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News - February 2013


February 2013


Boscomac releases Bouncing Ball for Reaktor                28th February 2013

Boscomac has announced the release of Bouncing Ball, a delay effect ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

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100 Free Hip Hop samples                                         28th February 2013

R-Loops has released 100 Free Loops, a collection of free hip hop loops and samples crafted by Black Hand Loops.

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Real Analogue Warfare releases Siberia, EX2 and Moscow  27th February 2013

Real Analogue Warfare has released 3 new free VST instrument plugins for Windows: Siberia, EX2 and Moscow.

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Saltline releases Świerk - Free synthesizer                        26th February 2013

Saltline has released Świerk, a free synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

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Jamie.B Audio releases Free Multi-Filter                          26th February 2013

Jamie.B Audio - Multi-Filter is a small but powerful VST plugin for those bread and butter jobs you need to get done in the studio to produce high quality sound.

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SonicXTC updates Fusion Delay to v2.0                                 25th February 2013

SonicXTC has updated its Fusion Delay Windows VST Effect to version 2.0. Fusion Delay is a free Windows VST designed to create syncopated and evolving delays to any signal. What makes Fusion Delay special and unique is the Plasma section that can be fused with the built in delay signal chain.

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Free TAL-Elek7ro Sound Bank                                     25th February 2013

Kill All Humans! is a collection of 80 free presets for Togu Audio Line’s Elek7ro synth.

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Metatron - Free VST synth                                          23rd February 2013

Metatron, designed specifically for the KVR Developer Challenge 2009, is a 2 oscillator analogue synthesizer with an arpeggiator that works alongside a gated modulation sequencer for creating unique rythmic patterns and sounds. 

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Hip-hop Kicking Breaks and Processed vinyl drums          23rd February 2013

Hip-Hop Kicking Breaks, a collection of hip hop drum loops and Processed Vinyl Drums, a sample pack featuring one shot vinyl drum samples. Hip-hop Kicking Breaks and Processed vinyl drums are free.

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Kazrog releases PluginUpdate 1.0.2 for Mac                          21st February 2013

Kazrog LLC has updated PluginUpdate public beta for Mac to 1.0.2. This update adds a progress meter, list view sorting options, and many other UI enhancements. PluginUpdate is a free utility app that helps users keep their audio plugins up to date.

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Voxengo updated to vSPAN v2.5                                 21st February 2013

SPAN is a real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music and audio production applications.  For the most part it was derived from Voxengo GlissEQ dynamic parametric equalizer and reproduces its spectrum analysis functionality. SPAN is free.

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HASound updates free MSLR and Sample Delay          20th February 2013

HASound has updated free MSLR and Sample Delay. MSLR is updated to version 1.1, SampleDelay is updated to version 2.0. All plugins have a new GUI and user manual.

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Samsara CycleAudio -  Next release                                      20th February 2013

Next FREE release will be an emulation of the JEN SX1000 Analogue Mono.

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Liqube updates Resonic Audio Player to Alpha 655        20th February 2013

Liqube has updated Resonic, an audio player and sample browser for Windows, to Alpha 655. Resonic is a slick audio player and browser / directory player, built around a big waveform view. Free for personal use. Company / commercial use requires license.

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Hollow Sun updates Freepacks for Kontakt                           20th February 2013

Hollow Sun has announced it has updated its Freepacks sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Samsara Cycle Audio updated VMP1 to v2                           19th February 2013

Download VMP1_v2 Virtual Analogue Mono/Poly Synthesizer VSTi 100% free.

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WOK releases FLAN-W free flanger                            19th February 2013

WOK has released FLAN-W, a free flanger effect plugin. FLAN-W offers a typical flanging effect designed to give extra spice to guitar, drums or vocals.

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VST Zone updates U.F.O. Zone Edition to v1.1                     19th February 2013

VST Zone has updated U.F.O. Zone Edition for Windows VST to version 1.1. U.F.O. Zone Edition is updated version of original U.F.O. plugin with some updates, improvements and fixes. U.F.O. (Unknown frequency oscillator) is simple subtractive synthesizer. U.F.O. Zone Edition is free.

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Electribulator updated to v0.2.2                                    19th February 2013

A new version 0.2.2 of Electribulator for korg electribe MX has been released. Software that make electribe polyphonic and add modulators with midi controls. Electribulator is free.

