalizer MK-IV and Modern Limiter MK-IV. The Antress Modern Plugins consists of 30+ free VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

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Psychic Modulation releases Cerebrum-3 v3.5         11th September 2009

Psychic Modulation has re-worked and re-released Cerebrum-3 (v3.5) which is now available in free and full versions (the demo version is actually fully-functional, its only limitation being single instead of multiple outputs).

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Nudge - virtual-instrument widget designed for self-expressive online music making & sharing         11th September 2009

Nudge is a virtual-instrument widget designed for self-expressive online music making & sharing. It’s fun and simple to use and you don’t need to know a single thing about producing music to make your own individual songs in minutes!

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NoiseSoft releases Hard Line Industrial Distortion             10th  September 2009

NoiseSoft has announced the release of Hard Line Industrial Distortion, a new free distortion VST effect plug-in for Windows.

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AcmeBarGig releases Razor Head and Series 60            10th  September 2009

AcmeBarGig has released Razor Head and Series 60, two new amps from the Preampus Metal Line of heads. Razor Head and Series 60 are available as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

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AcmeBarGig releases Mr. Tater Head           08th September 2009

AcmeBarGig recently released Mr. Tater Head, the last release in the "Preampus Classic Hybrid" line of free amp VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

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QuikQuak releases BarChimes v0.10         08th September 2009

QuikQuak has released BarChimes v0.10, a accurate physics simulation of a set of Bar Chimes, which includes collisions, slides and multi-chain hits of 36 semi-tone tuned bars. The free beta version 0.1 is available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.

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Impromptu v2.0 released (Intel Only)         08th September 2009

Impromptu version 2.0 is now available for download. Impromptu is a Mac OS X programming environment for composers, sound artists, VJs and graphic artists with an interest in live or interactive programming. Impromptu is freeware.

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LePou Plugins releases HyBrit Series              07th  September 2009

LePou Plugins has released the HyBrit Series, a collection of free guitar amplifier effect plug-ins for Windows. As for SoloC, HyBrit comes in 3 versions : Preamp, Head and FullStack.

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RobRokkenAudio releases Roktion 808              07th  September 2009

RobRokkenAudio has released Roktion 808, a free distortion unit effect plug-in for Windows.

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Alterex updates ViCON (modified)           07th September 2009

Alterex has updated [modified] ViCON, a free virtual monophonic analogue modified synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

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Free Sample Library Captures The Sound Of Icicles       07th September 2009

The Icicle Session is a free sample collection based on sampled icicles.

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AIMP v2.60 RC 1, Build 499 - Freeware Audio Player      07th September 2009

AIMP is a free audio player with support for large number of formats and playlists. It works with multiple playlists immediately, allows creation of bookmarks and also has a playback queue.

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Ourafilmes releases Sonic Transformer            04th September 2009

Ourafilmes has released Sonic Transformer, which is described as "an alien-style complex multi-effect processor". With its original 5 "alien eyes" knobs, you can control several parameters simultaneously (or a percentage of an effect parameter). The "hybrid" knob controls the dry/wet mix. Sonic Transformer is available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in and it is free.

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J's MIDI Tools updated               04th  September 2009

J's MIDI Tools (free VST MIDI plug-ins) have been updated. J's MIDI Tools is a collection of free VST MIDI plug-ins.

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Hervé Noury releases Six Toungs Motif           04th September 2009

Hervé Noury has released Six Toungs Motif, a free instrument plug-in for Windows.

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Knobster.org releases Knobster Bundle           04th September 2009

Knobster.org has released the Knobster Bundle, a collection of Knobster’s previously released plug-ins and sample packs. The Knobster Bundle is available as a free download (included plug-ins are VST instruments for Windows PC).

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Rhythm Lab updates Mo'Verb to v1.04              04th September 2009

Mo'Verb is a free (donationware) reverberator, based on original algorithms, combining simulation of spring and digital reverbs. It can create a wide spectrum of timbres, with a smooth and warm sound, quickly and easily via an intuitive interface. While making the reverb algorithm, Rhythm Lab used a specially created program to research the inner parameters to make the sound of the reverb smooth and clear.

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MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.16            03rd September 2009

MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to v2.16. MDrummer is a percussive instrument engine. MDrummer offers VST plugin and standalone versions. MDrummer Small is a free MDrummer edition which contains everything you need - standalone application and VST plugin.

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Krakli Synths releases RGB4              03rd  September 2009

Krakli Synths has released RGB4, a freeware virtual instrument plug-in for Windows.

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Line 6 announces free POD Farm Plug-in            02nd September 2009

POD Farm delivers industry-standard PODŽ tone to any DAW. Its comprehensive collection of immortal guitar amps, bass amps, stompboxes, studio effects and preamps are absolutely essential for any recording guitarist. POD Farm is available as a free download until September 30, 2009.

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Michael Gruhn Audio releases ABX Compressor Test VST   02nd September 2009

Michael Gruhn Audio has released ABX Compressor Test, a research VST effect plug-in for Windows that implements 18 different compressor modes - that is 18 more or less significantly different algorithms. ABX Compressor Test is freeware.

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Audacity v1.3.9 Beta Released                          01st September 2009

The Audacity Team has announced the release of Audacity v1.3.9 (Beta) for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix. It contains many bug fixes contributed by their two Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2009 students. As well as bug fixing, the students' projects involved work on experimental "scripting" and "pre-record level detection" features that will appear in future Audacity versions. Audacity is a free wave (audio) editor.

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Mainstream Audio releases Church Organ 2nd            01st September 2009

Mainstream Audio has released Church Organ 2nd, a free organ plug-in with five "Organ Oscillators" offering "bigger and better sounds" since the first generation of this plug-in. It also has an ADSR and Pitch band controls.

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Valhalla DSP releases ValhallaFreqEcho            01st September 2009

Valhalla DSP has released ValhallaFreqEcho, a freeware effect plug-in which combines a wide range frequency shifter with an analog style delay, for a variety of paradoxical audio effects.

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Free Social Networking & Automated Music Playlist           01st September 2009

Yoogli Music is a great platform for independent musicians. With customized artist pages, bands and artists have the ability to gain exposure inside the community. At Yoogli Music the power is finally back in the hands of the artists.

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Funnel - Good Music, Around Us               01st September 2009

With funnel, its possible to make playlists of your favorite music and listen to the playlists your friends make. Funnel is free, and registration is easy.

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Free Röyksopp Track To Download & Remix               01st September 2009

You can download their latest track, Tricky, Tricky, for free using the SoundCloud player above. You can also download the parts, remix the track and enter their remix contest, which offers copies of Ableton Live as the prize.

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