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News - February 2015


February 2015


Free MFB Tanzbar drum samples                               28th February 2015

Wave Alchemy has released pack of free MFB Tanzbar drum samples.

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Free visual sample mapping tool for Windows               27th February 2015

Mildon has released SFZ Designer, a free visual sample mapping tool optimized for multiple velocity and round-robin layers.

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Cableguys updates free PanCake VST effect to v2.2.2      26th February 2015

Cableguys has updates PanCake, free VST effect plug-in that allows you to create flexible panning modulation to v2.2.2.

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Free equalizer "10-Band 60's style console EQ Clone"     26th February 2015

Free equalizer "10-Band 60's style console EQ Clone" released by Samsara Cycle Audio. Place the Samsara_10-Band.dll files into the folder where your VST host application is looking for VST plug-ins.

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Bob Perry Audio releases Bob Perru Gate free VST plug-in  25th February 2015

Bob Perry Audio has released Bob Perry Gate, a free effect plug-in for Windows.

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EX-EQ enhanced EQ VST free                                 24th February 2015

EX-EQ and EX-EQ II enhanced EQ VST plugins free released by Samsara Cycle Audio.

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Bitsonic releases Violent Transient free VST effect    24th February 2015

Bitsonic has released Violent Transient, a free VST plug-in for Windows that can change the transient of your audio track.

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Tabla Indian drum instrument free                                     24th February 2015

Tabla Indian drum instrument VSTi free released by Samsara Cycle Audio.

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Free Kontakt analogue snare from Rhythmic Robot              23rd February 2015

Rhythmic Robot has released PanaRhythm, a free snare drum instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Terry West releases DeHarsh free VST effect       22nd February 2015

Terry West released DeHarsh v1.0, a free VST effect plugin for Windows which removes unpleasant frequencies from your mixes and seperate instrument tracks.

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Metronome app free for Android                                    22nd February 2015

Metronome app free for Android "Real Metronome Free" v1.2.1. released by Gismart. Brand new metronome - very simple and pleasant to use. It includes two types of metronomes: classical and digital.

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Alex Hilton updates free A1StereoControl plugin to v1.1  21st February 2015

Alex Hilton has updates A1StereoControl to v1.1, which includes new support for AAX and RTAS plugin formats.

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iZotope Vinyl VST plugin free                               21st February 2015

iZotope Vinyl VST plugin free, authentic lo-fi vinyl simulation for Pro Tools, VST, MAS, Audio Unit, and DirectX audio applications.

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Chokehold releases Clipmax free brickwall audio clipper  20th February 2015

Chokehold has released Clipmax, a free hard/ brickwall audio clipper effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. Available as native 32/64-bit AU/VST2/VST3 plugin. Runs on OSX 10.7 or newer and Windows 7 or newer.

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Solcito Musica releases Crio 2.0 free VST synth                18th February 2015

Solcito Musica has announced the release of version 2.0 of Crio, a free virtual synth VST instrument plugin for Windows.

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Orange Free Sounds releases free bass loops                  17th February 2015

Orange Free Sounds has released "bass loops", free bass loops sound pack in WAV format created with various electronic instruments. Although Sound Pack is titled "Bass Loops", more precise would be "Electronic Bass Loops", regarding the fact that whole material was recorded with electronic instruments.

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Xenobioz releases Aegis free VST synth               17th February 2015

Xenobioz has released Aegis, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows. Aegis is inspired by the old Amiga 500 softsynth Sonix by Aegis. It's main features are the Drawable Oscillator and LFO waveforms and a special type of Phase Distortion.

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300 free undercover samples                                  13th February 2015

MusicRadar has released 300 free Undercover samples, a collection of suspenseful, spy movie-friendly undercover sounds.

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Free presets for free bass synth Genobazz 2                   13th February 2015

tekit-audio has released "hypnagogia expansion free", bank of 27 presets for free bass synth Genobazz 2 crafted by Goran Mrganic a Goa and Psychedelic Trance producer.

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Cinematique Instruments releases free Sägezahn 2015  13th February 2015

Cinematique Instruments has released Sägezahn free sawtooth synthesizer for Kontakt by Native Instruments.

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CodeFN42 updates VeloScaler to v1.02                         12th February 2015

CodeFN42 has updated VeloScaler to v1.02, free VST plugin for controlling and modifying the velocity value of incoming MIDI notes.

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Converse releases Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library12th February 2015

Converse has released the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library, free growing collection of audio samples recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks studios.

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JNIZ updated to v2.3                                                     12th February 2015

Jniz v2.3 free software designed for musicians for windows 32/64 bits, Linux and OS X is available now.

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Kickers free kick drum samples                          11th February 2015

AntiSample has released Kickers, a collection of 30 free kick drum samples designed from various analog synthesizers.

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Voxengo Stereo Touch updated to v 2.7                            11th February 2015

Voxengo has updated free Stereo Touch plugin to v2.7. This professional audio AU and VST plugin implements a classic technique of transforming a monophonic track into spacious stereophonic track by means of mid/side coding technique.

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Voxengo MSED updated to v 2.8                                     10th February 2015

Voxengo has updated free MSED plugin to v2.8. MSED is a professional audio encoder-decoder AU and VST plugin for mid-side processing which is able to encode (split) the incoming stereo signal into two components.

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noizefield releases VACS free VST synth                         09th February 2015

noizefield has released VACS, free VST plugin synth for Windows. It‘s a modern softsynth, based on subtractive synthesis for EDM, House, Dance, Trance, Dub, Trap and other styles of electronic music. VACS is split up in to various sections on two different pages.

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CFA-Sound releases SUPER-7 free VST synth plugin        08th February 2015

CFA-Sound is celebrating its 7th anniversary with the release of SUPER-7, a free supersaw synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

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300 free trap samples                                               08th February 2015

MusicRadar has released 300 free trap samples, inspired by the beatmakers of Southern rap.

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Ricardo F. Gomes releases Cybermath free VST synth     08th February 2015

Ricardo F. Gomes has released a free beta of Cybermath, a wavetable synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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Noizefield releases free VST synth 4 Tune            06th February 2015

Noizefield has released 4 Tune, free VST plugin synthesizer for Windows.

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CodeFN42 releases Cales for Windows                     06th February 2015

CodeFN42 has released Cales, a free VST MIDI plugin for Windows that allows a user to map a keyboard's keys to a musical scale.

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Kick drum "Dark VX Kick" free virtual instrument          05th February 2015

Kick drum "Dark VX Kick" free virtual instrument released by Chokehold. Available formats: VST2 on Windows and VST2/AU on OSX, 32/64-bit on both.

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Free mastering compressor VST plugin Infinity            04th February 2015

Free mastering compressor VST plugin Infinity released by Frederick Alonso.

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5 free bell instruments for Kontakt                        03rd February 2015

loops de la creme has released Free Bell Instruments, a collection of 5 NI Kontakt bell instruments.

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Free music production software for Linux MusiKernel     02nd February 2015

MusiKernel Team has announced the 15.02 release of MusiKernel, a complete audio production solution featuring a suite of integrated hosts and plugins.

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Tomy DeClerque releases free sample pack           02nd February 2015

Tomy DeClerque has released free sample pack, featuring a collection of drums and cymbals recorded in collaboration with Dave Morgan.

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