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News - June 2015


June 2015


Yamaha CS-40M - Free sound pack                                             30th June 2015

Yamaha CS-40M free sound pack released by Yamaha Synthesizers Europe. The full package of analog leads and bass sounds, from classic personally. 380 mb Best of Yamaha CS-40M.

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MaxSynth releases PAL-9000 free VST synth                           30th June 2015

MaxSynth has released PAL-9000, a free VST noise synth for Windows.

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Togu Audio Line releases free TAL-Reverb-4 free VST plugin  30th June 2015

Togu Audio Line has released TAL-Reverb-4, a free VST effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Audio production software MusiKernel v15.07 for Linux and Windows           30th June 2015

Audio production software MusiKernel v15.07 (free and open source) for Linux and Windows released by MusiKernel Team.

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Free preset bank for free Alpha 3                                             30th June 2015

Shpitz Audio has released 51 Free Presets for Free Alpha 3, free VST plugin synth.

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The Audio Helper Project releases free audio player for Mac   30th June 2015

The Audio Helper Project has released the Easy REX Player for Mac OS X, a free simple REX player.

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Free music maker SunVox v1.9 beta1                                       28th June 2015

Free music maker SunVox v1.9 beta1 is ready for testing.

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ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v4.8.0        28th June 2015

ExperimentalScene has updated DarkWave Studio to v4.8.0. DarkWave Studio is a free Digital Audio Workstation for Windows.

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Max Project releases T. Rex delay free VST delay               26th June 2015

Max Project has released T. Rex delay, free VST delay effect for Windows. T-Rex Delay v1.01 is a tempo synchronizable delay.

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Max Project releases T. Rex Bass free VST synth              26th June 2015

Max Project has released T. Rex Bass, free VST synth for Windows.

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Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKStereCompressor v1.0.0  26th June 2015

Matthieu Brucher has released ATKSteroCompressor, a free and Open Source dual channel compressor plug-in for 64-bit Mac OS X (10.8 minimum) and Windows (32 and 64-bit) in VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in formats.

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Freesound bundle v0.91 beta for Mac VST & AU          26th June 2015

Soundhack has released Freesound Bundle v0.91 Beta for Mac VST & AU. Freesound Bundle is free.

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Compressor Plugin Free Until July 22nd                                 25th June 2015

Compressor plugin free until July 22nd. The bx_opto Pedal is a slimmed-down version of the bx_opto. It provides a great way to get that charismatic compression of the bx_opto with a simpler interface, lower price tag, and guitar pedal feel.

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Virtual Analogy updates Paraphrasis on Mac to v1.0.3       25th June 2015

Virtual Analogy has updated Paraphrasis, an open source spectral resynthesis synthesizer to version 1.0.3.

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ufxmedia updates uFXloops Composer Studio for Android to v2.0.1                 23rd June 2015

ufxmedia has announced that uFXloops, its mobile composer studio for Android, has been updated to v2.0.1 and is available now on Google Play. Get it on Google Play for free.

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PechenegFX releases AutoSwell Light free automatic volume effect                 22nd June 2015

PechenegFX has released AutoSwell Light, free automatic volume swell effect triggered by the input signal.

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Analogue Mini - Free VST synth                                           22nd June 2015

Analogue Mini - Free VST synth.

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Free exciter plugin for Windows and Mac                            21st June 2015

Fine Cut Bodies has released La Petite Excite, a free exciter plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Seven Phases updates Spectrum Analyzer to v1.09 beta         20th June 2015

Seven Phases has updated Spectrum Analyzer to v1.09-beta for Windows. Spectrum Analyzer is a free real-time spectrum analysis VST plugin.

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Free cinematic Kontakt library                                              20th June 2015

CinematicProd / Stefano Maccarelli has released Clara's Vocal, a Kontakt library of phrases and vocal sequences adaptable to the BPM of your session.

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Free audio editor "Hi-Res Editor"                                             19th June 2015

Free audio editor "Hi-Res Editor" released by Tascam.

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BSerrano updates Orpheus to v1.1 for Windows                      19th June 2015

BSerrano has updated Orpheus to version 1.1, free VST synth for Windows.

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Alex Hilton releases free A1TriggerGate for Mac and Windows 19th June 2015

Alex Hilton has released A1TriggerGate, a free VST plug-in for Mac and Windows.

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ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v4.7.0     19th June 2015

ExperimentalScene has updated DarkWave Studio to v4.7.0, free virtual studio for Windows.

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ToyPiano free instrument for Kontakt                                     18th June 2015

Particular-Sound has released ToyPiano, a free instrument for Kontakt. Particular-Sound took a children's toy piano keyboard with 7 instruments and 1 drum kit and deeply sampled, looped and sliced everything.

