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News - March 2016


March 2016


Askywhale updates DetectComp to v1.1 free VST Analyser   31st March 2016

Askywhale has updated the free (donationware) audio analysis VST plug-in for Windows, DetectComp, to v1.1.

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NUSofting releases Sinnah free synth plugin                 30th March 2016

NUSofting has released Sinnah, a new freeware virtual analog synthesizer plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Voxengo releases Marvel GEQ 1.4 free graphic equalizer plugin 30th March 2016

Voxengo has released Marvel GEQ 1.4, free graphic equalizer plugin for Mac OS X (v10.6 and later) and Windows computers.

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Matthieu Brucher updates ATK SD1 to 2.0.0 free guitar effect 30th March 2016

Matthieu Brucher has released version 2.0.0 of ATK SD1, a free and open source Boss SD1 emulation plug-in for 64-bit Mac OS X and Windows (32 and 64-bit) in VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in formats.

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Bitsonic releases Multiband Stereo Imager Lite                29th March 2016

Bitsonic has released Multiband Stereo Imager Lite, free stereo enhancer plugin for Windows.

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Saffron Instrument pack VST / AU Plug-ins free download    28th March 2016

Saffron Instrument pack VST / AU Plug-ins free download.

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J1000 releases BTQ2 v1.5 free bass/treble equalizer      28th March 2016

J1000 has released version 1.5 of BTQ2, a free bass/treble equalizer effect plugin for Windows.

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foobar2000 v1.3.10 free audio player                     28th March 2016

foobar2000 v1.3.10  free audio player has been released.

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Inear Display Legacy plugins are now free                               25th March 2016

Inear Display has set free some of its previously released plugins.

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An update of Genobazz 2 comming this week                 24th March 2016

An update of Genobazz 2  free bass plugin comming this week.

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Online synthesizer Viktor NV-1                                  23rd March 2016

Online synthesizer free Viktor NV-1. You can use your computer’s QWERTY keyboard to trigger the notes or an external MIDI controller.

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HY-MBDrive free multiband drive VST Plug-in for Windows   23rd March 2016

HY-Plugins has released HY-MBDrive, a free multiband drive VST effect plug-in for 32- and 64-bit Windows.

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ModeAudio releases free Vinyl Rack drum rack for Ableton    23rd March 2016

ModeAudio has released Vinyl Rack, a free drum rack for Ableton Live.

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Syntler updates Drumper free to v1.91 and free Bonch-Bruevich Tube Exciter to v1.6  22nd March 2016

Syntler has updated free Drumper to v1.91, offering improved transport control and free Bonch-Bruevich Tube to v1.6, offering improved transport control.

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Sample Modern releases Marching Snares free drum loops    22nd March 2016

Sample Modern has released Marching Snares, free drum loops in various tempos for classical, orchestral, ambient, rock/ballad and other experimental genres.

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DrumGizmo v0.9.8.1 free drum plugin released      21st March 2016

DrumGizmo v0.9.8.1 free drum plugin and stand-alone application released.

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Devil Soundz updates Devil Reverb to v1.2 and Vocal Reverb to v1.3  21st March 2016

Devil Soundz has updated the free plug-ins for Windows Devil Reverb to v1.2 and Vocal Reverb to v1.3.

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320 free stretched samples                                           19th March 2016

320 free stretched samples released by SampleRadar.

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Free synth plugin Synister for Windows and Mac                 18th March 2016

Free synth plugin Synister for Windows and Mac released by TU-Berlin students.

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Musical Entropy releases Guitar Gadgets v1.3.3 free guitar effect    17th March 2016

Musical Entropy has released Guitar Gadgets v1.3.3, free guitar effect for Windows and Mac.

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Samples From Mars releases Free SP sample pack    17th March 2016

Samples From Mars has released Free SP From Mars, a free collection of 65 samples taken from the SP 1200 From Mars pack, featuring gritty drums and dusty synths from the classic 90’s sampler.

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Audio Ollie releases The E-String free Instrument for Kontakt  17th March 2016

Audio Ollie has released The E-String, free acoustic bass guitar virtual Instrument for NI Kontakt designed for composers and sound designers.

