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News - November 2015


November 2015


Rave Generator free VST 90′s stab synth                  30th November 2015

Rave Generator free VST 90′s stab synth released by Blogosaur.

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Soundtoys little alterboy pitch shifter, vocoder, fx for free 27th November 2015

Pitch and formant shifting and hard-tuned robot effects for transforming vocals.

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Soundsystem Brabant releases Thesis free VST delay      27th November 2015

Soundsystem Brabant has released Thesis, free VST delay for Windows.

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Native instruments free download                            27th November 2015

Download free instruments and free effects. Compatible with all plugin formats – VST / AAX / Audio Units.

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Solcito Musica updates Arido free standalone synth to v3.1                                   27th November 2015

Solcito Musica has updated Arido, its virtual additive synthesizer for Windows, to v3.1, which brings improvements, new features, redesigned modules and more friendly user interface.

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WAHNbeat Urban Rompler PC VSTi free           26th November 2015

Wahnbeat Urban Rompler pc VSTi free released by DUBturbo.

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Free Stylss sample pack volume two                      26th November 2015

Free Stylss sample pack volume two.

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Roland TR-606 rompler (VST/AU)                                    25th November 2015

Max Project has released T.Rex 606 v1.01, free Roland TR-606 rompler (VST/AU).

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Free mastering software EQTurbo                                  25th November 2015

Free mastering software EQTurbo released by DUBturbo.

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Tokyo Dawn Labs updates TDR Nova to v1.0.5      24th November 2015

Tokyo Dawn Labs has released version 1.0.5 of its TDR Nova equalizer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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Tap for bpm - Tap! MIDI VST effect plug-in          24th November 2015

Tap for bpm - Tap! Free MIDI VST effect plug-in.

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408 free layering samples                                          23rd November 2015

408 free layering samples released by SampleRadar.

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Open Labs releases free mobile music studio bundle  23rd November 2015

Open Labs has partnered with BitTorrent Bundle and artist Michael Bernard Fitzgerald to offer an expansive bundle of music creation software, including drum kit and audio loop samples, songs, and an exclusive first look at Michael’s new video for his song “I Want To Make It With You.”

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Vocal Remover ToneBytes GLS                                   23rd November 2015

Vocal Remover ToneBytes GLS - how to remove vocals from a song?

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Maxsynths - All VST instruments and effects are now available as freeware/donationware   20th November 2015

Maxsynths - All VST instruments and effects are now available as freeware/donationware.

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Tokyo Dawn Records releases TDR Nova free VST/AU equalizer                         18th November 2015

Tokyo Dawn Records has released TDR Nova, free VST/AU dynamic equalizer.

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Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.4                            18th November 2015

Oxe Software has updated Oxe FM Synth to v1.3.4. They have now implemented the GUI using OpenGL in an effort to make the drawing strategy portable, and sharing the same code base.

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DUBTurbo releases Romploid free VST synth         17th November 2015

DUBTurbo has released Romploid PC, free VST synth.

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Free NI Kontakt piano Instrument                                   16th November 2015

Introducing a unique free NI Kontakt piano Instrument by Mkhitaryan Production and Sample Modern.

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SAMPQUAD 4x Sampler VSTi PC 32bit is free now   16th November 2015

SAMPQUAD 4x Sampler VSTi PC 32bit released by DUBturbo is free now.

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ASIO4ALL version 2.13 released                                 16th November 2015

ASIO4ALL version 2.13 released. Minor update. Now Windows 10 is officially supported, even though it has been working all along.

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kiloHearts releases kHs Essentials free effects        16th November 2015

kiloHearts has released kHs Essentials, free VST/AU plugin effects for Windows and Mac.

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Free Drum Kits Trinity v1.0                                       16th November 2015

Free Drum Kits Trinity Drum kits V1.0 released by F9 audio.

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Karoryfer releases Weresax free Saxophon for Sforzando 13th November 2015

Karoryfer Samples has released Weresax, a free saxophone instrument for Sforzando and wav.