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Free sample pack - Loops, Oneshots, MIDI files, Presets       18th June 2015

Function Loops has released a new free sample pack, featuring 175 loops, one-shots, MIDI files and presets.

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Boss drum machine BOSS DR-110 free Library for Kontakt 17th June 2015

Boss drum machine BOSS DR-110 free Library for Kontakt released by synth.in.

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TSE Audio updates TSE BOD free VST bass processing to v2.1.0 17th June 2015

TSE Audio has released version 2.1.0 of TSE BOD, a free bass overdrive effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Pecheneg Tremolo for Mac OS X VST & AU                       16th June 2015

PechenegFX has announced that Pecheneg Tremolo is now available for Mac OS X in Audio Unit and VST effect plugin formats. Pecheneg Tremolo is free.

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Vocal Morphs free sample pack                                                16th June 2015

Rast Sound has released Vocal Morphs, free sample pack. Vocal Morphs is a free library of morphed-processed vocal samples & instruments inspired from various electronica artists (burial, fka twigs, etc.)

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Free drum machine for iPad                                              15th June 2015

Free drum machine for iPad released by Vibrant Digital Engineering.

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Free MIDI Loops "Urban Vibes" by ProducersHot              14th June 2015

Free MIDI Loops "Urban Vibes" released by ProducersHot. Urban Vibes Free MIDI Loops is a free pack featuring a collection of 66 MIDI loops aimed at urban music styles.

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Boscomac releases Lamellae & Epinette for Reaktor    14th June 2015

Boscomac has released Lamellae and Epinette, two free instrument ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor.

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Free drum kits released by Marco Scherer                                 12th June 2015

Free drum kits released by Marco Scherer, 5 , a collection containing 5 kits for aggressive music styles.

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Calgar C Instruments releases Acid Man free VST synth      11th June 2015

Calgar C Instruments has released Acid Man, free VST plugin synth for Windows.

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rfmusic updates rf Destroyer free multi-FX to v1.1               11th June 2015

rfmusic has updated rf Destroyer to v1.1, a free Multi-FX VST plugin for Windows.

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Orange Free Sounds releases Farm Animal Sounds         10th June 2015

Orange Free Sounds has released Farm Animal Sounds, free Sound Pack in WAV format.

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Noizefield releases VACS2 free virtual analog club synth     09th June 2015

Noizefield has released VACS2, a free virtual analog club VST synth for Windows aimed at modern dance music productions.

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Fairly Confusing Waveforms releases Soniocipher free instrument for Kontakt   09th June 2015

Fairly Confusing Waveforms has released Soniocipher, a free instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Free snare drum AU & VST plug-in for Mac and Win                   09th June 2015

Free snare drum AU & VST plug-in for Mac and Win released by vst4free.

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BlauKraut Engineering releases Charlatan 2.0 free VST synth   08th June 2015

BlauKraut Engineering has announced the release of version 2.0 of Charlatan for Windows. This is a major overhaul of the popular freeware soft synth.

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Xenobioz releases Lynx free VST synth                              07th June 2015

Xenobioz has released first beta version of its Lynx, a free VST subtractive synth for Windows.

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Musicradar releases 456 free great outdoors samples   07th June 2015

MusicRadar has released 456 free great outdoors samples, a new collection of samples previously featured on Computer Music magazine’s cover DVD.

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Free String-machine synth for Windows                          05th June 2015

BSerrano has released Orpheus, a free string-machine synth for Windows.

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Tek’it Audio updates 8kut frequency cutter VST effect to v2.0   05th June 2015

Tek’it Audio has released version 2.0 of 8kut, a free frequency cutter effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Tor-Helge Skei releases fx_cutter free VST effect           03rd June 2015

Tor-Helge Skei has released fx_cutter, a free loop slicer/buffer FSU VST effect plug-in for Windows.

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Biome Digital - New website, audio services and free samples 02nd June 2015

Biome Digital has rebuilt their website offering new Audio Services and Music for Licensing in addition totheir Pro Audio Sample Packs.

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Solcito Musica releases Arido v2.0 free standalone synth       02nd June 2015

Solcito Musica has released Arido v2.0, free standalone virtual additive synth for Windows.

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Noisebud releases HaasPan and pHaasE                              01st June 2015

Noisebud has released two free psycho-acoustic VST plugins based on the Haas effect.

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Samplefino releases free analog drum samples       01st June 2015

Samplefino has released free sound library featuring 60 one-shot drum samples in 24-bit WAV format.

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Flintpope releases 64 LOOPS free sample pack           01st June 2015

Flintpope has released 64 LOOPS, a free sample pack of drum loops for any system.

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Free Pastabass and Space Kitchen sample libraries        01st June 2015

Karoryfer Samples has release two free sample libraries, Pastabass and Nathan Sheeran Vol 1: Spaceship Kitchen to celebrate its first anniversary.

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