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News - August 2016


August 2016


Free Wonky tape Atari 2600 for Kontakt                              31st August 2016

Free Synth Magic Wonky tape Atari 2600 instrument for NI Kontakt.

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Free virtual instruments for Sforzando released by Michael Picher  31st August 2016

Free Virtual Instruments for Sforzando released by Michael Picher music composer.

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Voxengo releases v2.3 Boogex free guitar amplifier    29th August 2016

Voxengo has released Boogex version 2.3, a free guitar amplifier and cabinet simulation plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Flintpope releases free Chroma for Kontakt             26th August 2016

Flintpope has released Chroma for Kontakt, a free instrument library featuring 24 sounds made with the Chromaphone synthesizer.

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Audioblast releases INSTA LOOPER free looper with four integrated FX  25th August 2016

Audio Blast has released Insta Looper, a simple looper with four integrated FX units. Easy to use and efficient, add this tool in your live setsfor live FX performances, or simply edit motions on your DAW to get glitch effects, end of measures effects and more.

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Function Loops releases VOX: Reloaded free sample pack  25th August 2016

Function Loops has announced that its VOX: Reloaded is now free. VOX: RELOADED is a special edition sample pack containing 2 previously released collections of glitched vocal loops.

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Mark Henning releases AnaMark v2.26 free VST synth     24th August 2016

Mark Henning has released AnaMark v2.26, free VST synthesizer for Windows.

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Airwindows releases free Guitar Conditioner effect plugin     24th August 2016

Airwindows has released Guitar Conditioner, a free guitar effect plugin for achieving Djent style tones for Windows and Mac.

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Free multisample: littleBits Synth Kit Sawtooth and Square Wave  23rd August 2016

Free multisample: littleBits Synth Kit Sawtooth and Square Wave (Kontakt, Ableton, & SFZ) released by Manwomanchild.

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Free audio editor ocenaudio v3.1.8                        20th August 2016

Easy, fast, powerful and free audio editor ocenaudio v3.1.8 released.

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TBProAudio releases dpMeter II v1.2.3 free precise digital audio multi channel meter   18th August 2016

TBProAudio has released dpMeter II v1.2.3, free precise digital audio multi channel meter including RMS, EBUR128 and TruePeak measurement.

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Siren Audio releases Drift free Max For Live device           18th August 2016

Siren Audio has released Drift, a free Max For Live device.

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Physical Audio releases public beta PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb free effect for Mac   16th August 2016

Physical Audio has released a public beta of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb, a reverb effect for Mac that uses advanced physical modelling synthesis to recreate the sound of a plate reverb without any delay networks or impulse responses.

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SaschArt releases easyLimiter free audio limiter software     15th August 2016

SaschArt has released easyLimiter, free VST audio limiter software for Windows.

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16 free patches for your Casio CZ synthesizer                      15th August 2016

16 free patches for your Casio CZ synthesizer released by CZounds.

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Wavosaur version released free audio editor    14th August 2016

Wavosaur version released free audio editor.

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Ardour 5.0 released free multitrack for Windows, Mac and Linux  14th August 2016

Ardour v5.0 free multitrack is now available for Linux, OS X and Windows.

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Anwida Soft releases free DX Reverb Light v3.0                 12th August 2016

Anwida Soft has released version 3.0 of the free DX Reverb Light plugin for Mac OS X and Windows.

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Soundslates updates free Moody Sampler to v0.3               11th August 2016

Soundslates has updated the free Moody sampler plugin to version 0.3. This release includes fixes and new features.

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FeelYourSound releases IsoPad free touch midi keyboard for Windows   11th August 2016

FeelYourSound has released IsoPad, a free Windows touch MIDI keyboard.

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Voxengo releases MSED v2.10 and Stereo Touch v2.9 free plugins for Windows and Mac    10th August 2016

Voxengo has released  MSED v2.10 and Stereo Touch v2.9, two free audio plugins for Windows and Mac.

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Togu Audio Line releases TAL-NoiseMaker v4.0.0 free VST synth  09th August 2016

TAL-NoiseMaker has been updated to version 4.0.0 and is now compatible with the latest OS X (10.11).

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SampleScience releases free Toy Keyboard VST/AU Instrument  09th August 2016

SampleScience has released Toy Keyboard, a free VST/AU plug-in instrument and sample library featuring the sound of the Yamaha PSR-78 home keyboard.

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Bitsonic releases WT-01 RED Beta free VST synth for Windows  09th August 2016

Bitsonic has released WT-01 RED Public Beta free VST synthesizer for Windows.

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293 free cinematic drama samples                              08th August 2016

293 free cinematic drama samples released by SampleRadar.

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Noizefield releases 4 Tune v1.6 free VST synth                 08th August 2016

Noizefield has released version 1.6 of 4 Tune, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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Richard Devine releases free Field Recordings of the Mysterious Ringing Rocks   08th August 2016

Richard Devine has released Field Recordings of the Mysterious Ringing Rocks/Montana, a free piece of music and the recordings of rocks it was made with.

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The Alpine Project releases free Alpine Tuba for Kontakt    05th August 2016

The Alpine Project has released Alpine Tuba, free instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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GyL Synths releases Drag-On free VST synth               04th August 2016

GyL Synths has released Drag-On, free VST hybrid synthesizer plugin for Windows (32 bit).

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Boz Digital Labs releases Width Knob free effect plugin     03rd August 2016

Boz Digital Labs has released Width Knob, a free effect plugin that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the stereo width of your bus or track.

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Free sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt                03rd August 2016

Flintpope has released CHASMS, a free sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Rebel Audio releases DoubleToner free distortion effect plugin 01st August 2016

Rebel Audio has released DoubleToner, a free dual-quad-band distortion effect plugin for Windows.

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30 extra bass presets for Massive free download               01st August 2016

30 extra bass presets for Massive free download released by rocket powered sound.

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Sample Modern releases Future Rise free sample pack     01st August 2016

Sample Modern has released Future Rise, a free sample pack featuring a collection of rise sounds.

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Skifonix Sounds releases Future Groove free sample pack    01st August 2016

Skifonix Sounds has released Future Groove, free sample pack Including swung, funky grooves and luscious jazz influenced chord sequences, massive presets and more.

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