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News - August 2015


August 2015


MusiKernel Team releases MusiKernel v15.09              31st August 2015

MusiKernel Team has announced the v15.09 release of MusiKernel, a music production solution for Linux and Windows featuring a suite of integrated hosts and plugins.

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Epic trailer sounds produced by Generdyn                    31st August 2015

Epic trailer sounds produced by Generdyn (freebie). The Freebie was produced by Australian composer and sound designer Joshua Crispin, better known as Generdyn, who also produced our bestselling Scenes From The Multiverse library.

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Free T.Rex Delay mini for Windows                                  29th August 2015

Max Project has released T.Rex Delay Mini, free VST delay effect for Windows.

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Free professional vocal by Franklin Danger                   29th August 2015

Free professional vocal released by Franklin Danger. Recently I made vocals for what was supposed to be a nice, big track called "Home." I recorded it with my new Manley microphone into an Avalon M5. Subsequently used some outboard gear to make it crisp and ready to drop into a track.

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SampleNinjas releases SN Free Pack 02                   29th August 2015

SampleNinjas has launched SN Free Pack 02, a free loops packs.

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Solcito Musica updates Arido VSTi to v2.1                   28th August 2015

Solcito Musica has updated Arido VSTi to v2.1. This is an important update that solves a problem with the release stage of envelopes. The stand alone (exe) version is for free.

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GBR Loops releases free Edmiere for Kontakt                27th August 2015

GBR Loops has released Edmiere, a free loops library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Free VST - MVX2 Synth                                             27th August 2015

Free VST MVX2 synth for Windows. The basis of all the MVX Series, built with SynC Modular on 1999. 5 oscillators, 2 parallel multimode filters and modulation capabilities to get almost any sound with low CPU usage.

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Free equalizer Ochre "HOMEBREW" Eq                      26th August 2015

Free equalizer Ochre "HOMEBREW" Eq (Win and Mac), an EQ with 3 parametric bands, individually switchable;

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Yamaha Synthesizers Europe releases CS-80 Surge     26th August 2015

Yamaha Synthesizers Europe has released CS-80 Surge, free sample library for Zampler RX.

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Free guitar loops by In Session Audio                         25th August 2015

Next week we will be releasing Lowdown Groove Guitar: a loop library that blends funk, R&B, jazz and rock influences into 500+ licks in the 70-105 BPM range.

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Glitchmachines updates Fracture plugin to v1.2                   25th August 2015

Glitchmachines has released version 1.2 of Fracture, a free buffer effect plug-in geared toward creating robotic artifacts and abstract musical malfunctions.

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Now you can grab FORTE Basic for free                          25th August 2015

Now you can grab FORTE Basic (a $24 value) for free.

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33 free reverse sound fx samples                                  24th August 2015

33 free reverse sound fx samples by released samplephonics. Perfect for risers, builds, tension and sound design, this highly detailed collection of free sound effects is yours to sample, 100% royalty free and cost free!

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Free mastering plugin Code Red Free                                22nd August 2015

Shattered Glass Audio has released Code Red Free, free mastering VST plugin for Windows and Mac.

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SampleRadar releases 346 free spiritual samples      21st August 2015

SampleRadar has released 346 free spiritual samples, divine sounds that will take you to another place.

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All AlgoMusic vst synths are free now                        21st August 2015

All AlgoMusic vst synths are free now. M51 Galaxy VST synth for Windows, based on the modulating system of the M42 Nebula VSTi, and sporting custom modules and hybrid synthesis along with rhythmic algorithmic generators.

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4drX releases MidiKeyswitcher free MIDI VST Plugin      20th August 2015

4drX has released MidiKeySwitcher, a free MIDI VST Plugin for Windows that makes it simple for keyboard players to select and change presets of your favorite synths with a MIDI Channel Map, Program Changes, Bank and Subbank Changes with KeySwitches on your lower keys.

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Da Vinyl Box 263 free hip hop samples and loops    19th August 2015

SampleScience has released Da Vinyl Box, 263 free hip hop samples and loops. The Vinyl Box is a curated collection of sounds taken from the public domain. They range from guitar loops to ethnic instruments and dusty breakbeats.

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J1000 updates all plugins plus DQ65 equalizer announced    19th August 2015

J1000 has announced that it has updated all its free effect plug-ins for Windows, and a new DQ65 dynamic equalizer plug-in has been announced.

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KX77FREE releases Kx-Synth-X16 v5.0e free VST synth     19th August 2015

KX77FREE has released Kx-Synth-X16 v5.0e, free VST plugin synth for Windows.

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Free ATKChorus v1.0.0 and ATKStereoPhaser v1.0.0            18th August 2015

Matthieu Brucher has released ATKChorus v1.0.0 and ATKStereoPhaser v1.0.0, free and open source plugins for Windows and Mac.

