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News - October 2015


October 2015


Free Whispers library for NI Kontakt                           31st October 2015

Whispers is an exclusive Halloween freebie featuring female/male whispering sound effects with 4 vocals: Ah, Eh, Oh, and Oo.

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Total Textures Vol 3 free ambient sounds                    31st October 2015

Total Textures Vol 3, free ambient sounds released by Noizefield. Here is the third part of our famous Total Textures series, a collection of 111MB of fresh ambient and texture sounds. All you have to do is to register to this website for free.

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Free equalizer DQ65 by J1000                                             30th October 2015

Free equalizer VST DQ65 for Windows released by J1000.

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Plogue updates sforzando to v1.844 - Now includes TableWarp2 Digital Synth as 15th Anniversary Gift       30th October 2015

Plogue has updated sforzando to v1.844, free SFZ player. The free 15th anniversary Plogue synth is here!

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Cinematique Instruments releases free version of Ensemblia v1.5 for Kontakt       30th October 2015

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of a free version of Ensemblia 1.5, an instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Audiority Pure 808 Free Kontakt TR-808 kick programmer 29th October 2015

Free 808 Bass Drum Programmer for Kontakt is based on the legendary Roland TR-808 samples by Michael Fischer.

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Sensomusic releases MusineKit free modular music software 28th October 2015

Sensomusic has released MusineKit, a free software package dedicated to the practice of music and sound art.

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Sample Diggers releases 600MB free loops and one-shots  28th October 2015

Sample Diggers releases Label Sampler 2015 - 600MB+ of free loops and one-shotsSample Diggers has released a free label sampler which they say is "not a typical taster pack, but more a comprehensive library of rare sounds that have been designed collected over many years".

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Frank Rittberger releases free Smidy MIDI sequencer   27th October 2015

Frank Rittberger has changed the way he's distributing his VST 3-plugin-hosting MIDI sequencer Smidy: Instead of providing a demo version without saving possibilities he has released a freeware variant which makes it possible to load and save projects.

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Vasily Makarov releases Marazmator V2.0 free VST synth  27th October 2015

Vasily Makarov has released Marazmator Version 2.0, free VST plugin synth for Windows.

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Sonic Visualiser for Mac, Win & Lin updated to v2.5     26th October 2015

Sonic Visualiser, a free application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files, has been updated to version 2.5 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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Janek Gwizdala - The Fender musicmaster sessions free   26th October 2015

Janek Gwizdala - The Fender musicmaster sessions free.

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SampleRadar releases 316 free UK garage samples    25th October 2015

SampleRadar has released 316 free UK garage samples with beats, basses and synths.

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Alan ViSTa releases Clog Boxes free woodblocks plugin    23rd October 2015

Alan ViSTa has released Clog Boxes, a free Audio Unit / VST plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows featuring a sampled Woodblock set.

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Karoryfer releases scarypiano                                           23rd October 2015

Karoryfer has released scarypiano, horror piano based on the public domain piano samples from the University of Iowa.

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Free Mastering software M-EQ Equaliser                        22nd October 2015

Free Mastering software M-EQ Equaliser released by Samsara Cycle Audio.

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Halloween Sounds free sound pack                           21st October 2015

Halloween Sounds free sound pack released by Orange Free Sounds.

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Oxe Software updates free Oxe FM Synth to v1.3.3          21st October 2015

Oxe Software has released version 1.3.3 of Oxe FM Synth, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Sound Radix releases Muteomatic plugin completely free   20th October 2015

MUTEOMATIC will automatically mute the talkback or listen mic channels according to your DAW’s transport state, opening the mic automatically when the DAW stops and muting it back when the DAW is in playback or recording mode, all while clearly displaying when the mic is open or muted, so that you won’t find yourself in awkward positions or have to play fireman again.

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Human Touch Technology releases "Sika" Oriental Scale    20th October 2015

Human Touch Technology has released Sika Oriental Scale, free library for Kontakt.

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Music-Society presents XM2 by LazyDog(2Lazy)      18th October 2015

Music-Society presents XM2 by LazyDog(2Lazy), free VST x-mod/fm synthesizer.

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Modelonia v2.0 (version 1.992) beta released               18th October 2015

Modelonia v2.0 beta (version 1.992) released, free VST plugin synthesize for Windows and Mac.

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Sample Modern releases free retro drum Kit            18th October 2015

Sample Modern has released Retro Drum Kit, free retro drum instruments for NI Kontakt.

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Mantra V2 VST analogue synth is free now                        15th October 2015

Mantra V2 VST analogue synth for Windows and Mac released by Samsara Cycle Audio is free now.

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Bob Perry Audio updates free Gate VST3 plugin to v1.1.2  15th October 2015

Bob Perry Audio has updated its free VST3 Gate plug-in with side chain support to v1.1.2.

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Free drum machine DrumTroop by DUBTurbo                   15th October 2015

Free drum machine DrumTroop (Win and Mac) released by DUBTurbo.

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Ample Sound updates Ample Guitar M Lite II to v2.2.0    14th October 2015

Ample Sound has updated Ample Guitar M Lite II to v2.2.0, free acoustic guitar VST instrument for Windows and Mac.

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UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.5.16 now compatible with OS X 10.11    14th October 2015

UVI has announced that UVI Workstation is now compatible with OS X 10.11. UVI Workstation is free multi-timbral instrument that provides unlimited parts, integrated effects, live performance features, and a smooth real-time workflow.

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Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.2                                    13th October 2015

The free and Open Source Oxe FM Synth has been updated to v1.3.2 for Windows and Linux and a Mac OS X VST instrument plugin version has been released.

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Pro Music Producers releases Future House Dissected free sample pack           13th October 2015

Pro Music Producers has released Future House Dissected free pack of 5 Future House Construction Kits.

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204 free dub drums samples                                               10th October 2015

204 free dub drums samples released by SampleRadar. Spacey beats you can download for nothing.

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u-he has updated his free VST synth Podolski to v1.2.1. Today we are rolling out updates for almost all of our plugins ... even the free ones like Podolski.

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Soundethers releases Free Fall for Kontakt 5                   08th October 2015

Soundethers has released Free Fall, a free library for Kontakt 5.5.

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BrainStormer (free vst synth) manual written by Rolf   07th October 2015

BrainStormer (free vst synth) manual written by Rolf.

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Mighty masked contrabass (free sample set download)    06th October 2015

Mighty Masked Contrabass (free sample set download) released by Piero Bittolo Bon.

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Muzik 4 machines volume 1 free sample pack             06th October 2015

Muzik 4 machines volume 1 free sample pack released by Muzik 4 Machines. Over 200 loops played live on the ER1 MK II feeding into a TurboRat and a Wha pedal, plus a comprehensive bank of kicks, snares and noises from the ER1.



SampleRadar releases 235 free '80s heat samples   04th October 2015

SampleRadar has released 235 free '80s heat samples, epic drum, guitar and synth sounds from the era of excess.

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Free sample pack - 4 DA CLUB (Part 1)                   02nd October 2015

Free sample pack - 4 DA CLUB (Part 1) released by Biome Digital.

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Raw Loops updated free sounds section                     02nd October 2015

Raw Loops has updated his free sounds section. Raw Loops is a professional audio company providing the highest level of loops & sounds for both Producers & DJ’s.

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After 7 years RMV gets retired, Alpha 3                  02nd October 2015

After 7 years RMV gets retired, Alpha 3 after more than 8 years, Organ 3 ran for almost 9 years, Octopus made it just below 10 years. relectro also gets retired. Here's the link to FreeAlpha, we not have it o our site listed anymore, feel free to share with anyone.

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