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News - January 2013


January 2013


New Free B1t Crunch3r Sample Pack                                 31st January 2013

Gradient Audio has released B1t Crunch3r MC 505, a free sample pack featuring sounds from the Roland MC-505.

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Flux updates BitterSweet to v3                                          30th January 2013

Bitter Sweet is a free dynamics processor to manage audio transients.

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ToneBuilder releases DMD-Free sample pack                       29th January 2013

ToneBuilder has released DMD-Free, a free mini-collection of 66 new drum sounds. Comes with 24-bit Wav/Aif, 16-bit Wav + 24-bit EXS-24 and Kontakt Mappings. Make sure to play with the envelopes on your sampler/software.

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MusE (Linux) updated to v2.1.1                                      29th January 2013

Version 2.1.1 of MusE, the multitrack virtual studio for Linux, is now available. MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities written originally by Werner Schweer now developed and maintained by the MusE development team. MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux, it is published under the GNU General Public License.

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AXP releases CharBooster 1.0.0                                 28th January 2013

AXP has announced the release of CharBooster, a free guitar booster/overdrive effect plug-in for Windows.

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SPC Plugins updates Gater to v1.3 - Free                    28th January 2013

SPC Plugins has released Mac VST and Audio Unit (32-/64-bit) versions of Gater and updated the Windows VST (32-bit) to v1.3.

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mrthebigman releases Mini Synths & Incidental FX             28th January 2013

mrthebigman has announced the release of Mini Synths and Incidental FX, two free sample packs.

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Xenobioz releases Kruud 1.0                                               28th January 2013

Xenobioz has released version 1.0 of Kruud, which includes a lot of changes since the beta version. Kruud is a synthesizer with a drawable low resolution Oscillator. The main Osc has 5 basic waveforms, Pink and white Noise and a drawable user waveform. Kruud is free and is available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.

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FM Heaven - Free VST synth                                             26th January 2013

FM Heaven is a flexible polyphonic software synthesiser based on FM synthesis.

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Liqube updates Resonic Audio Player to Alpha 620               25th January 2013

Liqube has updated Resonic, an audio player and browser for Windows, to Alpha 620. Resonic is an ultra-fast audio and music player / directory player / sample browser for the Windows operating system, built around a big waveform view. Free for personal use. Company / commercial use requires license.

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Thomas Mundt updates LoudMax to v1.12                           25th January 2013

Thomas Mundt has released version 1.12 of LoudMax, a free maximizer effect plug-in.

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BM MUSIC updated X11 to v1.31                                     24th January 2013

The X11 is designed as a Standalone, but there is a VST Plug-in version available as well. SERIES X:  Experiments with "Sequencers/Automation/User Control Systems. X11 is free.

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Nick Crow updates TubeDriver to v1.2 (incl. Mac VST/AU) 24th January 2013

Nick Crow has announced version 1.2 of TubeDriver, a freeware tube amp effect plugin.

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Tek'it Audio updates 8kut Frequency Cutter Effect to v1.3    24th January 2013

Tek'it Audio has updated their free 8-band frequency cutter effect 8kut to version 1.3.

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PSPaudioware releases PSP PianoVerb2                            23rd January 2013

PSPaudioware has announced the release of the new redesigned and improved creative resonant reverb plugin plug-in PSP PianoVerb2, based on the freeware plug-in PSP PianoVerb (which remains free).

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Free Standalone Subtractive Modular Synth for Mac OS X    23rd January 2013

Vavdo has released Vavdo S, a free software "modular" synthesizer for Mac OS X designed for the Vavdo A physical interface.

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Audacity updated to v2.0.3                                  23rd January 2013

Audacity has been updated to version 2.0.3. Audacity now uses the libsoxr resampling library by default, instead of libresample, for higher quality and speed. Time Tracks have been improved and bug fixed, and new effects include an accessible Adjustable Fade. Audacity is a free wave (audio) editor.

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Pentacom releases Strum One                                     23rd January 2013

Pentacom has released Strum One, which is described as a palm-sized Ukulele Guitar for iOS. Strum One is a Palm sized Ukulele Guitar. You can strum the ukulele guitar with one finger.

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Boscomac releases Freezbee free Reaktor ensemble         23rd January 2013

Boscomac has announced Freezbee, a free Reaktor ensemble for freezing audio.

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E-Phonic announces Drumatic 4                                 22nd January 2013

E-Phonic has announced Drumatic 4, an updated version of the free drum synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

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Chokehold releases Tiny Metal Impact                          21st January 2013

Chokehold has released Tiny Metal Impact, a free percussion sample library which is also available as an instrument plugins for Windows and Mac.