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dboxSamples releases Aid01 MC-808                               18th February 2013

dboxSamples has announced the release of Aid01 MC-808, a collection featuring 1397 classic drum hits.

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Attack releases free CNTRL samples                                18th February 2013

Attack Magazine has released a free sample pack featuring samples by CNTRL Samples.

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Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard updated v0.5.                18th February 2013

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a free MIDI events generator and receiver. It doesn't produce any sound by itself, but can be used to drive a MIDI synthesizer (either hardware or software, internal or external). You can use the computer's keyboard to play MIDI notes, and also the mouse. You can use the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard to display the played MIDI notes from another instrument or MIDI file player. To do so, connect the other MIDI port to the input port of VMPK.

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Mini Piano Lite (Android) updated to v2.0.2                     18th February 2013

The Mini Piano App features a virtual piano with 128 different sounds. You can choose between single octave and scrollable 3 octave keyboard mode.The app is free and ad-supported.

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190 free electronic percussion sample                          18th February 2013

MusicRadar has announced the release of 190 free electronic percussion samples, a free collection of one shot samples and loops created with sounds from Korg Wavedrum and Vermona DRM1 MkIII.

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vladg/sound updates Molot and Limiter No6                          18th February 2013

vladg/sound has updated Molot, a freeware compressor, to version 0.3.1 and Limiter No6, a freeware mastering limiter, to version 1.0.2

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Ignite Amps updates The Anvil to v2.0.1                             18th February 2013

Ignite Amps has updated The Anvil, a free custom 3 channels tube preamp VST/AU plug-in to version 2.0.1.

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VST Zone releases free Amplio VST v1.1                              15th February 2013

VST Zone has updated AMPLIO for Windows to version 1.1. Amplio is 3 band equalizer with adjustable bands intended to use for drum loops.

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Calgar C Instruments released Saturn V                       14th February 2013

Calgar C Instruments has released Saturn V, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

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Cableguys releases PanCake 2                                              13th February 2013

Cableguys has announced the release of PanCake 2, a freeware panning effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. PanCake is an innovative plugin that allows you to create flexible pan modulations.

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DreamStation Rev.004                                                 13th February 2013

DreamStation 1.0 is our old standalone software synth workstation which consists of an analog synthesizer module, a 32 tracks step-time sequencer, dual stereo FX processor and an eight channel stereo mixer. We made DreamStation 1.0 free with the release of its more complex second version. DreamStation is free.

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SonicXTC releases Filta Crunch 2.0                              12th February 2013

SonicXTC has released Filta Crunch 2.0, a free VST 2.4 effect plug-in for Windows that is a re-creation of an insert signal chain used in many studios when tracking drums, instruments or vocals for recording.

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Boscomac releases Vertigo Wave for Reaktor                       12th February 2013

Boscomac has announced the release of Vertigo Wave, a free ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

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Like us on facebook and get a free Plug and Mix Plugin        12th February 2013

Plug & Mix has announced it is offering a free Plug & Mix series plug-in for its Facebook fans.

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Perimeter Sound Arts releases Free Loops Pack                12th February 2013

Perimeter Sound Arts has released Free Loops Pack, a collection of free loops and samples taken from their commercial sound libraries.

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Voxengo updates OldSkoolVerb & MSED                          12th February 2013

Voxengo has released version 2.1 of its OldSkoolVerb reverb effect plugin and version 2.5 of MSED, an audio encoder-decoder effect plug-in. The updated versions include a fix to a rare crash problem. Both plug-ins are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) as freeware.

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GTG MX 2008 - Free VST synth                                    11th February 2013

GTG Synth MX 2008 is a polyphonic synthesizer with 3 Oscillators. It's very nice synth for spacey effects, moving pads thanks to 3 LFO's.

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Variety Of Sound Releases Rescue MK2                  11th February 2013

Variety Of Sound has released Rescue MK2, an updated version of their freeware analog-style signal designer VST plugin for Windows.

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Sound Magic Announces “Share your opinion, Win big prize! “Offer                  11th February 2013

We are busy with Orchestral Strings One Version 2.0. In order to make it much better than Version 1.0, we need your valuable opinions about which direction it should take. If you shared your opinion with us, you will have the chance to win at least 29 Euros worth of software.