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Esrever Audio releases Soundbed Samples Vol 1 free sample pack 15th March 2016

Esrever Audio has released Soundbed Samples Vol 1, 1gb of burial inspired production ready Soundbed samples free of charge.

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16GB+ free high-quality sound effects                         15th March 2016

16GB+ of free high-quality sound effects released by sonniss.

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Reverb plugin Roboverb full version is now free               14th March 2016

Reverb plugin Roboverb full version released by Kushview is now free.

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Tention Digital Audio releases Tention Stream 3 free VST synth 14th March 2016

Tention Digital Audio has released Tention Stream 3, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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Tritik releases Krush free bit-crusher effect plug-in     14th March 2016

Tritik has released a free effect plugin called Krush, for Mac OS X and Windows, available in Audio Unit, VST and AAX formats.

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One Small Clue releases Grace v1.0.4.0 free VST sampler  12th March 2016

One Small Clue has releases Grace v, free VST plugin sampler for Windows.

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Audiffex Multi Drive Pedal free until March 31               12th March 2016

Audiffex Multi Drive Pedal free until March 31st.

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Softube releases Saturation Knob v2.2.91 free plug-in saturation 11th March 2016

Softube has releases Saturation Knob v2.2.91, free effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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RazAudio releases F1 FilterBox free VST effect for Windows  10th March 2016

RazAudio has released of F1 FilterBox, a free, easy-controlled, multi-mode filter VST plug-in for Windows.

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UVI Offers Digital Synsations for free (through March 13th)  10th March 2016

UVI is offering Digital Synsations for free through March 13th, 2016 (a $199 value).

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Krakli releases K200 free VST synth plugin for Windows       09th March 2016

Krakli has released K200, a free FM synthesizer instrument VST plugin for Windows.

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contortDistort releases Metaphysical Fabrications           09th March 2016

contortDistort has released Metaphysical Fabrications, 52 new sound, 30 new samples, and new features for Rektror’s metaphysical function.

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Audentity releases free Phatt Kicks In Key                           09th March 2016

Audentity has released free Phatt Kicks In Key sample pack, featuring a collection of kick drum samples. 102 free Kicks for EDM,Deep House,Future House,Progressive House and more!

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PechenegFX updates PechenegTremolo and AutoSwell Light 08th March 2016

PechenegFX has released versions of PechenegTremolo and AutoSwell Light plugins for Retina displays, Mac OS X 10.7 and higher.

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Monocasual releases Giada v0.12.0 free audio tool for DJs 08th March 2016

Monocasual has released Giada v0.12.0, free audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians.

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Acoustica releases Nightlife free VST instrument             07th March 2016

Acoustica has released Nightlife, free VST instrument for electronic music for Windows.

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Ample Sound releases AGML II lite v2.3.0 free plugin guitar   07th March 2016

Ample Sound has released AGML II lite v2.3.0, free VST/AU plugin acoustic guitar for Windows and Mac.

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ddmf - free equalizer plugins for Windows and Mac              07th March 2016

ddmf - free equalizer plugins for Windows and Mac. Some of the best free EQs can be found on this site. They may not come with all the bells and whistles of the payware plugins but their sonic qualities are undisputed.

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Blue Cat Audio updates six free plug-ins                              04th March 2016

Blue Cat Audio has updated six free plug-ins now available in VST3 format. Chorus, Flanger, FreqAnalyst, Gain Suite, Phaser, Triple EQ.

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The Alpine Project releases free Alpine Trumpet for Kontakt 04th March 2016

The Alpine Project has released Alpine Trumpet, free instrument for NI Kontakt based on samples from the University of Iowa.

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JC Productionz releases RHEC v2.7 free VST synth                 03rd March 2016

JC Productionz has released RHEC v2.7, free VST synth with very analog sound for Windows.

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50 free edm midi and melody loops                              03rd March 2016

50 free edm midi and melody loops released by Antidote Audio. With a total of 50 catchy, energising, melodic EDM loops, this sample pack will transform any project into a raving tune fit for Tommorrowland!

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