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News - June 2012


June 2012


Gloria – Freeware VST Equalizer                                          30th June 2012

Spanish developer 1982art has released Gloria, a freeware 2-band parametric equalizer in VST plug-in format for Windows.

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Emiliano Grilli releases free Balafon SoundFont              30th June 2012

Emiliano Grilli has released a free Balafon SoundFont, a sampled wooden percussion idiophone from West Africa. The SoundFont is a free download from linuxaudiostudio.

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Subconscious - Free VST synth                                               28th June 2012

Its a dual arpeggiation sequence synth. Featuring oscillator crossfading, feedback modulation, independent filter and amp envelopes.

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ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v4.0.0      27th June 2012

DarkWave Studio is free a modular virtual studio for the creation of electronic music. With DarkWave Studio you can easily use the included audio machines and third party VST effects and instruments to create music. DarkWave Studio allows the connection of machines in an ad-hoc cabling fashion. DarkWave Studio comes with both native versions for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows, although you may use the 32-bit version on all editions of Windows for backwards compatibility with 32-bit VST plug ins.

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Variety Of Sound releases Density mkIII free compressor      27th June 2012

Variety Of Sound has released Density mkIII, an update to the free bus compressor effect plugin for Windows.

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vladg/sound releases Limiter No6                                 26th June 2012

vladg/sound has released Limiter No6, a freeware modular limiter suited for mastering purposes. It's available for Windows 32- and 64-bit and as 32-bit VST plug-in for Mac OS X.

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Free 600 MB sound pack                                               25th June 2012

A FREE selection of premium sounds offered to you with all our love!

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iDrumming - Free virtual drums iOS application              25th June 2012

iDrumming is a free music app for iOS that offers a high quality, low cost, customizable drum set. With 8 square pads on iPhone and iPod touch, and 12 square pads on iPad, the app includes 6 different categories of percussion samples.

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Sound Magic releases Vintage Piano Set for its Free Piano One 24th June 2012

Vintage Piano Set has 3 great sounding pianos, all of them are emulated vintage pianos, which often have a mellower sound than current pianos.  So this made it ideal for soft and relax music styles.

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Niall Moody updates Pedalboard2 to v2.09                    24th June 2012

Pedalboard2 is a free VST (plus AudioUnit on OS X) plug-in host designed for live use. Based on the JUCE 'audio plug-in host' code, heavily modified.

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284 free digital lover samples                                      24th June 2012

Music Radar has released 284 free digital lover samples, a collection of disco/ dance loops in 24 Bit WAV format.

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WOK releases BASSIMO                                           22nd June 2012

WOK has announced the release of BASSIMO, a free bass synth VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

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Free Trance Gate VST Plugin                                          22nd June 2012

LittleStudios has released LSGate, a freeware trance gate effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

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H.G. Fortune sets free Altair-4 B Pro and X-WoF 4 Pro              21st June 2012

H.G. Fortune has announced that the Altair-4 B Pro and X-WoF 4 Pro virtual instruments for Windows are now free.

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SyncerSoft Bass Landscapes bass enhancer plug-in set free    21st June 2012

SyncerSoft has announced that its Bass Landscapes effect plug-in for Windows and Mac is now available as freeware.

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DDMF sets ColourEQ FREE                                                     21st June 2012

DDMF has announced that its ColourEQ plug-in has now become freeware.

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Whitebox Synth Makers. Free VSTs                                    20th June 2012

Whitebox - Free VST synths.

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Tokyo Dawn Labs updates TDR Feedback Compressor to v0.9.01 beta            19th June 2012

Tokyo Dawn Labs has updated TDR Feedback Compressor to version 0.9.01. TDR Feedback Compressor is free.

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SyncerSoft releases Amusing sounds of the body           19th June 2012

SyncerSoft has announced Amusing sounds of the body, a virtual instrument for Windows featuring samples of sounds made by human bodies. The plug-in is a free download for Windows (VST). Note that the download includes a toolbar installer to support the developer.

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WOK releases RING-O                                                         18th June 2012

WOK has released RING-O, a free VST effect plug-in for Windows for ring modulation effects. RING-O is free.

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Qtractor (Linux) 0.5.5 "The Foxtrot Uniform" Now Available   18th June 2012

License: Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

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Beat Magazine launches Zampler sample workstation        15th June 2012

Beat Magazine has announced the release of its free Zampler instrument plugin for Windows and Mac, developed in collaboration with Synapse Audio.

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MauSynth - Free VST synth                                              13th June 2012

MauSynth is a polyphonic analog-modeling substractive synthesizer VST plugin by Pekka Kauppila. You can create all sorts of awesome sounds with it. NEW (2012-06-13)! I updated the filter algorithm. The non-boosted filter has better presence and is more analog sounding now!

