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News - September 2013


September 2013


TR-505 - 50 Free drum loops and samples       30th September 2013

vstplanet.com has released TR-505 drum loops, a free collection of drum loops created with the TR-505 drum machine.

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Acustica Audio releases Stradipad Free                     30th September 2013

Acustica Audio present the free version of "Stradipad Swedish Strings". StradiPad is created to supply at demand for synthetic strings, synth pad and acoustical string instruments tracks processing.

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Sorcer (Linux) updated to v1.1                                      30th September 2013

Sorcer is a polyphonic wavetable synth LV2 plugin. Sorcer is free.

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Liveschool free Ableton Live drum racks                      27th September 2013

Liveschool has released a number of free drum rack packs for Ableton Live.

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Bollywood sounds - Free pack                                      27th September 2013

A sampler of Bollywood sounds loop packs and Sounds.

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AlioNoctis virtual hybrid synthesizer is now free            27th September 2013

HG Fortune has announced that his previously commercial AlioNoctis virtual hybrid synthesizer is now re-released as freeware.

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CIS DSP releases 64-bit versions of Limiter One, Six Band Spreader and Betty Middle V2 for Mac & Win VST2/3 & AU        25th September 2013

CIS DSP Factory has released 64-bit versions of its free plug-ins, Limiter One, Six Band Spreader and Betty Middle V2 - they are now available as VST, VST3 and AudioUnits for Mac OS X and VST, VST3 for Windows Hosts.

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Odo releases Dream64 a free chip tune (c64) vsti       25th September 2013

ODO has released Dream64, a great little freeware Commodore 64 virtual synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

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OCD DSP releases Obsessive Compulsive Saturation       25th September 2013

OCS is a saturation unit inspired by the analogue behavior. It can be used as a console saturation unit but it can have a more sporadic aproach aswell. Obsessive Compulsive Saturation is free.

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Condemned - Free sounds for FireBird                       25th September 2013

Xenos Soundworks has released Condemned, a free soundset for the FireBird 2 software synthesizer by Tone2. Note: Tone2 Firebird is required to use these sounds. However, it has now been set free.

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u-he intros Podolski AAX Mac public beta                      25th September 2013

u-he has released a public beta AAX for Mac version of the Podolski freeware synthesizer instrument.

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iPro.DJSampler updated to 1.1.0                                    24th September 2013

iPro.DJSampler is an app that turns your iOS device into a full featured DJ sampler with trigger pads. And it's released for free.

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gxtuner (Linux) updated to v2.1                                         24th September 2013

gxtuner is a free simple, small and lightweight guitar/bass tuner for Jack.

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Acustica Audio updates Nebula3 Free Bundle to v1.3.600 23rd September 2013

Nebula3 Free is a fully functional, cut down version of Nebula3 Pro. Nebula emulates the character and personality of analog hardware with exacting accuracy. Whether it is high end outboard equalizers, classic compressors, the latest reverbs, or vintage time-variant effects like phasers and flangers, Nebula has them all. With a large library of free included presets, you'll be adding the warmth of analog to your digital mixes in no time at all.

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Alexander Zolotov releases Virtual ANS                    .     23rd September 2013

Alexander Zolotov has released Virtual ANS, a free virtual analog synthesizer which is available for numerous platform (including Windows, Android, etc.).

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MuTools updates MuLab to v5.2.16                        .     23rd September 2013

MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX VST to version 5.2. MuLab is a sound and music production system for Mac OS X and Windows, transforming a computer into an inspiring modular studio. All MuLab levels are fully functional, but the difference is that when you cross one of the limits of MuLab Free / MuLab XT, then you enter demo mode and you'll regularly hear a soft noise.

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Korg DDM-110 (8-bit) - Free drum samples                     23rd September 2013

The Korg DDM110 programmable digital drum machine first went on sale in 1984, and was one of the first digital drum machines to reach the mass market.  Sampling card RME Fireface 400 usb. FORMAT: wav 41,000 hertz. 16 bit samples, Number of samples: 9.

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SonicXTC releases Deep Step-606                        23rd September 2013

Deep Step-606 gives you the energy and creativity of a classic synth coupled with a vintage analog step sequencer. Deep Step-606 is free.

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mini ms20 bass - free sample pack                              21st September 2013

Three octaves of a bass patch from the new MS20.

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Xenobioz updates Kruudster to v1.2                       19th September 2013

Xenoboiz has announced version 1.2 of its Kruudster freeware synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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Samplekatra Releases Free HC-2 Handclap Boss        19th September 2013

Samplekatra has released a free sound library for Kontakt based on the sounds of the Boss HC-2 Clapper Pedal from the 80's.

