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News - December 2015


December 2015


mzuther updates traKmeter to v2.0 for Win and Linux  31st December 2015

mzuther has updated traKmeter to v2.0.0. traKmeter is a free loudness meter for correctly setting up tracking and mixing levels.

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Matt Tytel releases Helm v0.6.0 free VST synth              31st December 2015

Matt Tytel has released Helm v0.6.0, free VST synth for GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

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Soniz Zest releases free Sonic Breaks for NI Kontakt   30th December 2015

Sonic Zest has relased Sonic Breaks, a free NI Kontakt instrument that offers a creative and innovative way of engaging and interacting your with favorite breakbeats.

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Music Studio SunVox 1.9.1 BETA is ready for testing       30th December 2015

Music Studio SunVox 1.9.1 BETA is ready for testing.

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Digital Suburban releases Dexed v0.9.1 Beta free VST synth  29th December 2015

Digital Suburban has released Dexed v0.9.1 Beta, free VST synth for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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music-society presents Radon V2 free VST synth      28th December 2015

music-society presents Radon V2 2015 by Mira-Katharina, free VST synth for Windows.

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Free equalizer Jayqualizer 8-Band-eq                           26th December 2015

Free equalizer Jayqualizer 8-Band-eq released by Dancelab.

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Free audio editor ocenaudio version 3.0.4                     25th December 2015

Free audio editor ocenaudio version 3.0.4 released.

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Free Ebow Instrument for Kontakt                             25th December 2015

Free Ebow Instrument for Kontakt released by Orange Tree Samples.

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Free VST synth T.REX CARMA                                        24th December 2015

Free VST synth T.REX CARMA released by Max Project and CPS.

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HY-Plugins releases free VST HY-Delay for Windows    24th December 2015

HY-Plugins has released HY-Delay, free VST delay effect with bit converter for Windows.

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Neuenberger updates JellyFilter for Windows VST to v3.8 24th December 2015

Neuenberger has updated JellyFilter, a free VST instrument synth plugin for Windows to v3.8.

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u-he releases Protoverb free VST/AU reverb plug-in   23rd December 2015

U-he has released Protoverb, free VST/AU reverb plug-in effect. Protoverb is an experimental reverb based on the idea of a "room simulator".

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Voxengo releases Boogex v2.1 free guitar amplifier plugin 23rd December 2015

Voxengo is happy to announce the release of version 2.1 of its Boogex plugin - a free guitar amplifier and cabinet simulation AU and VST plugin for professional music production applications.

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Black Rooster updates The Canary to v1.0.2        23rd December 2015

Black Rooster Audio has announced that its free enhancer plugin The Canary has undergone some tweaking and bug-fixing and will now run more stable, especially for those who had issues on AU and regarding the activation process.

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Planet Botch releases free The Ensembletron string synth 22nd December 2015

Bob Leggitt of Planet Botch has released The Ensembletron, a free string synthesizer plugin for Windows.

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Mzuther releases K-Meter v2.2.0                                   22nd December 2015

Mzuther has released K-Meter v2.2.0, free implementation of a K-System meter according to Bob Katz' specifications.

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Sbaudio releases Qontrolr free control plug-in                22nd December 2015

Sbaudio has released Qontrolr, free control plug-in for Windows both 64 and 32 bit VST/VST3 technology.

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Noizefield releases Exotic free VST synth                21st December 2015

Noizefield has released Exotic, free VST synth for Windows.

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Boxed Ear releases free R-8 MkII sample pack                21st December 2015

Boxed Ear has released R-8 MkII, a free sample pack made with the classic Roland R-8 MkII drum machine.

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Noisebud releases Burt v2.0 free VST synth            18th December 2015

Noisebud has released Burt v2.0, free VST synth for Windows. Both free and donate-version.

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Funk guitar loops and riffs                                               17th December 2015

Funk guitar loops and riffs released by Orange Free Sounds. Licensing Terms: Free for Commercial Use.

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Roland releases Free TR-REC GAME app features rhythm programming used in the TR-808 and TR-8            16th December 2015

Roland has released TR-REC GAME, free app for smartphones and tablets that incorporates the rhythm programming used in Roland's TR-808 and TR-8 rhythm machines.