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Free Mini Analogue Collection sample pack                 13th June 2012

Bedroom Producers Blog has released the BPB Mini Analogue Collection, a free sample library featuring the sounds of some analogue synths.

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All Mothman Synths Now Free                                               12th June 2012

Justin Robert has announced that all Mothman synthesizer plug-ins are now available as freeware.

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SyncerSoft releases Analog Voice                                     12th June 2012

SyncerSoft has announced the release of Analog Voice, a freeware synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

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ifoundasound releases LiveProfessor Beta 2.4.1              12th June 2012

ifoundasound has updated the beta version of LiveProfessor to version 2.4.1. The manual has also been updated. LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST plug-ins - specifically with live sound in mind. LiveProfessor Free (Beta).

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Music-Society intros Charisma V08 Light by Mira-Katarina        11th June 2012

Music-Society has announced the release of Charisma V08 Light, a free synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

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Homegrown Sounds releases Multitimbral Control plugin         11th June 2012

Homegrown Sounds has announced Multitimbral Control, a MIDI processor plug-in for Windows. The Multitimbral Control for Windows (VST) is a free download.

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Voxengo updates Beeper, Latency Delay, MSED & Sound Delay effect plugins                  11th June 2012

Voxengo has announced it has updated its free Beeper, Latency Delay, MSED, and Sound Delay effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

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g200kg releases WebModular                                  11th June 2012

g200kg has released WebModular, a free browser-based modular synthesizer written in Javascript and HTML5.

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Fsynthz releases ProgAte VSTi for Windows                   08th June 2012

Fsynthz has released ProgAte, a free VSTi MIDI processing utility for Windows.

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SoundOutTheBox releases Beta version of XTrack EQ32          08th June 2012

SoundOutTheBox has released a Beta version of XTrack EQ32, a VST3 audio effect plug-in for Windows that provides a 32 band equalizer with low CPU usage. XTrack EQ32 is free whilst in beta.

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Xfer Records releases Delta Modulator                             08th June 2012

Xfer Records has released Delta Modulator, a free bitcrusher VST/AU plugin based on a signal modulation technique found in Nintendo NES video game console’s delta modulation channel.

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LilyPond updated to v2.15.40                                       08th June 2012

LilyPond is a program which converts music definition files into visual or auditive output: it can typeset formatted sheet music to a TeX file and (mechanical) performances to MIDI files. Features include multiple staffs, meters, clefs, keys, lyrics, versatile input-language, cadenzas beams, slurs and triplets. LilyPond is free.

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Softrave releases Crash VSTi for Windows                       07th June 2012

Softrave has released Crash, a new free VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

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Xenium Audio releases X-Tube                                            06th June 2012

Xenium Audio has released X-Tube, a free tube amplifier effect plug-in for Windows.

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J1000 releases MQ57                                            06th June 2012

J1000 has announced the release of its MQ57 parametric equalizer effect plug-in for Windows. J1000 has announced the release of its MQ57 parametric equalizer effect plug-in for Windows.

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SyncerSoft releases Lizard Morph                             06th June 2012

Lizard Morph is detune and morph effect designed to deliver the powerful, penetrating sounds favoured by trance musicians. The plug-in is available to download as a freeware VST effect plugin for Windows.

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Charlatan updated to v1.2                                                   04th June 2012

BlauKraut Engineering has updated its Charlatan freeware synthesizer plug-in for Windows to version 1.2.

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LSR Audio releases LVLMeter                                      04th June 2012

LSR Audio has released its LVLMeter freeware stereo peak level meter plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Nootka updated to v0.8.1-beta                                      04th June 2012

Nootka is an free application to help with teaching and learning classical score notation.

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Pterosaur – Now Polyphonic                                        04th June 2012

Contralogic Productions has released an updated version of Pterosaur, adding a polyphonic mode to the feature list of this free virtual synthesizer. Pterosaur is available for free download via Contralogic.

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Ohm Studio Free Open Beta Available                                       03rd June 2012

Ohm Studio is the first real-time collaborative digital audio workstation. Start a project, invite musicians and make music together. It's as simple as that.

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DarkWave Studio updated to v3.9.3                                       02nd June 2012

DarkWave Studio is a free modular virtual studio for the synthesis of electronic music. It has a built in pattern editor and sequencer. It allows you to load various machines such as virtual instruments and effects and connect them in a modular and straightforward fashion. DarkWave can load VST instruments and effects and it can also load machines using the DarkPlug API, which was custom made for DarkWave.

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