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Impromptu (Mac) updated to v2.5                                          21st January 2013

Impromptu is a programming environment for composers, sound artists, VJs and graphic artists with an interest in live or interactive programming. Impromptu is a Scheme language environment, a member of the Lisp family of languages. Impromptu is free.

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Cescato Musiktechnologie updates Trans Computer Maschine to v1.1                        21st January 2013

Cescato Musiktechnologie has released version 1.1 of Trans Computer Maschine, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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Some great free mastering plugins                                21st January 2013

Signaldust is yet another one man project for digital audio signal processing and musical sound synthesis. My focus is on high-quality processing with original ideas, manually fine-tuned algorithms and in many cases carefully adjusted doses of non-linearities and noise where they enhance the subjective perception of sound.

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Cantus 1 - Free VST synth                                                     18th January 2013

Cantus 1 is a virtual analog Chorus-Voice-Ensemble. It produces sounds like chanting choirs or singing voices generated by analog synthesis only. You may also get pad sounds with different colourations and vintage touch. To download you have register or login, it is 100% free.

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DNR Collaborative sets free Metal and Motion sample library18th January 2013

Steven of DNR Collaborative has announced that the Metal and Motion sample library is now available as a free download, in memory of Reason Lahalla, who sadly enough passed away recently.

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Sound Magic Release Orchestral Strings One for Windows V1.3 and for MAC V1.2                       18th January 2013

Orchestral Strings One was recorded utilizing the legendary acoustics in the famous Berliner Hall - home of the world class BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER. Orchestral Strings One is free.

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Free Mopho X4 Ableton instruments                                  18th January 2013

Producer and sound designer Francis Prève has released a free Ableton Live Instrument based on the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4.

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The Interruptor updates free VST plug-ins                17th January 2013

The Interruptor has released updates for its Bionic Delay, Analogic Delay, Dub Siren, Wow & Flutter, Echolive, and Echomania plug-ins for Windows.

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Synthescience releases 18 free VST effect plugins          17th January 2013

Synthescience.com webpage gets a full content update and now delivers 18!! more effects/processors plugins to join the two allready published synths, Prodigious & Poly 2106.

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Variety Of Sound Updates ThrillseekerLA Compressor to v1.0.1                         16th January 2013

Variety Of Sound has released v1.0.1 of ThrillseekerLA, a freeware compressor VST plugin for Windows.

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Stringy Stringazoide Stringer - Free VST synth               15th January 2013

Stringy Stringazoide Stringer is a (kind of) virtual harp.

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Alessandro Saccoia releases free TR-727 sample pack        14th January 2013

Alessandro Saccoia has released a free sample pack featuring the sounds of the TR-727 drum machine by Roland.

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384 Free City Nights Samples                                     12th January 2013

MusicRadar has released 384 Free City Nights Samples, a collection of basslines, guitar loops, rhodes and drum loops.

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VSTZONE releases Amplio                                     12th January 2013

VSTZONE has released Amplio, a freeware 3-band parametric equalizer in VST plugin format for Windows (made with FlowStone).

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g200kg updates Kamioooka to v1.0.7                             11th January 2013

g200kg has updated Kamioooka to version 1.0.7. Kamioooka is a polyphonic Full-Modular synthesizer with patch cable system. You can freely combine modules and make patches. 10 module slots and 7 types of modules (VCO/VCF/VCA/ADSR/LFO/MISC/SEQ) are available. Kamioooka is available as a free VST plugin for 32 and 64-bit Windows.

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GuitarRx Riff Practice App (Android) updated to v0.5.0      11th January 2013

GuitarRx is a free guitar riff app for your smartphone. It comes preloaded with 5 practice segments. We will send you an additional 5 riff lessons every 2 days over the first 1-2 weeks after installing the GuitarRx app.

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The Freq - 62 free drum samples                                    10th January 2013

The Freq has announced the release of The Freq's Sample Pack, a collection of one shot drum samples and FX in 16Bit WAV format suitable for EDM, dubstep, house and more.

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Philipp Bulling’s Tube Preamp now available In 64-bit          10th January 2013

Philipp Bulling has released a 64-bit version of Tube Preamp, a freeware amplifier VST plugin for Windows.

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Aquest releases AquesTone2                                                 08th January 2013

Aquest has released AquesTone2, a free vocal synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

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Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.53 and SAVIHost to v1.41                      08th January 2013

Hermann Seib has updated VSTHost to V1.53 and SAVIHost to V1.41. VSTHost is an Open Source VST-compatible host. SAVIHost is a derivative version of VSTHost that can be used to make any VSTi run like a standalone application.

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Boscomac releases Patasonix drum synth for Reaktor      08th January 2013

Boscomac has announced the release of the ‘Patasonix drum synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor. The ‘Patasonix ensemble is a free download. Donations are appreciated.

