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News - October 2011


October 2011


Sinevibes Releases Free Sample Libraries                      30th October 2011

It includes several hundred completely original sounds created using some of the most amazing hardware and software tools such as Roland Fantom-G and V-Synth, Native Instruments MASSIVE, iZotope Spectron, Spectrasonics Omnisphere plus rare analogs like Polivoks and Krok 2401.

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Krakli releases K700                                               29th October 2011

Krakli Software has released K700, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

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Bob Leggitt releases FreeST Mutiny and Real Rotor                 28th October 2011

Bob Leggitt has released FreeST Mutiny, a virtual polysynth instrument, designed to create retro, analogue-type sounds. Bob also released Real Rotor, a rotary speaker effect. Bob Leggitt plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows (VST).

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Wolfgang Palm releases Plex 2 for Windows (now free)      27th October 2011

Wolfgang Palm has released Plex 2, an updated version of the software software previously available from Steinberg.

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Easytoolz releases minitron v2.0                                  27th October 2011

Easytoolz has released version 2.0 of minitron, a free synth VSTi for Windows.

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Teru KAMOGASHIRA updates Freeverb3 to v2.5.22 and Freeverb3_vst to v2.5.21           27th October 2011

Freeverb3_vst is a free (open source) set of VST plug-ins that utilize the freeverb3 library to perform reverb processing and impulse response processing of audio data. Freeverb3_vst is a free (open source) sound processing library which includes sampling rate scaling enabled version of freeverb with some fixes, extended implementation of N Reverb by CCRMA and implementation of impulse response convolution reverb. This library's oversampling feature provides higher quality of audio processing.

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Anarchy Sound Software made their fx and synths free       26th October 2011

Anarchy Sound Software made their fx and synths free!

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Marvin Pavilion releases reTromine v0.1 and updates HS9 to v1.1                    26th October 2011

Marvin Pavilion has released version 0.1 of reTromine, a free drum synthesizer plug-in for Windows. Marvin Pavilion plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows (VST).

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Novaflash releases Phyzmod                                              25th October 2011

Novaflash has relesaed Phyzmod, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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Samasara Cycle Audio releases Devanagari and Punya       24th October 2011

Samasara Cycle Audio has released Devanagari and Punya, two free VST synts for windows.

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Rogue - Free VST synth                                         23rd October 2011

Rogue is a very straight forward, easy to use, VSTi synthesizer that is designed to be smooth and round or harsh and cold (and everything in between). (It replaced Noslogan's Phobia Station).

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Strobe Bass - Free sample pack                                       23rd October 2011

Today's free samples consist of 6 multi-sampled notes of a vintage type bass sound I made on FXpansion's excellent Strobe synth.

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Blofeld Drums - Free sample pack                                    19th October 2011

Goldbaby has released Blofeld Drums, a free drum sample pack featuring the sounds of Waldorf Blofeld, a popular hardware synthesizer module.

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AudioTeknikk releases RedAmption v0.5 beta + Equilibre, MidSideMangler & GreenEugene updated   19th October 2011

AudioTeknikk has released a beta version of RedAmption, a compressor effect plug-in for Windows. All AudioTeknikk VST plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows.

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Brain Control updates Tunefish to v3.1 RC                         18th October 2011

Brain Control has updated the free Tunefish synth to version 3.1 RC.  Tunefish is a free tiny virtual analogue synth that was originally developed for the demo scene or, to be more precise, for 64k intros of the demo group Brain Control.

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Bob Leggitt releases FreeST Organ                                     17th October 2011

The FreeST virtual organs create their sounds in the traditional way, with each drawbar or voicing fader having its own dedicated, independently working oscillator. This sound production system places comparatively heavy demands on the computer’s CPU, so you should be aware that these VSTis will use more system resources than average.

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PanCake uptated to v1.2.3                                             17th October 2011

PanCake is free VST plug-in that for creating pan modulations

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Sonigen Modular – New beta version is ready                    17th October 2011

New beta version is ready. The LFO now has tempo sync and a glide function. Note stealing has been changed so that released notes are stolen before held notes. Sonigen modular is a free software synthesizer which gives you the freedom and flexibility of classic modular synthesis with high quality sound and efficient cpu usage.

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Pluton - Free VST synth                                          15th October 2011

Pluton - 12 voices polyphonic. Full MDI learn, implementation, envelope & LFO host syncable, sync and FM.

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New free bass enhancer plugin BassPlus released by WOK   13th October 2011

BassPlus is an enhancer for low frequencies. Intended for drums, but works on other signals too of course. It’s not a fixed EQ, but has a detector for lower frequencies and enhances them and/or adds a new subtone to it.

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Bolder Sounds releases Buffalo Drum Freebie Loops for Kontakt                         13th October 2011

This free offering was generously created by Bo Clausen from loops being tweaked in Spectrasonics RMX Stylus. The original source loops are from the Buffalo Drum Loops and Hits library recently released by Bolder Sounds. You could think of this library as a grandchild of that Loops and Hits library.

