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News - January 2011


January 2011


Uloops Studio Lite (Android) updated to v2.6.0            31st January 2011

Make hi-quality tracks using three concepts: Song, Loop and Devices (including Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Modulators and Recorders).

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Mucoder updated Tonespace to v2.0                        31st January 2011

Mucoder has released version 2.0 of Tonespace, a different, more intuitive music keyboard, combined with a chorder. Cross-platform support: Win32 (VST, standalone), MacOSX (VST, AU, standalone). tonespace 2.0 is free (as in beer).

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SEQ541 – Free step sequencer for OS X                  31st January 2011

SEQ541 is a very simple free 64step Sequencer. don’t search for transport controls, it’s all starting when clocked externally. simple & easy.

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MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v3.2.7                   31st January 2011

MU.LAB is a software application that transforms your computer into a real music studio. MU.LAB comes in 2 flavors: MU.LAB Free and MU.LAB Unlimited.

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Free Wav Samples and Sample Packs                               28th January 2011

Wave Alchemy offer a unique selection of free wav samples and sample packs suitable for electronic music production, sound design media production, audio post-production and DJ use.

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Mattias Westlund releases Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra     28th January 2011

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra is a free orchestral sample library.

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DarkWave Studio updated to v3.2.7                 27th January 2011

DarkWave Studio is a free, open source, Digital Audio Workstation for Windows. Featuring a modular Virtual Studio, Pattern Editor, Sequence Editor and Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder.

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Variety Of Sound updates BootEQ mkII, Density mkII, FerricTDS and NastyVCS         26th January 2011

Variety Of Sound has released bug fix releases for some of its freeware effect plug-ins for Windows.

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Voxengo releases Marvel GEQ                 25th January 2011

Voxengo has announced the release of Marvel GEQ, a freeware linear-phase 16-band graphic equalizer plugin with multi-channel operation support.

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vladg/sound updated Molot to v0.2.121                   25th January 2011

vladg/sound has released version 0.2.121 of Molot, a free compressor effect plugin for Windows.

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BTE Audio releases Juicy77 v2.0                              24th January 2011

BTE Audio has released version 2.0 of the free “High Gain Electric Guitar Amplifier” plug-in Juicy77.

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VTX releases VSTron – FX                                 24th January 2011

VTX has announced the release of VSTron, a new free VST effect plug-in for Windows that is well suited to create special FX sounds.

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DDMF releases IIEQ for Mac (and updates Win version)       24th January 2011

DDMF has announced that the freeware equalizer IIEQ is now also available for Mac OS X in VST and AU effect formats.

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Alexander Blu - Free instrumental music                                22nd January 2011

Alexander Blu has released new album under Creative Commons licenses.

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Dreamer - Free VST synth                                  22nd January 2011

This synth uses 4 oscs and 4 for the phase mod It features flanger/filter crosser or panner filter slicer and volume slicer and more plus 64 presets.

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Guitar and Bass updated to v1.0                     21st January 2011

Guitar and bass is a FREE software for fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and Mandolin. (New instruments and tunings can be added too).

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TheDrumSource 1.0 RC1 released                     19th January 2011

It has a sequencer and a built in sample browser. It looks and “feels” like a classic (x0x) hardware drum machine. TheDrumSource is available to download as a free VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

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Two Notes Audio Engineering introduces Torpedo PI-101 and Torpedo PI-FREE              19th January 2011

The Torpedo PI-101 and PI-FREE plug-ins feature the unique Torpedo algorithm originally found on the VB-101 and VM-202 units, that allows the user to virtually move the microphone in front of the speaker cabinet (as you would in a real recording room) and to simulate the sound of a hard driven speaker.

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Samsara Cycle Audio SM01 Virtual Melodica                  19th January 2011

Samsara Cycle Audio has released SM01 Virtual Melodica, a free virtual instrument for Windows.

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Marvin Pavilion releases Tromine GT v0.1                     18th January 2011

Marvin Pavilion has released version 0.1 of Tromine GT, a free virtual drum instrument plugin for Windows.

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TazMan Audio releases VocController for Free                       18th January 2011

TazMan Audio has re-released VocController for free.

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vladg/sound releases Molot                      17th January 2011

vladg/sound has released version 0.2.112 of Molot, a free compressor effect plugin for Windows.

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The Colorspace releases VST Suite                      17th January 2011

The Colorspace has released the VST Suite, a free collection of 4 instrument plug-ins for Windows.

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Crystal v2.5 - Free VST synth                          17th January 2011

Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis.

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500 MB of free samples for every user                     15th January 2011

A whopping 500 MB of FREE content from Loopmasters wildly-popular DJ MIXTOOLS series... yes, you heard right!

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MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v3.2.5                       15th January 2011

MU.LAB is a software application that transforms your computer into a real music studio. MU.LAB Free (which is free to everyone) has a 6 track limit, can only mixdown in 16-Bit and only supports 1 mono out for ReWired devices.

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Sonoma Wire Works releases new DrummerPack for DrumCore                       15th January 2011

Sonoma Wire Works has released a new DrummerPack for DrumCore: Retro Drums: 60's Volume 1 - Billy Martin Interprets Mitch Mitchell. DrumCore FREE is NOT just a demo that times-out. Start writing music with DrumCore FREE NOW!

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Sir Elliot releases Altered Dynamics Series II                     14th January 2011

Sir Elliot has released Altered Dynamics Series II, a free compressor effect plug-in for Windows.