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Roland 101 Loops - Free sample pack                      .     18th September 2013

Roland 101 Loops is the next in our series of free sample packs. There are 18 loops ready to be dropped into your productions, all labeled with the key and tempo. Roland 101 Loops are perfect for anyone looking to produce Minimal, Techno, House, Tech House or Deep House.

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Vladimir Titov releases Mercuriall Harlequin Preamp      18th September 2013

Vladimir Titov has released Mercuriall Harlequin Preamp, a free guitar pre-amp effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Noisecrux releases free multisampled electric guitar pack 16th September 2013

Here is a free multisampled clean electric guitar for you all to use in your productions. I recorded a Peavey Predator electric guitar (using the bridge humbucking pickup position) direct into my audio interface. There are 23 notes sampled, from E2 to C6 at two velocity layers, as well as muted strings and string slide noises so you can add some additional realism to the programmed guitar parts.

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Monocasual updates Giada Loop Machine to v0.7.3         17th September 2013

Monocasual has updated Giada Loop Machine to version 0.7.3, codename klickibunti. This version will probably be the last one in the 0.7 series. Giada is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians.

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LVC-Audio updates ClipShifter to v2.2                  17th September 2013

LVC-Audio has released version 2.2 of ClipShifter, a wave-shaping audio plugin that functions like a clipping-style limiter. ClipShifter for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to download at no cost.

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Electro kit - Free drum samples                                     16th September 2013

Electro kit - Free drum samples. Sampling card RME Fireface 400 usb. FORMAT: wav, 41,000 hertz 16 bit, samples, Number of samples: 68.

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AXP updates free SoftAmp 3OD to v1.0.6                    16th September 2013

AXP has updated SoftAmp 3OD to v1.0.6, fixing a number of minor bugs and featuring a long awaited 64-bit version. AXP SoftAmp 3OD is a virtual-analog model of a vacuum triode stage typical for guitar amplifiers. SoftAmp 3OD is free.

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Free circuit-bent synth app                                  16th September 2013

Kurt James Werner and Mayank Sanganaria have released version 1.1 of bent.fm lite, a model of a circuit-bent synthesizer for iOS.

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Subaqueous releases free vintage drum racks               16th September 2013

Subaqueous has released Retro Drums, a free Ableton Live drum rack inspired by the sound of 80s drum machines.

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Free Vocal Effect For iOS, Vox Wooah                               16th September 2013

Vox Wooah is the truly unique app, it is one of the most powerful vocal processing tools with Csound core for iPhone. The app transposes the input pitch by desired interval and ads it to the original voice.

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Bass Explorer releases 101 Drum & Bass Drum Loops    12th September 2013

Bass Explorer has announced the release of 101 Drum & Bass Drum Loops, a free sample pack.

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Dark Side of the Tune releases Dark Filter Drums             11th September 2013

Dark Side of the Tune has announced Dark Filter Drums, a free sample pack.

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SynthMaster free - Free VST synth                             10th September 2013

SynthMaster free is a semi-modular software synthesizer and multi-FX plug-in.

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Audacity updated to v2.0.4                                      09th September 2013

Audacity, the free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds, has been updated to v2.0.4.

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Phonics DrumRoll VSTi free drum synth                            09th September 2013

Phonics has released Phonics DrumRoll, a free drum synth VST instrument plugin for Windows operating systems.

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Sonic XTC releases Beat Twist                                    09th September 2013

Beat Twist VST is a new freeware loop manipulation VST that provides amazingly creative ways to transform boring or stale wav files into something special.

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Nootka updated to v0.8.95 beta                                   09th September 2013

Nootka is an application to learn classical score notation. It helps to understand the rules of reading and writing scores and develops skills for playing and singing notes. The application is free and open source.

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Boscomac releases Memory Stick 20 for Reaktor            09th September 2013

MEMORY STICK 20 is a beatbox sample-based on MS20 mini analog synth. Sounds from the legendary synthesizer were carved to get a kick, a snare, a clave, etc.. The ensemble for Reaktor is free. Donations are appreciated.

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Voxengo updates SPAN, Latency Delay, Sound Delay and Stereo Touch            07th September 2013

Voxengo has released updates for SPAN, Latency Delay, Sound Delay and Stereo Touch. All plugins are free.