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Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer version 0.97-alpha             13th October 2011

Rack Performer is a modular host dedicated to stage performance, with a special emphasis on interface ergonomy and user interaction.

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Sonic Visualiser updated to v1.9                                       12th October 2011

Sonic Visualiser, an application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files, was updated to version 1.9. Sonic Visualiser is Free Software, distributed under the GNU General Public License (v2 or later) and available for Linux, OS/X, and Windows. It was developed at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London.

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Phuturetone releases Phutura                                   11th October 2011

Phuturetone has released Phutura, a new subtractive virtual synthesizer inspired by ’80s hardware synth Alpha Juno, best known for the Hoover sound. It’s available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in and it’s free.

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D Plugins releases tank meter                                   10th October 2011

Double Large stereo vintage VU meter for stereo channel with Special Design. Tank meter is free.

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CWI Technology updates TX16Wx Software Sampler to v0.9.071                     10th October 2011

TX16Wx Software Sampler is a free VSTi Sampler with professional features and an easy to use graphical interface. Built to mimic the best aspects of old hardware samplers, but with the quick and easy operation of modern software. An instrument not for preset players, but people who enjoy making and playing their own samples.

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CtrlBrk updates VstBoard to v0.5.6                                       10th October 2011

VstBoard is a free, open source, VST host and plug-in. Its main purpose is to allow fast switching between setups and was primarily designed to be used as a guitar multi-fx.

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Voxengo updates "SPAN - FFT Spectrum Analyzer" to v2.4  10th October 2011

SPAN is a freeware real-time "fast Fourier transform" audio spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music and audio production applications. For the most part it was derived from Voxengo GlissEQ dynamic parametric equalizer and reproduces its spectrum analysis functionality.

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HighLife Mac BETA released                                       10th October 2011

HighLife Mac BETA has been released. HighLife is a Freeware sampler with VSTi sampling, sample editor, five built in effects, flexible modulation, parameter morphing and highest offline resampling quality using 512 point SINC. 64-bit Audio Units and VST are supported.

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500 free industrial samples                                   10th October 2011

SampleRadar hasn't done a day's manual labour in its life - it's every inch the delicate-skinned desk jockey - but that doesn't mean that it can't appreciate the value in a bit of industrial noise.

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JBM Jagular - Free VST synth                                       08th October 2011

JBM Jagular is a hybrid synth consisting of many different synthesis methodes packed into one bundle.

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easytoolz releases minitron                                            07th October 2011

easytoolz has released minitron, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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Twister series plugins (Mac) released as freeware              07th October 2011

Music Unfolding has re-released their Twister Series AU plugin bundle as freeware (Mac only).

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xoxos releases Pink – Free VST Amp                         06th October 2011

xoxos has released Pink, a free amp simulation effect for guitars featuring 10 shaping options and an optional second gain stage for additional drive. Both of the shaping and clipping stages are performed at four times oversampling using bicubic interpolation for upsampling.

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Studio Devil updates all Mac plug-ins                         06th October 2011

Studio Devil British Valve Custom is a FREE guitar amp modeling and audio effects plug-in for use with VST, AudioUnits, and ProTools RTAS compatible hosts running on both Mac and Windows platforms.

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Plasma Sound (Android) updated to v1.2.5                      06th October 2011

Highest quality free music instrument for Android. Beautiful music instrument inspired by the Theremin and the Continuum.

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Camel Audio updates Alchemy Player to v1.25              05th October 2011

Alchemy Player is a free software instrument with a 1GB sample library and 200 instrument sounds including evolving soundscapes, lush pads, and pulsing arpeggios.

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Homing Pad – New Freeware VST/ Groove Tool by Sensomusic                          04th October 2011

Homing Padis a musical , creative and easy-to-use tool that allows you to generate grooves or melodies in an instant and completely intuitive way.

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Kent Loop Collection Vol 8                                04th October 2011

Kent Sandvik has released Kent Loop Collection Vol 8 – Tec Synth, a free sample pack.

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ViNOM, ViCON and ViCON [Modified] - Free VST synths       03rd October 2011

The core of the ViNOM synthesizer is based on the oscillator design of the KORG EA-1 analogue modelling synthesizer. The ViCON synthesizer is a small unit inspired by Technosaurus Microcon. Next to this basic ViCON unit Alterex designed a modified version that brings aditional features such as pulse-width modulation, frequency modulation, overdrive and distortion.

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Cifraweb - Create Chord Notations with great speed and quality                      03rd October 2011

Cifraweb is a free Chord Notation Editor. With it you can create Chord Notations with great speed and quality and also export them to Rich Text Format (*.RTF).

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Mini Piano Lite (Android) updated to v1.5.2                      03rd October 2011

The Mini Piano App features a virtual piano with 128 different sounds. You can choose between single octave and scrollable 3 octave keyboard mode. The Mini Piano is free.

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