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News - July 2014


July 2014


Free VST - Nutseq drumsynth with groovebox                           31st July 2014

Nutseq is a three-parts drumsynth with groovebox features.

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Acustica Audio releases Red Eq free VST equalizer             31st July 2014

Acustica Audio has released the Red Eq, a free VST equalizer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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bigcat Instruments releases Musyng Kite for Kontakt           30th July 2014

bigcat Instruments has released Musyng Kite, free 1.7 Gig soundfont converted to Kontakt 5.

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Saltline updates free Brzoza synthesizer to v1.0.2                     30th July 2014

Saltline has updated Brzoza, the free VST plug-in synthesizer for Windows, to version 1.0.2.

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Madbee Audio releases Q-Meleon free VST equalizer            29th July 2014

Madbee Audio has released Q-Meleon, free VST equalizer plug-in for Windows.

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Denemo Team updates Denemo to v1.1.6                        29th July 2014

Denemo Team has releases Denemo v1.1.6, free music notation editor for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows

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Free VST - edfefx guitar effect                                            28th July 2014

edpefx is a special fx for your guitar, you can use it as standalone effect, or as a plug-in in your daw.

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DeciBell free Kontakt instrument released by Audiomodern        25th July 2014

Audiomodern has released DeciBell, a free instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Klanglabs updates Overdubber to v1.75 free VST delay           24th July 2014

Klanglabs has updated Overdubber to v1.75. Overdubber is free two tap delay.

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KX77FREE updates Kx-Modulad, Kx-Synth-x16, Kx-PolyMod and Kx-PolyM-CSE      24th July 2014

KX77FREE has released major updates for free VST instrument plugs-in for Windows.

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Darwin Arts, L.L.C. updated Trilobite to v0.9.3                24th July 2014

Trilobite is a free musical tool for refining and editing your sound patches.

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Beatmatch.info releases Digital free sample pack              23rd July 2014

beatmatch.info has released Digital, collection of close to 300 high quality royalty-free synthetic drum sounds, effects and one shots.

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Free VST - Redosc synthesier released by lorisedp                22nd July 2014

Free VST - Redosc plug-in synthesizer released by lorisedp.

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CodeFN42 updates RandARP, CCStepper, Chordit and VSTNotepad plug-ins    22nd July 2014

CodeFN42 has updated free vst plug-ins RandARP, CCStepper, Chordit and VSTNotepad to v1.01.

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Glitchmachines updates Fracture plug-in to v1.1                     22nd July 2014

Glitchmachines has released version 1.1 of Fracture, the free buffer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Piano for Kontakt Steinway Grand 2                                              21st July 2014

Hephaestus has released Steinway Grand 2, a free compact piano library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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4 Free Plug-ins If Donations Reach 1000                         18th July 2014

de la Mancha has announced Let's Beat Cancer, an initiative to raise 1000 for Cancer Research UK to help beat cancer sooner.

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Mark Henning AnaMark Windows VST synthesizer is now free    17th July 2014

Mark Henning has announced that AnaMark, a VST synthesizer for Windows that used to cost €42, is now free.

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Cadillac VST - Free 60s sound guitar emulator                            17th July 2014

CADILLAC VST is a free vst and standalone software. Emulates the guitar sounds of the 60s and 70s.

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beatassist.eu releases Esfera free vst synth                16th July 2014

beatassist.eu has released Esfera, free vst synth for ambient and special effects.

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Free ATKCompressor and ATKExpander plug-ins for Mac & Win  15th July 2014

Matthieu Brucher has announced the release of ATKCompressor and ATKExpander, free mono compressor and expander plug-ins for 64-bit Mac OS X (10.8 minimum) and Windows (32 and 64-bit) in VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in formats.

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PatchArena releases SFZ FLukelele                                      15th July 2014

PatchArena has released SFZ FLukelele, a free virtual ukelele instrument.

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Free VST synth D-Wave (DTW) by Mira-Katharin            14th July 2014

Music-society presents D-Wave(DTW) by Mira-Katharina + Freemobil(GUI).

