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News - March 2015


March 2015


Audio Assault releases Defacer free VST effect for Win & Mac  31st March 2015

Audio Assault has released the free Defacer audio mangling plug-in for AU/VST/VST3/AAX & RTAS for Windows & OS X.

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Noizefield releases ClubVoltage free VST synth                     30th March 2015

Noizefield has released ClubVoltage, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

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MuseScore v2.0 released                                                 29th March 2015

MuseScore v2.0 released - free music composition and notation software.

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449 free reversed samples                                                 28th March 2015

MusicRadar has released 449 free reversed samples, a new collection of reversed loops including basses, guitars, rhythmic patterns and more.

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8 bit synth P/Nes Lo-Fi Monster                                           27th March 2015

8 bit synth P/Nes Lo-Fi monster released by JMT Musical Tools. The P/Nes 8-Bit Monster is a synthesizer, or a Nintendorgan, inspired by the 2A03 chip used in the Nes sound architecture. And did I mention its free.

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Zap free AU synth plugin for Mac OS X                                    26th March 2015

Sinevibes has released Zap, a mini-synth Audio Unit plugin for Mac OS X controlled by incoming audio.

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Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar M Lite II (free)     26th March 2015

Ample Sound has released Ample Guitar M Lite II, a free “lite” version of the AGM II virtual Martin D-41 acoustic guitar instrument.

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Apex Audio Technologies releases Haa5 free stereo control     26th March 2015

Apex Audio Technologies has released Haa5, free VST/ AU effect plugin which uses psycho-acoustic delay lines to create a precise and natural stereo image.

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Orange Free Sounds releases "rain sounds" free sound pack 24th March 2015

Orange Free Sounds has released "rain sounds", free sounds in WAV format. Rain sound has positive effects on human mind. Soothing sounds of rain are very relaxing and helps you to calm down when nervous or stressed in any way.

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Karoryfer releases free Meatbass bouble bass sample library 23rd March 2015

Karoryfer Samples has released Meatbass, a free open source sample library of a 1958 Otto Rubner double bass.

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CodeFN42 updates RandARP for Windows to v1.20       20th March 2015

CodeFN42 has updated RandARP, a free arpeggiator with various randomization features, to version 1.20.

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Free online drum machine for your web browser         19th March 2015

HTML 5 Drum Machine Emulator – a new browser-based drum machine, described as a ‘the most advanced in-browser drum machine available’.

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Tek'it Audio updates Genobazz R free bass synth to v1.3    18th March 2015

Tek'it Audio has updated Genobazz R, the bass synthesizer plug-in synthesizer, to version 1.3.

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Audio Assault updates free Klipfreak plugin to v1.0.1      17th March 2015

Audio Assault has updated KlipFreak to version 1.0.1. You can download KlipFreak for VST/VST3/AU/RTAS/AAX for Windows and Mac OS X for free.

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Noisebud releases Evouyn v1.0 free VST Metering         17th March 2015

Noisebud has released Evouyn v1.0, a "low end measuring VST plugin for Windows with the aim to make essential low end mix and mastering decisions easier".

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StudioLinkedVST releases Drum Pro free VST drum machine 16th March 2015

StudioLinkedVST has released Drum Pro, a free VST drum machine instrument for Windows and Mac. DRUM PRO comes with 20 drum kits and 9 vintage drum machine sounds (including the famous TR-808 and TR-909).

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HOFA plugins updates 4U Meter, Fader & MS-Pan to v2.0        16th March 2015

HOFA Plugins has released version 2.0 of 4U Meter, Fader & MS-Pan, a free effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Chord Generator tonespace updated to v2.5.544       16th March 2015

Chord Generator tonespace updated to v2.5.544 by mucoder. The biggest news of course is 64-bit support on all platforms. tonespace is freeware.

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216 free guitar drone samples                                           13th March 2015

MusicRadar has released 216 free guitar drone samples, created with a range of guitars, amps, pedals and other outboard and software processors.

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Mastrcode Music updates DB-Force The Amen to v1.22     13th March 2015

Mastrcode Music has updated DB-Force The Amen to version 1.22. The Amen is the legendary "Amen Break", packed in a powerful VST Plug-in. DB-Force The Amen is free.

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Neil Paddock releases free ESQ-1 Cassette Part 2      13th March 2015

Bedroom Producers Blog has released ESQ-1 Cassette Part 2 – Patches 12-22, a new addition to the ongoing series of free Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer sample libraries by Neil Paddock for Native Instruments Kontakt and SFZ.

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killapluggies - free virtual synthesizers and effects            12th March 2015

killapluggies are free virtual synthesizers and effects emulations for VST hosts compatible with pc windows.

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GrooveExtractor automatic drum loops transcription                11th March 2015

AudioGaming has announced a public beta of GrooveExtractor. Groove Extractor transcribes a drum loop recording into five components: bass drum, snare drum, close hihat, open hihat/cymbal and tom-toms.

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Free electric piano for Ableton                                          10th March 2015

Critical Vibrations has released Wurl’d Peace, a free Wurlitzer instrument for Ableton Live.

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SampleScience releases Thales Model I synth (free version) 09th March 2015

SampleScience released Thales Model I, a vintage computer sound module instrument plugin for Windows and Mac.

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DistoCore releases free DC Bassdrum Murda v1.4      09th March 2015

DistoCore has released DC Bassdrum Murda 1.4, a free bassdrum/kickdrum generator for Windows.

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Noizefield releases Total Textures Vol.2                          09th March 2015

Noizefield has launched Total Textures Vol.2, a free sample pack. Here you’ll find the complete, exclusive soundcollection atmo- and texturcollection „Total Textures 2“ for free.

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Mildon updates free visual sample mapping tool SFZ Designer to v0.24 Beta      09th March 2015

Mildon has updated SFZ Designer to version 0.24 Beta. SFZ Designer is a free visual sample mapping tool optimized for multiple velocity and round-robin layers.

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Mask Movement Samples releases free loops pack          06th March 2015

Mask Movement Samples has launched a free sample pack featuring loops by Maksym “Histibe” Aliekseienko.

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CodeFN42 releases Chordz free VST Plug-in                 06th March 2015

CodeFN42 has released Chordz, a free plug-in for Windows that allows a user to trigger full chords by playing single notes.

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Mind Flux releases minimal techno tops free loops    06th March 2015

Mind Flux has released Minimal Techno Tops, a free collection of top loops.

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VST Buzz offers free download of Prodyon Shortnoise             04th March 2015

Shortnoise is a unique and inspiring electronic sample library with a huge 6GB of content and over 300 Kontakt instruments to choose from.

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FreeG free compressor limiter VST plugin             04th March 2015

FreeG free compressor / limiter VST plugin from Sonalksis.

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Alan ViSTa releases Thai Gongs                           04th March 2015

Alan ViSTa has released Thai Gongs, a free VST/ AU chromatic gongs instrument for Windows and Mac.

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beatassist.eu releases LFOX free sweep effect           03rd March 2015

beatassist.eu has released LFOX, free Woobling and Sweep effect for Windows 32-bit.

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363 free alarm and siren samples                                 02nd March 2015

MusicRadar has released 363 free alarm and siren samples, a collection previously featured on Future Music magazine’s cover DVD.

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MusiKernel Team releases MusiKernel v15.03 for Linux    02nd March 2015

The MusiKernel team has released MusiKernel v15.03, a complete audio production solution featuring a suite of integrated hosts and plugins.

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