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News - February 2011


February 2011


LePou Plugins updates LeCto VST for Mac and Hybrit and SoloC Head for Win      28th February 2011

LePou Plugins has released new versions of LeCto VST for Mac and Hybrit and SoloC Head for Windows. All of these sims had a gain difference between the two channels when used in stereo. Versions of Hybrit and SoloC Head using SSE code for better performance are also now available.

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Aciddose releases Xhip effects R2                    28th February 2011

Aciddose has released R2 of the freebie Xhip effects collection. This release includes several small changes.

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S1 Piano - Free VST piano                               26th February 2011

Crispy, Clean Piano Multi sampled along 5 octaves stretching along the whole Range providing low pass filter velocity control with a quick clean feel and look.

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Michael Gruhn Audio releases Tiny Piano                           26th February 2011

Michael Gruhn Audio has released Tiny Piano, a free virtual piano instrument for Windows.

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Tek'it Audio updates Genobazz to v1.2.2                25th February 2011

Tek'it Audio has updated its freeware bass synthesizer Genobazz to version 1.2.2. New features include a maximum MIDI pitch bend range control, a right-click pop-up menu with standard position for panoramic knob and some little enhancements on the GUI.

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Variety Of Sound updated NastyDLA to v1.0.1                25th February 2011

Variety Of Sound has released version 1.0.1 of NastyDLA, a free chorus echo effect plug-in for Windows.

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NTS Audio Labs releases Hip-Hop - Grooves/Loops Generator                         24th February 2011

NTS Audio Labs has released Hip-Hop, a new freeware Grooves/Loops Generator for Windows in standalone and VST instrument formats.

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vvvv group releases vvvv 45 beta 25.1                    23rd February 2011

vvvv group has released vvvv 45 beta 25.1. vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously. vvvv is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use requires a license.

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SynthFont updated to v1.553                     23rd February 2011

SynthFont has been updated to version 1.553. SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).

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Marvin Pavilion Tromine Z updated to v1.3, Tromine GT v0.2                           23rd February 2011

Marvin Pavilion has released version 1.3 of Tromine Z, and version 0.2 of Tromine GT, two virtual analog drum synthesizer instruments for Windows. Tromine Z and Tromine GT for Windows (VST) are available as freeware.

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Soft Dodo releases  Voice To Instrument (VTI)                 22nd February 2011

Soft Dodo has announced the release of Voice To Instrument (VTI), a SoundFont utility plug-in by Oded Streigold. Voice To Instrument for Windows (VST) is available to download as donationware. The free download is fully functional and non-expiring, but it will display a nag-screen.

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Liquidclear VST Plug-ins                                  22nd February 2011

Liquidclear has released a number of freeware VST instrument and effect plug-ins for Windows.

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Mixxx updated to v1.9                     22nd February 2011

The Mixxx development team has announced the release of Mixxx 1.9.0, an open source DJ software for Windows, Mac & Linux.

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Brickwall Audio releases Raw Steel                         22nd February 2011

Brickwall Audio has released Raw Steel, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Jabberwalky releases LoSynth                     21st February 2011

Jabberwalky has released LoSynth, a free analog monosynthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

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GTG JP 7A - Free VST synth               20th February 2011

A six voice analog synth with a 24 dB filter, pitch envelope, osc sync, mono mode, MIDI automation.

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Kirnu -  Free MIDI Arpeggiator VST Plugin For Windows     20th February 2011

Arto Vaarala has released Kirnu – a free MIDI arpeggiator VST plugin for Windows.

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Two Notes updates Torpedo PI-Free to v1.0.4               18th February 2011

Two Notes Audio Engineering has updated its free "Speaker Miking Simulation" plug-in, Torpedo PI-Free, to version 1.0.4.

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BooTweak - the Uber-Template for Kontakt 4                18th February 2011

BooTweak Designs has announced that its custom programmed Kontakt library BooTweak is now available as free (donationware).

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Diamond Synths updates Subliminal to v1.1           17th February 2011

Diamond Synths has updated Subliminal to version 1.1. Subliminal is a free software synthesizer which can be used for creating rich and vibrant bass sounds.

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myMicSound – Free web app that helps you discover the microphone that sounds best to you        17th February 2011

myMicSound recommends mics based on what you say sounds good or bad, using a model of auditory perception.

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Iliadis sets Organs FREE                                       16th February 2011

Iliadis has set free its organ instrument plug-ins for Windows.

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Athmonova2 - Free VST synth                        15th February 2011

Virtual analog synthesizer module v1.01.

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Voxengo updates Marvel GEQ to v1.1                15th February 2011

Voxengo has updated Marvel GEQ, the freeware linear-phase 16-band graphic equalizer plug-in, to version 1.1. Marvel GEQ is a freeware linear-phase 16-band graphic equalizer plugin with multi-channel operation support (supporting up to 8 input/output channels, audio host application-dependent).

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Sir Elliot releases Little Black Box Series II M                15th February 2011

Sir Elliot has released the M version of Little Black Box Series II, a larger model of the free compressor effect plug-in for Windows.

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Ignite Amps releases TS-999 SubScreamer                 15th February 2011

Ignite Amps has released the TS-999 SubScreamer, a free distortion VST effect plug-in for Windows.

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Noisebud updates Bompa to v2.01 and Filter to v3.11        15th February 2011

Noisebud has released version 2.01 of Noisebud Bompa, a free effect plug-in for adding bottom and dirt on drum loops. The Noisebud Filter effect plug-in has also been updated. Noisebud Bompa and Filter are available to download as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC. Donations are welcome.