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65 Free pads for Izotope IRIS released by Homegrown Sound   14th July 2014

Homegrown Sounds has released Gratis IR, a free sound library for iZotope IRIS. Instruments: 65 Samples: 100 Download Size: 100 MB.

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SonicXTC releases Drum Boxx free VST drum synthesizer        12th July 2014

SonicXTC has released Drum Boxx, free VST drum synthesizer for Windows.

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Glitchmachines releases Exophora free 60 SFX                  11th July 2014

Glitchmachines has released Exophora, a free sfx pack featuring 60 effects by Ian Lambert (Daed). Approximately 150 MB of 24bit 96kHz .wav audio files.

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Rhythm Lab Releases Vintage Pads and Textures - Free      11th July 2014

Rhythm Lab has released vintage pads and textures - Free sample pack in wav format.

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Free VST - CRA-6 Buzzroom synthesizer                           10th July 2014

CRA-6 by Buzzroom, is an efficient polyphonic synth, especially for clean and thick leads.

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Pedro Rodrigues releases Djembuka free sample pack     10th July 2014

Pedro Rodrigues has released Djembuka, a percussion sample library. The sample pack is available for a "pay what you want" price (including free).

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New free Ableton Live Project released by beatmatch.info          09th July 2014

beatmatch.info has released Ableton Live project "808 Grooves" a free collection of 8 pre-produced minimal techno grooves.

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Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 v1.13 beta 2                           08th July 2014

Ichiro Toda has updated the Windows version of free Synth1 to v1.13 beta 2.

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Forward Audio releases fa SampleDelay                             08th July 2014

Forward Audio has released fa SampleDelay, a simple but powerful effect plug-in for applying signal delays.

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VST Zone releases Amplio 2 free EQ                                 08th July 2014

VST Zone has released Amplio 2, a free effect plug-in for Windows.

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Samsara Cycle Sudio releases 8 Bar Vintage Organ free VSTi   07th July 2014

Samsara Cycle Sudio has released 8 Bar Vintage Organ, free VST instrument for Windows.

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Free drum virtual instrument for Mac & Win VST & AU       07th July 2014

Rupture for Mac & PC is a 100% free virtual drum machine developed by dopekitz packed full of high quality, hard hitting, royalty free virtual drum kits.

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Free Sample Pack of Indian instruments and samples           04th July 2014

Crypto Cipher has released Free Sample Pack, a free collection of Indian instruments and samples in NI Kontakt, WAV and REX formats.

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Free Kontakt instrument and free reverb IR's from a Dynacord DRS-78           04th July 2014

Synthmagic has released 7300 synth free Kontakt instrument and large collection of free Impulse responses in Wav format from a Dynacord DRS-78.

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New free elastik soundbank summer 2014 released by Ueberschall                  03rd July 2014

Ueberschall starts the summer with a new free loop library, ready to be used in your production. The demo package contains 678 MB of free sound material: 303 loops and samples taken from 16 different Ueberschall libraries.

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Urban Dubz Music - Free music PR guide for artists                 02nd July 2014

Free Music PR guide for artists, producers, musicians and independent record labels called ‘The Ultimate Music PR Guide. In this guide you will learn the information needed to kick start your music career online and beyond.

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Thomas Mundt updates LoudMax to v1.14                             02nd July 2014

Thomas Mundt has updated LoudMax, free loudness maximizer to version 1.14.

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Mastrcode Music updates DB-Force The Amen Drum Synthesizer to v1.1          01st July 2014

Mastrcode Music has updated DB-Force The Amen Drum Synthesizer for Windows to version 1.1.

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Tokyo Dawn Labs and VOS update SlickEQ to v1.0.2                01st July 2014

Tokyo Dawn Labs and Variety of Sound have updated SlickEQ to version 1.0.2. TDR VOS SlickEQ is a free mixing/mastering equalizer designed for ease of use, musical flexibility and impeccable sound.

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