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Triangle II - Free VST synth                                         09h February 2013

The sequel of the world-known Triangle I monophonic synthesizer, with a new ‘engine’ and a lot of new features.

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Monocasual releases Giada v0.5.8                                     09th February 2013

Giada is a free (Open source), minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs and live performers. Load or record up to 32 samples, choose to play them in single mode (drum machine) or loop mode (sequencer) and start the show with your computer keyboard as a controller. Giada aims to be a compact and portable virtual device for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows for production use and live sets.

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Ignite Amps updates The Anvil tube preamp effect to v2.0  09th February 2013

Ignite Amps has updated The Anvil, a free custom 3 channels tube preamp VST/AU plug-in for Windows and Mac, to version 2.0.0.

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Over 600 MB of free samples and loops                            09th February 2013

Sampleism has released Sampleism Giveaway, a collection of over 600MB of free loops and samples created by various Sampleism members.

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Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth updated to v1.7.0              09th February 2013

Coolsoft has updated the VirtualMIDISynth software MIDI synthesizer for Windows to version 1.6.0. VirtualMIDISynth for Windows is available to download as freeware.

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Nine Volt Audio launches Free Loop Library              09th February 2013

Nine Volt Audio has announced a “Free Loop Library to Everyone” giveaway, in which you get the chance to decide which sound library will be offered at cost.

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Sun.io releases Lighter Glitch                                         07h February 2013

Sun.io’s Sasha van den Heetkamp has announced “Lighter Glitch”, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Pettinhouse releases free RockLoops                                     07h February 2013

Pettinhouse has announced the release of RockLoops, a free collection of rock guitar loops.

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225 free pure evil samples                                                06th February 2013

MusicRadar has announced the release of 225 free pure evil samples, a collection of various string instruments loops.

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Markus Hakala’s kicks all in one - 500 free kicks in total    06th February 2013

Markus Hakala has released 500 free EDM kick drum samples in 24 Bit and 32 Bit WAV formats.

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Tokyo Dawn Labs releases Feedback Compressor II beta 4                              05th February 2013

Tokyo Dawn Labs has announced beta 4 of the freeware Feedback Compressor II effect plugin.

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Kazrog releases PluginUpdate Public Beta for Mac           05th February 2013

Kazrog LLC has released the Mac public beta version of PluginUpdate, a free utility app that scans a user's drive for plug-ins that have new versions available. It supports VST, AU, RTAS, TDM, and AAX plugin formats.

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Xen-Arts releases XenFont                                                   05h February 2013

XenFont is a two oscillator, hybrid SF2 SoundFont & Subtractive Synthesis VSTi that features full-controller MIDI Pitch Microtuning using the MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) format, where any MIDI Note Number can be freely microtuned to any desired pitch across the MIDI range, enabling computer musicians and composers to explore the vast expressive possibilities of composing music with alternative intonation systems. XenFont is a freeware 32-bit VSTi for Windows XP or higher and includes a detailed instruction manual, 75 factory patches and 54 microtonal tunings. 

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Martinic updates Combo Model V to v1.2.0                              05h February 2013

Martinic has released version 1.2.0 of Combo Model V, a virtual organ instrument for Windows and Mac.

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Codemusicians releases LoopJam                                 05h February 2013

Codemusicians has released LoopJam, a simple free (open source) loop slicer application for Windows and Mac.

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Twisted Tools release Micro Kits 05 by Delect - Free         04th February 2013

To celebrate Twisted Tools 3 year anniversary and thank you for your continued support, Micro Kits 05 by Delect is being released for free! Supported Sampler Formats: S-Layer, Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Ableton 7/8, Reaktor 5.8 and EXS24.

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Elements Audio and Sink Electronica releases MaxxSonixx   03rd February 2013

Elements Audio and Sink Electronica have released MaxxSonixx, a freeware sonic maximizer effect for Windows and Mac.

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Proteus VX - Free VST synth                                          02nd February 2013

E-MU Announces FREE Proteus VX download along with Included v2 Proteus X Composer Bank!

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AnySong Chord Recognition (Android) updated to  v2.0.3   02nd February 2013

AnySong Chord Recognition is an Android app that lets you know the chords used on songs. AnySong Chord Recognition is free.

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Nootka updated to v0.8.51 stable                                   02nd February 2013

Nootka is an application to help with teaching and learning classical score notation. It works under Windows, Linux and MacOs. The application is free and open source.

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