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Legowelt releases free JV2080 synthesizer sample pack  13th November 2015

Legowelt has released free sample pack featuring 322 samples from the JV2080 synthesizer by Roland.

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Free piano VSTi/AU plugin                                        12th November 2015

Free piano VSTi/AU plugin released by Perez Karjee. Awesome Piano is a free piano VSTi/AU plugin that can be used with any DAWs that supports VST/AU such as ableton live, logic pro, fl studio, etc.

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Soundlib updates free Studio to v1.1                    12th November 2015

Soundlib has released Studio 1.1, a free software pack designed to help musicians in their work. Studio 1.1 includes two software utilities: AudioExplorer and MidiTest.

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Free drum samples released by cymatics                        11th November 2015

Free drum samples released by cymatics.

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Free piano sample library for sforzando                   10th November 2015

Production Voices is offering its newsletter subscribers Estate Grand LE for sforzando, a free grand piano library based off the 11 GB Estate Grand for sforzando.

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Matthieu Brucher updates free ATKSideChainCompressor and ATKSideChainExpander to v2.0.0  10th November 2015

Matthieu Brucher has announced the update of ATKSidechainCompressor, his dual channel compressor plug-in, and ATKSideChainExpander, his dual channel expander plug-in, for 64-bit Mac OS X (10.8 minimum) and Windows (32 and 64-bit) in VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in formats.

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bigcat instruments releases free Kontakt analog synth    09th November 2015

bigcat instruments has released a free Kontakt sampled analog synth. Richard Taylor sampled many analog synths and released the results into the Public Domain. bigcat instruments has started turning them into Kontakt instruments. Thanks to scripts and GUI from Mickaël Ménager, each synth will feature effects such as distortion and compression along with built in amp simulation.

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GrandOrgue v0.3.1 released free virtual pipe organ      09th November 2015

GrandOrgue v0.3.1 released, free open source virtual pipe organ software available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

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Green Oak Crystal free VST synth updated to v2.5.4         06th November 2015

Green Oak recently updated the Mac OS X and Windows versions of the free Crystal synth to v2.5.4.

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Music-society releases FM FM1 free VST synth                 05th November 2015

Music-society has released FM FM1, free VST plugin synth for Windows.

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That Sound releases free Holiday bells sounds            05th November 2015

That Sound has released Holiday, a free sample pack featuring a collection of bells performed and recorded by Eric Darken.

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Metric Halo releases Thump free VST audio processor      04th November 2015

Metric Halo has released Thump, unique VST audio processor that allows you to synthesize low frequency audio to add low end to a track or generate another sound entirely.

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31 free Kontakt 5 instruments                                        04th November 2015

31 free Kontakt 5 instruments released by SampleScience. In this pack, you'll find retro analog bass, FM synthesis keys, early sixties computer generated sounds and chiptune tones.

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Sanford Sound Design releases free Sanford Reverb v2.1 03rd November 2015

Sanford Sound Design has released version 2.1 of Sanford Reverb, a free true stereo reverb effect plugin for Windows. The new version has been completely rewritten and is available for 64-bit VST hosts on Windows.

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Mercuriall Audio Software releases Tube Amp Ultra 530 free 03rd November 2015

Mercuriall Audio Software has released Mercuriall Tube Amp 530 free, a new audio plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows in AU and VST plugin formats.

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Free compressor VST HoRNet CompExp                           02nd November 2015

Free compressor/Expander VST HoRNet CompExp released by Hornet Plugins.

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Amazing Machines releases Free AM103 Quad Attenuverter & Offset Generator for Reaktor Blocks  02nd November 2015

Amazing Machines has released the free AM103 Quad Attenuverter & Offset Generator, a Block module for use with the Native Instruments' Reaktor Blocks Modular System.

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FluffyAudio releases free library Aurorror for Kontakt 4  02nd November 2015

FluffyAudio has released Aurorror, free horror cinematic and hybrid library for Kontakt 4.2.4 (or above). AURORROR features a 850 MB Sample Library, with 25 soundsources and 25 nki presets.

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