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News - April 2015


April 2015


Noisebud release Smile free De-harsh VST plugin effect           30th April 2015

Noisebud has released Smile, a free de-harsh VST plugin for Windows based on the Fletcher-Munson curve.

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UX-09 - Free VST virtual analog synthesizer                    30th April 2015

UX-09 - Free VST virtual analog synthesizer.

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Function Loops releases over 1GB of free samples and loops   29th April 2015

Function Loops has released Festival Season 2015, a free sample pack featuring over 1GB of loops and one shots for future house, tropical house, psy-trance and other EDM styles.

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Synth Magic releases Synare Vol 1 and 2 free instrument for NI Kontakt          29th April 2015

Synth Magic has released Synare Vol 1 and 2, a free 3 kit sample collection from a SYNARE 3 analog drum synthesizer released by Star Instruments in the late 70s and early 80s.

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Martin Lüders updates PG-8X free VST synth beta    29th April 2015

Martin Lüders has released a new beta of PG-8X, a free JX-8P inspired synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Sonic Faction releases Whoosh Machine free for Kontakt     28th April 2015

Sonic Faction has released Whoosh Machine free for Native Instruments Kontakt, a sound fx instrument library. Whoosh Machine for NI Kontakt is a free download for a limited time.

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LVC-Audio updates ClipShifter to 2.3.0                         28th April 2015

LVC-Audio has updated ClipShifter (free version) to version 2.3.0. ClipShifter is a wave-shaping audio plugin that functions like a clipping-style limiter.

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Free preset bank for Tyrell N6 plugin synth                          27th April 2015

Shpitz Audio has released Free Preset Bank for Tyrell Nexus 6.

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Resonance Sound releases 1.7GB free loops and samples   24th April 2015

Resonance Sound has released Facebook Sample Pack, a free collection of samples and loops from their commercial releases.

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PoseMotion updates Macrotune MML Editor to v1.1.1    23rd April 2015

PoseMotion has announced that version 1.1.1 of Macrotune, a free Music Macro Language (MML) editor, is now available for Windows and Mac OS X.

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513 free tube drum samples                                     22nd April 2015

Samplephonics has released 513 Free Tube Drum Samples, a free sample pack featuring a collection of 513 tube processed one-shot drum hits.

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Karoryfer Releases Free Blackheart and 272 Merry Orks (WAV|SFZ)                   22nd April 2015

Karoryfer Samples has released two free open source sample libraries: Blackheart and 272 Merry Orks.

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Impact Soundworks releases The Stroh Violin free instrument for Kontakt        21st April 2015

Impact Soundworks has release The Stroh Violin, free instrument for NI Kontakt invented by electrical engineer John Matthias Augustus Stroh.

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Ardour 4.0 free daw for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows beta  20th April 2015

Ardour v4.0 free daw for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows beta.

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Virtual instruments under creative common license           20th April 2015

Virtual instruments under creative common license released by Zzzzra.

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Flo Audio releases Yamaha free G5 guitar amp and Fender Vibro Champ IR sets    20th April 2015

Flo Audio has released new free amp and spring reverb impulse response packs of the Yamaha G5 and Fender Vibro Champ.

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Autodafe releases Acoustic Bass free Kontakt instrument      17th April 2015

Autodafe has released Acoustic Bass for Kontakt, a free set of samples of an acoustic bass, an old Ibanez acoustic.

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Boscomac releases free Inity Delay for Reaktor              17th April 2015

Boscomac has released Inity Delay, a free dub delay ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

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Manx releases Gigmate v2 free VST synth                         16th April 2015

Manx has released of Gigmate v2, a free VST synthesizer for Windows.

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Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.2.0 free VST plugin              16th April 2015

Oxe FM Synth, the free FM synth VST instrument plugin for Windows, has been updated to v1.2.0.

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Noisebud releases Fletchy-Muncher free VST to spot harsh mixes                    15th April 2015

Noisebud has released Fletchy-Muncher, a free VST plugin for Windows designed to spot harsh mixes.

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Midinaut releases MS-01 v2.1 free VST synthesizer       14th April 2015

Midinaut has released MS-01 v2.1, free VST synthesizer for Windows.

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Free presets for Drzewo Swierk free VST synth                   13th April 2015

Dave Smith has put together a stunning, huge bank of free presets for Drzewo Swierk including basses, drones, strings, EFX and much more.

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Alan ViSTa releases Chau Gongs free VST instrument      13th April 2015

Alan ViSTa has released Chau Gongs, a free Audio Unit / VST plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows featuring a sampled Chinese Gong set.

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Tekvision releases Tekvision Samplepack 2 free sample pack  11th April 2015

Tekvision has released Tekvision Samplepack 2, a free collection of one shot samples aimed at Neuro DnB, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Electro.

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Midinaut MFX free multi effect vst plugin v2.3 released   10th April 2015

Midinaut MFX free multi effect vst plugin v2.3 released by Midinaut.

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Plughugger releases Attack808 free sample pack                   08th April 2015

Plughugger has released Attack808, a free sample pack of drum sounds.

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Xenobioz updates Aegis free synth VST plugin to v1.0            06th April 2015

Xenobioz has released version 1.0 of Aegis, a free VST plugin synth for Windows.

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Old German Concertina free instrument for Kontakt 5    06th April 2015

Polkasound Productions has released Old German Concertina, a free Native Instruments Kontakt sound library featuring the sounds of an antique concertina.

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Horn Plans releases MC One free VST compressor            02nd April 2015

Horn Plans has released MC One, a free compressor VST effect plugin (x86) for Windows.

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Bitsonic releases Violent Delay free VST effect              01st April 2015

Bitsonic has released Violent Delay, a free VST plug-in for Windows.

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beatassist.eu updates GanGsta free drum sampler        01st April 2015

beatassist.eu has updated GanGsta, the free drum sampler for Windows 32-bits.

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Shpitz Audio releases free preset bank for Zebralette synth   01st April 2015

Shpitz Audio has released free preset bank for free Zebralette synth.

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