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Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch updated to v2.1                  15th February 2011

Paul Nasca has released version 2.1 Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch, or Paulstretch, a program for stretching audio. Paulstretch is open source software released under a General Public License (GPL2). A Windows binary is available to download.

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MC-202 Filter Sample Pack -Free collection of samples      14th February 2011

Tape Death has released the MC-202 Filter Sample Pack, a free collection of samples from the Roland MC-202.

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Martin Lüders releases beta version of pg8x             14th February 2011

Martin Lüders has released a beta version of pg8x, a JX-8P inspired synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

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earPlugins releases Tune - Ear Training Plug-in              14th February 2011

earPlugins has released Tune, a free plug-in for ear training.

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Saloon - Free VST honky tonk piano                      12th February 2011

Saloon is a vst piano for PC setups only. It was designed specifically to capture that traditionally western saloon bar sound (out of tune honk tonk piano). Saloon is free.

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Full Bucket Music releases The Scrooo                     11th February 2011

Full Bucket Music has released The Scrooo, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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L-Day Synths releases LPX-S1                   11th February 2011

L-Day Synth has released LPX-S1, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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baterizer - Make your oun "diy midi pad"                        10th February 2011

Plugin that changes an incoming audio signal into a selectable midi note. Good for replacing recorded drum instruments or making your oun "diy midi pad" as described in the tutorial video included at the developers website. baterizer is free.

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SynthFont updated to v1.551                  09th February 2011

SynthFont has been updated to version 1.551. SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).

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Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.50                      09th February 2011

Usine is a universal audio software application designed for live or studio utilization. Usine free is fully functional but limited.

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AudioFront releases DSP Trigger FREE                      08th February 2011

AudioFront has released DSP Trigger FREE, a feature reduced version of the software based audio to MIDI converter DSP Trigger.

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BigTick updates Zen Universal Presets Manager to v1.5    08th February 2011

BigTick has updated Zen, the Universal Presets Manager, to version 1.5. Zen is a Universal Presets Manager: It loads in any host as a VST instrument, and acts as a loader for other VSTis. So with Zen, you can search for "Rhodes piano" and get a list of all matching presets – regardless of the final VSTi (Rhino, Zebra, Absynth... whatever). Zen is available for Windows and Mac as freeware.

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Rosegarden 11.02 "Claire de Lune" released                   07th February 2011

The Rosegarden team has announced the release of version 11.02 of Rosegarden, the audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux. Rosegarden is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License.

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Arch Avenger Pro - Free VST synth                        07th February 2011

This software synth has a smooth analog sound with enough bite to cut through a densemix,there's enough feature's packed into this synth to keep you twidling for hour's and the delay fx really enhance the whole experience encompassing you in a wide stereo field.

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Tek’it Audio releases 8kut                            05th February 2011

Tek’it Audio has announced the release of 8kut, a free effect plug-in for Windows.

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MiniKeyboard (Android) updated to v1.3.0  - Simple piano keyboard application that uses a touch screen                      05th February 2011

"MiniKeyboard" is the application which gives sounds when the keys on the display are touched. Anyone can enjoy playing music easily because of the simplicity of the device. Latest version: 1.3.0 (for all Android versions). MiniKeyboard is free.

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Thomas Mundt updates LoudMax to v1.11                  04th February 2011

LoudMax is a Look-Ahead Brickwall Loudness Maximizer with a clean transparent sound. LoudMax is available as VST 2.4 Plugin for Windows and Mac OS X, Audio Unit Plugin for Mac OS X and as Winamp Plugin. LoudMax is freeware and not commercial in any mean.

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Cableguys updated PanCake to v 1.1                  04th February 2011

PanCake is an innovative VST/AU plugin that allows you to create flexible pan modulations. Free, and available for both PC and Mac.

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CFA-Sound releases FilterGrizzly LITE                       03rd February 2011

CFA-Sound has announced the release of FilterGrizzly LITE, freeware plug-in for Windows.

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TSE Plugins updates TSE 808 to v1.1                        03rd February 2011

TSE Plugins has released version 1.1 of TSE 808, a free tube screamer effect plug-in for Windows.

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Kuassa updates Amplifikation Lite to v1.1.1                     02nd February 2011

Kuassa has released version 1.1.1 of Amplifikation Lite, a free guitar amplifier effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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ARTFX Sound Effects Volume 1                      02nd February 2011

ARTFX has released ARTFX Sound Effects Volume 1, a free collection of samples.

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Sir Elliot releases Little Black Box Series II and 31-Band Graphic Equaliser           01st February 2011

Sir Elliot has released Little Black Box Series II and 31-Band Graphic Equaliser, two new free effect plug-ins for Windows.

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Foo releases Foo-YC20 v1.3 - Combo Organ Synth          01st February 2011

Foo-YC20 is a physical modelling combo organ synthesizer. Foo-YC20 is free and Open Source. The Source Code is available under the GPLv3.

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Samsara Cycle Audio releases DEISK-O                    01st February 2011

Samsara Cycle Audio has released DEISK-O, a virtual classic analogue mono synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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Audiocation releases Phase AP1 - Phase Alignment Too      01st February 2011

Audiocation has announced the release of Phase AP1, a free phase alignment tool for adjusting the phase relation between audio signals.

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Soniccouture releases free SC MIDI Pack                  01st February 2011

Soniccouture has announced the release of the SC MIDI Pack, a selection of 51 MIDI files from Soniccouture’s audio demos. The SC MIDI Pack is available as a free download for registered users.

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