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MeldaProduction updates all free plugins to 9.08         17th August 2015

MeldaProduction has updated all free effect plugins and MPowerSynth to 9.08, providing several new features, optimizations, improvements and fixes.

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Free future bass sample pack                                            14th August 2015

Hex Loops has released Future Bass, a free sample pack. Future Bass is a new free sample pack from Hex Loops featuring 4 Future Bass House construction kits filled with crunchy drum hits, FX samples, vocal chops and some nice futuristic basses.

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Ninja Jamm releases free music making app android     13th August 2015

Ninja Tune has released Ninja Jamm for Android, a free, easy-to-use, touch-controlled, four-channel sample-based music-making app designed by Coldcut.

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Noisebud makes Midsider 1.0 free for Windows         12th August 2015

Noisebud has made their plugin Midsider 1.0 available for free. Midsider will give any VST plugin mid/side abilities.

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Matthieu Brucher releases ATKUniversalVariableDelay v1.0.2 and ATKUniversalDelay v1.2.0 free VST effects     12th August 2015

Matthieu Brucher has released ATKUniversalVariableDelay v1.0.2 and ATKUniversalDelay v1.2.0, free VST delay effects for Windows.

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NUSofting releases Anything Mod & Tube Gain Booster AU + Anything Mod 1.01     12th August 2015

NUSofting has announced the release of Anything Mod and Tube Gain Booster in AudioUnit format for Mac.

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Mind Flux releases free techno synth sequence loops    11th August 2015

Techno Synth Sequence Loops features a selection of 10 dark and twisted techno loops that are perfect for giving your techno productions that driving after hours edge.

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Steel String Acoustic Guitar free Kontank instrument        10th August 2015

Steel String Acoustic Guitar free Kontank instrument released by Replika Sound. This is a 16-bit fully functional version with limited note range (Low E1 to G3), no Open chords and only 1 Bar chord type.

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WebSynths mobile-first responsive HTML5 synthesizer    09th August 2015

WebSynths mobile-first, responsive, HTML5 synthesizer released by Mitch Wells. Make it fun and give it away for free to all the musicians in the world.

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LinuxSampler 2.0.0 released                                    07th August 2015

LinuxSampler 2.0.0 (and friends) has been released after six years of development. The LinuxSampler project was founded with the goal to produce a free, streaming capable, open source pure software audio sampler with professional grade features, comparable to both hardware and commercial Windows / Mac OS X software samplers and to introduce new features not yet available by any other sampler in the world.

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Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.2.2 goes 64-bit                         07th August 2015

Oxe FM Synth, the free Windows VST instrument plugin, has been updated to v1.2.2, which sees the release of a 64-bit version.

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Synthetik free virtual instrument for hip hop, urban and pop  06th August 2015

Tru-Urban has released Synthetik, a free virtual instrument (ROMpler) feauring various sounds for hip hop, urban and pop music productions.

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Subscribe for newsletter and get the Modelonia Player for free                        06th August 2015

Subscribe for newsletter and get the Modelonia Player for free. Modelonia is a novel physical-modelling synthesizer which uses a hybrid of two distinct model 'types'-

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Matthieu Brucher releases ATKSideChainExpander v1.01     05th August 2015

Matthieu Brucher has released ATKSideChainExpander v1.01, free stereo expander with a side chain stereo input for Mac OS X (10.8 minimum) and Windows.

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PreSonus releases free Studio One 3 Prime                        05th August 2015

PreSonus has released Studio One 3 Prime, a free, entry-level version of its music recording and production software for Windows and Mac.

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Hex Loops releases EDM Bass Drops free sample pack     04th August 2015

Hex Loops has released EDM Bass Drops, a free sample pack featuring 5 EDM construction kits filled with some hard bass drops samples and loops, presets and more.

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Yamaha DX-1 DX-5 Slap - Free sound pack                   03rd August 2015

Yamaha DX-1 DX-5 Slap free sound pack released by Yamaha Synthesizers Europe. Powerful basses, organs, e-pianos and everything else that defined the sound of the FM legend DX1 and its brother DX5. For free and ready to play with the included Beat workstation Zampler//RX or other SFZ-compatible samplers.

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Karoryfer samples releases Nathan Sheeran Vol 2: Drummer's Paradise           03rd August 2015

Karoryfer samples has released Nathan Sheeran Vol 2: Drummer's Paradise, free collection of drum samples.

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DistoCore releases Disto::Fx version 1.2 free                       03rd August 2015

DistoCore has released Disto::Fx version 1.2, a free distortion VST effect plugin aimed at hard electronic music, as well as guitar tracks and synthlines.

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