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Mogo VST synth is now free                                        15th December 2015

Mogo VST synth (32 bit and 64 bit using jBridge) is now free.

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Syntler releases Bonch-Bruevich Tube v1.5 free        14th December 2015

Syntler has released Bonch-Bruevich Tube v1.5, free VST plugin for Windows.

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Perez Karjee releases Awesome Kicker free VSTi/AU   14th December 2015

Perez Karjee has released Awesome Kicker, free kick drum/drum machine VSTi/AU plugin.

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464 free sci-fi samples                                                       11th December 2015

464 free sci-fi samples released by SampleRadar.

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Little MicroShift - massive vocal stereo width pay what you wish                      11th December 2015

Little MicroShift - massive vocal stereo width pay what you wish. Classic studio trick with classic studio sound.

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rncbc.org announces Qtractor v0.7.2 for Linux          11th December 2015

rncbc.org has just announced the beta release of Qtractor v0.7.2, code-named "Tacky Gluon".

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Audiomodern releases Sync 3 LE free for Kontakt            10th December 2015

Audiomodern has released Sync 3 LE, a free lite edition of Sync 3 Intelligent Polyrhythms.

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LVC-Audio updates ClipShifter to v2.3.3                        10th December 2015

LVC-Audio has updated ClipShifter to version 2.3.3, wave-shaping clipping-style limiter for Win and Mac.

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Audiffe MultiCabinet and Multi Drive Pedal pay what you want                             10th December 2015

Audiffe MultiCabinet and Multi Drive Pedal pay what you want.

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Free Beat Assembler for Kontakt                                      09th December 2015

Free Beat Assembler for Kontakt released by Fairly Confusing Waveforms.

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Vasily Makarov releases Marazmator v2.1 free VST synth 08th December 2015

Vasily Makarov has released Marazmator v2.1, free VST synth for Windows.

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Free Production Loops featuring DM-307 & AEON Collection                            08th December 2015

Free Production Loops featuring DM-307 & AEON Collection released by Heavyocity Media.

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Royotoms free VST plugin by Alan ViSTa                    07th December 2015

Royotoms free VST plugin released by Alan ViSTa.

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Vandalism Sounds releases Xmas Free Pack          07th December 2015

Vandalism Sounds has released Xmas Free Pack, free sounds & samples library, ready to be used in your productions.

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Cableguys releases PanCake version 2.3                    07th December 2015

Cableguys has released PanCake version 2.3, free plugin that allows you to create most flexible panning modulations.

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DistoCore releases Disto::Fx free to v1.3.0            05th December 2015

DistoCore has released Disto::Fx  v1.3.0, free Mac and Windows host based distortion effect.

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More than 500 premium sound effects for free            05th December 2015

More than 500 premium sound effects for free released by a sound effect.

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Free audio editor ocenaudio v3.0                      04th December 2015

Free audio editor ocenaudio v3.0 released.

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Function Loops releases free End of Year sample pack    04th December 2015

Function Loops has released End of Year sample pack, a 250MB collection of loops, samples, presets and more.

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Tommy Bradly releases free Acousmatic Samples          03rd December 2015

Tommy Bradly has released Acousmatic Samples, free samples with the ultimate aim to compose an ‘electroacoustic’ piece.

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Music notation software MuseScore  - new features in the nightly builds           03rd December 2015

Music notation software MuseScore new features in the nightly builds.

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Transcribe audio to text - Express Scribe Free           03rd December 2015

Transcribe audio to text Express Scribe Free. The free version supports common audio formats, including wav, mp3, wma and dct. Download the free version of Express Scribe here.

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Virtual Instrument Mildon Strummer 3 now free          02nd December 2015

Virtual Instrument Mildon Strummer 3 now free.

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Online drum machine ordrumbox updated to v0.9.20    01st December 2015

Online drum machine ordrumbox has updated to v0.9.20.

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Text to speech - Free today                                              01st December 2015

Text to speech - free today. Aplus Text to Speech helps to read text content from files of any format.

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