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Guitarix (Linux) updated to v0.28.2-3                        07th September 2013

Guitarix is a virtual guitar amplifier for Linux running with jack (Jack Audio Connection Kit). It is free as in speech and free as in beer. Its free sourcecode allows to build it for other UNIX-like systems also, namely for BSD and for MacOSX. Guitarix is free software licensed under the GNU-GPLv2 and made by a group of free developers.

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Brickwall Audio releases Metal Cabs                               07th September 2013

Erik Ekholm of Brickwall Audio has announced the release of Metal Cabs, a free pack of high end impulses captured from various powerful guitar cabs.

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Free Trial Pack for Kontakt                                    06th September 2013

The Impact Soundworks Trial Pack contains over 1.1 gigabytes of our finest instruments, comprising 26 Kontakt 4 patches and 32 WAV loops. These sounds have been carefully selected from the full versions of the following libraries:

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Voxengo SPAN updated to v2.6                                 06th September 2013

SPAN is a real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music and audio production applications.  For the most part it was derived from Voxengo GlissEQ dynamic parametric equalizer and reproduces its spectrum analysis functionality. SPAN is free.

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4Front releases W1 Limiter 2.0 beta                              05th September 2013

W1 Limiter is a "brickwall limiter" that is a clone of Waves L1-Ultramaximizer, with "identical output" and an approximation of Waves L2. W1 Limiter is free.

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Dune and E|Snares Vol 2 - Two free sample packs           05th September 2013

Multiples Pro has announced the release of Dust: Dune and E|Snares Vol 2, two free sample packs.

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AXP releases SoftDrive GV 1.0.0                              04th September 2013

AXP has released a new free VST plug-in effect for Windows: SoftDrive GV, a virtual-analog model of the Marshall "Guv'nor" and "Guv'nor GV-2 Plus" guitar distortion effects. SoftDrive GV is free and is available as a 32- and 64-bit Windows VST effect plug-in.

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MIDI Shape Shifter 1.0.10 Beta released                  04th September 2013

MSS is a free, open source, Windows VST MIDI plug-in for mapping, generating and transforming MIDI data.

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Cinematique Instruments releases Fabrique Free             04th September 2013

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Fabrique Free, a free sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Creatorum Genius Lab releases The Grey Apparatus-2     04th September 2013

Creatorum Genius Lab has released The Grey Apparatus-2, a new free synth VST instrument plug-in for Windows designed for a wide range of applications and different styles of music.

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UVI releases Mello                                                 04th September 2013

Mello delivers a warm and buttery tone indistinguishable from the original and is, in every way we could make it, a perfect tribute to the quintessential studio instrument of the 60's. Mello is free.

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Rancorsoft releases TapeSound                             03rd September 2013

TapeSound is a VST instrument pre-loaded with 9 sound loops of real tape hums and noise. TapeSound is free.

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Sonic Visualiser updated to v2.2                                   03rd September 2013

Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files. Sonic Visualiser is Free Software, distributed under the GNU General Public License (v2 or later) and available for Linux, OS/X, and Windows. It was developed at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London.

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DarkWave Studio updated to v4.1.9                       03rd September 2013

DarkWave Studio is a free, open source, Digital Audio Workstation for Windows.

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n-Track Software releases n-Track Metronome for iOS     03rd September 2013

n-Track Software has announced the release of n-Track Metronome, a free app for iOS.

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GTG MS 2008 - Free VST synth                              02nd September 2013

Classic analog synth. Logical layout. Modulation Envelope. Chorus and Delay. Sub Oscillator. Fast envelopes.

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AV Audio Editor - Free audio editor                              02nd September 2013

Audio Animals has announced The Sounds Of The Kitchen, a free sample pack featuring sound recordings of kitchen utensils.

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Arpy (2003) - Free VST synth                                 02nd September 2013

AlgoMusic's Arpy is a free virtual analogue vsti plugin for windows.

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LinnDrum LM-2 Free Kit                                           02nd September 2013

A small sample collection of our full LinnDrum Samples Library, for free! If you like this you should consider grabbing it.

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Jupiter-8 Martian Cello -  Free samples                         02nd September 2013

Today's free sample selection is sourced from Arturia's Jupiter-8v. This is a vaguely stringish synth sound with an interesting attack I programmed from scratch. You'll want to program a long release on this for best results. And if you happen to own Jupiter-8v, you can click on the picture above to copy the original patch. 6 samples @24-bit/44.1k with a long sustain for looping weighing in at around 12.9 MB.

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Danny J Lewis releases MPT Deep House Synth             02nd September 2013

Danny J Lewis has released MPT Deep House Synth, a free virtual synthesizer ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

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