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Circular Labs updates Mobius to v1.43                        14th January 2011

Mobius is a free tool for live recording and manipulation of audio loops, with features similar to those of the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro and the Electrix Repeater.

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Prosoniq updates NorthPole AU to v1.2.4 (incl. 64-bit)       14th January 2011

NorthPole is a resonant filter with distortion and delay. NorthPole is free.

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ScorchCrafter releases C120                                  13th January 2011

ScorchCrafter has released the C120, a free virtual guitar amp head effect.

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BigTick updates Zen Universal Presets Manager to v1.4     13th January 2011

Zen is a free Universal Presets Manager: It loads in any host as a VST instrument, and acts as a loader for other VSTis.

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J1000 updates free Alpha and Beta EQs to v3.6              13th January 2011

J1000 has released new versions of its free EQ VST plug-ins for Windows, Alpha and Beta.

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WOK releases Flexfilterbank2                            12th January 2011

WOK has released Flexfilterbank2, a filter effect plug-in for Windows. Flexfilterbank2 for Windows (VST) is available to download at no cost.

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BTE Audio releases TS’ Secret 2.0                       12th January 2011

BTE Audio has released version 2.0 of TS’ Secret, a free vintage overdrive effect plug-in for Windows.

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TSE Plugins releases TSE B.O.D                    12th January 2011

TSE Plugins has released TSE B.O.D, a free bass overdrive effect plug-in for Windows.

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Michael Ourednik updates Argotlunar to v2                 12th January 2011

Michael Ourednik has released Argotlunar 2, a realtime delay-line granulator plug-in for Windows.

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EVM UltraSonique - Free VST synth                11th January 2011

High quality synthersizer, wavesampel player, multi-function sequence controller.

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SampleRadar - 318 free old-school rave samples                11th January 2011

The samples are split into five folders: Beats, Drum hits, FX, Loops and Construction Kits (127, 135 and 140bpm).

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Samsara Cycle Audio releases OMB1 Om Bass                 10th January 2011

Samsara Cycle Audio has released OMB1 Om Bass, a virtual electric bass guitar instrument for Windows.

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OtsTurntables Free updated to v1.00.048                    08th January 2011

OtsTurntables Free is a virtual set of professional mixing turntables empowering music lovers, aspiring DJs and pros to scratch, adjust tempo and pitch, play backwards, and mix MP3s, WAVs, Ots files and CDs.

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AREX updated to v2011 1.4                     08th January 2011

This is a free VSTi emulation of the AREX drum module.

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Free vstPlayer                                              08th January 2011

A handy VST plugin that is able to play a variety of audio formats. I use it every day with Bidule.

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vescoFx releases freeHaas Delay for Mac VST                       08th January 2011

This free VST delay plugin offers uncluttered access to essential stereo effect parameters. Turn to freeHaas when you need a more natural sounding pan effect, more clarity in the center of your mix, or just an interesting stereo VST effect.

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GTG kwop 7 - Free VST synth                        06th January 2011

A synth that reminds of a well known hardware-model from the early 80s. Very warm and fat sound.

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Fractone updates WallsOfSound VST2.x to v1.2                    06th January 2011

Fractone has updated the VST 2.x version of WallsOfSound to version 1.2. The idea with the WallsOfSound plug-in is to emulate, in a way most general as possible, the reverberant effects of sound traveling from sources to receivers in a three-dimensional space - bounded, fully or partially, by walls of specified sonic reflectivity coefficients. WallsOfSound is free.

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Tocca-Music releases VSTplayer                     06th January 2011

Tocca-Music has released VSTplayer, a new freeware / donationware VST host application for Windows.

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Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Reverb-III v0.96                  05th January 2011

Togu Audio Line has released version 0.96 of TAL-Reverb-III. It's free and Open Source and is available for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU effect plug-in formats.

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B. Serrano releases Radium                             05th January 2011

B. Serrano has announced the release of Radium, a free virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

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SynthFont updated to v1.540                       05th January 2011

SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).

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Xen-Arts releases Xenharmonic FMTS                   05th January 2011

Xen-Arts has released Xenharmonic FMTS, a free virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

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vvvv group releases vvvv 45 beta 25                   05th January 2011

vvvv group has released vvvv 45 beta 25. vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously. vvvv is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use requires a license.

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Samsara Cycle Audio releases VMP1, RMS1, E.S.P., and Big Beauty                     04th January 2011

Samasara Cycle Audio is dedicated to bringing quality products for the creation of music and sound since being established in 2003. We provide 100% FREE Virtual instruments, effects and soundfonts.

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Wave Alchemy - 74 free drum samples                   04th January 2011

Loopmasters has announced the release of a free sample pack by Wave Alchemy.

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DarkWave Studio updated to v3.2.2               03rd January 2011

DarkWave Studio is a free modular virtual studio for the synthesis of electronic music. It has a built in pattern editor and sequencer.

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DNR Collaborative releases Mono Destroyers               03rd January 2011

DNR Collaborative has announced the release of Mono Destroyers, a free sample pack.

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FMMF - Free VST synth                                                   02nd January 2011

FMMF is a 4-operator FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer.

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Uncreate808 – Free TR-808 8bit sample set                   02nd January 2011

A TR-808 sounds great, but sometimes a bit of grit can make it sound more distinct. All samples were recorded in 32bit/44.1kHZ through a RME Fireface 400 into Ableton. No further processing was done.

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