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Wejaam Loop-Based Sequencer for iOS released - Free      08th January 2013

Wejaam has released a free loop-based music sequencer for iOS specially designed for playing live, combined with an innovative and powerful randomization tool. Make your own Beats Electro, House, Hiphop, Minimal, Dubstep, Nujazz ...

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Atom Hub releases Mr. Pot                                              08th January 2013

Atom Hub has released Mr. Pot, a free sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Inorganic1 - Free VST synth                                   07th January 2013

Inorganic1 is a free virtual synthesizer for Windows based on subtractive synthesis.

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LVC-Audio updates Clip Shifter v1.1                              07th January 2013

LVC-Audio has released version 1.1 beta of the Clip Shifter audio effect plug-in for Windows. Clip Shifter is a plugin designed to provide saturation and clipping effects to your audio. This can be useful for individual tracks, busses, and overall mixes. The v1.1 beta is available to download for Windows (32/64bit VST) at no cost.

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MusE v2.1 Now Available                                                 07th January 2013

Version 1.1 of MusE is now available for Linux. MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities written originally by Werner Schweer now developed and maintained by the MusE development team. MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux, it is published under the GNU General Public License.

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TSE Audio releases TSE X50                                         06th January 2013

TSE Audio has released TSE X50, a new free VST effect plug-in for Windows. TSE X50 is digital emulation of a famous high-gain guitar amp often heard on metal records.

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Tokyo Dawn Records releases TDR Feedback Compressor II 05th January 2013

Tokyo Dawn Records has released TDR Feedback Compressor II, a free compressor VST effect plugin for Windows.

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BlauKraut updates Charlatan to v1.2.1                        04th January 2013

BlauKraut Engineering has released version 1.2.1 of the Charlatan freeware synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

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Virtual DJ Home Free Edition updated to v7.3 b422           04th January 2013

Virtual DJ Home Free Edition might be a great starting point to build up your career, as it helps you create amazing mixes and tunes to astonish your audience.

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Free visual Instrument for Android                                    04th January 2013

SphereTones is an intuitive visual instrument. In contrast to traditional composition methods this approach places intuition, randomness, playfulness in the focus of attention.

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amsynth - Free virtual analog synthesizer for Linux             04th January 2013

amsynth is a software synth that provides a classic subtractive synthesizer topology. Currently it runs as a stand-alone application on Linux, supporting OSS, ALSA and JACK for Audio / MIDI I/O.

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Mastrcode Music releases T-Force Alpha Plus                 03rd January 2013

Alpha Plus is the advanced version of the T-Force Alpha TS. It has all features of the Alpha TS with some more and some updated functions: new sythesis (Subtractive and additionally FM Synthesis), revised oscillators with some more functions and now with a separate noise oscillator, new Mod Envelopes and now with a new integrated Sidechain FX (e.g. for the typicyal sidechained pad sounds and/or pumping basses etc.). The Alpha Plus is available to download as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows.

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AudioSpillage updates MiniSpillage to v1.3.2                 03rd January 2013

AudioSpillage has updated their MiniSpillage freeware OS X drum synthesis plugin to v1.3.2. The latest version includes bug fixes and improves the reliability of the version checking mechanism. MiniSpillage is a free drum synthesizer plug-in featuring a high resolution DSP audio engine and a custom set of synthesis algorithms designed exclusively for original electronic percussion sounds.

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Liqube updates Resonic Audio Player to Alpha 540              03rd January 2013

Liqube has updated Resonic to Alpha 513. Resonic is an audio player and browser for Windows, built around a big waveform seek bar, that plays music files, sounds, and samples out of existing folders. Resonic is a high-speed audio and music player / sample browser for the Windows operating system. Free for personal use.

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8Dio Productions releases Fireworks Freebie                    02nd January 2013

8Dio Productions has announced the release of a free Fireworks sound library.

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Droid DJ Lite (Android) updated to v7.14                          02nd January 2013

Full pitch enabled, cross fading, twin mixing decks. Twin mixing decks are available in a super smooth 50fps OpenGL environment. Multi-touch is supported, portrait or landcape mode, and you can now use headphones, with splice-output (Stereo -> Dual-Mono) fully supported. AUTO-BPM detection and auto pitch set, with BOTH decks pitch enabled for FREE :-).

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Imposcar free sample pack                                          02nd January 2013

MrTheBigman has announced the release of Dust : Imposcar, a free sample pack featuring sounds created with ImpOSCar2 VSTi by G-Force.

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AudioPorn Records releases free sample pack                     02nd January 2013

AudioPorn Records has announced a free sample pack for its Facebook fans.

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