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News - May 2016


May 2016


SampleNinjas releases Free Pack Vol 5                                31st May 2016

SampleNinjas has released Free Pack Vol 5, a sample pack featuring a collection of loops and samples made with a modular system.

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123creative releases Harmonics free samples & Kontakt 5 library31st May 2016

123creative has released Harmonics, free samples & Kontakt 5 library for all music producers of genres: electronic, fusion, cinematic and more.

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Free massive presets Massive 925 by Daru925                     30th May 2016

Free massive presets Massive 925 released by Daru925. Pack contains around 80 patches, with macros, descriptions, and tags for the most part.

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Studio Major 7th releases KMG7 v2.9.0 free metal guitar library for NI Kontakt  30th May 2016

Studio Major 7th has released KMG7 v2.9.0, free metal guitar library (1.98 gb) for NI Kontakt.

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Free Chroma library for Spectrasonics Stylus RMX                  30th May 2016

In Session Audio has released the free Chroma library for Spectrasonics Stylus RMX.

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SyS Audio updates n0t0miz0r free MIDI Controller/Utility      27th May 2016

SyS Audio Research has updated their free VST plugin n0t0miz0r to version 1.1.

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Darwin Arts releases Trilobite 1.3 modular synth (free version) 27th May 2016

Darwin Arts has announced the release of Trilobite v1.3, a modular synthesizer application and plugin for Mac OS X and Windows.

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Flintpope sets free Analogika analog pads Live pack              27th May 2016

Flintpope has announced that its Analogika analog pads collection for Ableton Live is now free download.

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J-Hud-Studio releases Vocal King 2Knob free VST compressor  26th May 2016

J-Hud-Studio has released Vocal King 2Knob, free VST compressor/limiter for Windows.

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Elements releases free Gigaverb reverb VST plugin for Windows  25th May 2016

Elements has released Gigaverb, a port of an open-source digital reverberation unit. With minutes-long decay times, it can be used as a special-effect unit too.

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GyL Synths releases 4TO2 free VST synth                           24th May 2016

GyL Synths has released 4TO2, free VST subtractive synthesizer plugin for Windows (32 bit).

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Hip hop drum loops by Permanent Beatz                                    23rd May 2016

Hip hop drum loops by released Permanent Beatz.

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TerroSoundz releases Terror Soundz Vol.1 free sample pack 23rd May 2016

TerroSoundz has released Terror Soundz Vol.1, free sample pack.

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Free sound library for u-he Ace synthesizer                             20th May 2016

Free sound library for u-he Ace synthesizer released by Sonus Dept.

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Xen-Arts releases IVOR2 free VST synth                                19th May 2016

Xen-Arts has released IVOR2, free virtual analog synthesizer for Windows and Linux.

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Free loops, MIDI and patches from across the Sample Magic catalogue   19th May 2016

Free loops, MIDI and patches from across the Sample Magic catalogue. To celebrate our tenth birthday we're giving away 500MB of our best sounds from across our back catalogue - 100% FREE for one day only!

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Free beats 120 bpm Korg i5M sound module                    18th May 2016

Free beats 120 bpm Korg i5M sound module released by VSTPlanet.

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WNP Sounds releases Free Urban Sounds                            18th May 2016

WNP sounds has released Free Urban Sounds, a collection of 3 buildings kits that will give you a taste of Urban Sounds Collections.

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Vocal processor Vocal-King free VST plugin                                17th May 2016

Vocal processor Vocal-King free VST plugin released by J-Hud-Studio.

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EpicMStudios releases Dimension Plus free VST reverb effect  17th May 2016

EpicMStudios has released Dimension Plus, free VST/VST3 reverb effect plugin for Windows 32/64 bit.

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Open source versions of all bram @ smartelectronix plugins   17th May 2016

Open source versions of all bram @ smartelectronix plugins.

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HY-Plugins releases HY-TP v1.0 free Tremolo/Panner effect   16th May 2016

HY-Plugins has released HY-TP v1.0, free VST Tremolo/Panner effect for Windows.

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Martin Luders releases PG-8X v2.0 free VST synth                 16th May 2016

Martin Lüders has released version 2.0 of the PG-8X, a free virtual analog synthesizer inspired by the JX-8P.

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Audio Vitamins releases Contra free (Win & OS X)                  16th May 2016

Audio Vitamins has released a free version of Contra. This version allows a user to compare up to 3 plug-ins over a 1 or 2 bar audition loop.

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Electric piano VST / AU Sweetcase Vintage free                  15th May 2016

Electric piano VST / AU Sweetcase Vintage free released by Noiseash.

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Dub Siren VST monophonic synth for Windows an Mac      15th May 2016

Dub Siren VST monophonic synth for Windows and Mac free download.

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Massive Presets free download - Native Instruments Massive  15th May 2016

Massive Presets free download - Native Instruments Massive.

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366 free sparse soundscape samples by SampleRadar           13th May 2016

366 free sparse soundscape samples released by SampleRadar.

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HeadlessBuddha Samples offers Tape DD-10 drum machine as a freebie 13th May 2016

HeadlessBuddha Samples has decided to give their Tape DD-10 drum machine for Kontakt 5 as a freebie.

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Free synth A Memory of Light for Reaktor with Ableton support  13th May 2016

Free synth A Memory of Light for Reaktor with Ableton support released by Flintpope. A Memory of Light is a new Flintpope Reaktor Blocks set featuring 24 sounds that bypass the usual waveform synthesis.

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NoDusk releases Future Vocal Chops free sample pack       12th May 2016

NoDusk has released Future Vocal Chops, free sample pack.

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Le Sound By AudioGaming releases AudioWeather Free  11th May 2016

Le Sound By AudioGaming has released AudioWeather Free for Windows and Mac.

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Noizefield releases Kick Machine Free                      10th May 2016

Noizefield has released Kick Machine Free, a free sample based kick drum machine plug-in for Windows.

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Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKAutoSwell                10th May 2016

Matthieu Brucher has released ATKAutoSwell , free mono auto swell plugin for Windows and Mac.

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TBProAudio releases free dpMeter II v1.1.1 digital audio multi channel meter  10th May 2016

TBProAudio has released free dpMeter II v1.1.1, a precise digital audio multi channel meter including RMS, EBUR128 and TruePeak measurement.

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Audiffex releases inTone 2 Solo v2.4 live fx processor and virtual instrument host      10th May 2016

Audiffex has released inTone 2 Solo v2.4, light and free version of inTone 2 application for Mac and PC.

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CWITEC updates free TX16Wx Software Sampler to v2.4.2     09th May 2016

CWITEC has updated free TX16Wx Software Sampler to v2.4.2.

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Celesta Instrument - Free VST plugin                                      09th May 2016

Celesta Instrument - Free VST plugin.

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Plugin Alliance "Acme Opticom XLA-3" - 14 day fully functional  07th May 2016

Plugin Alliance "Acme Opticom XLA-3" harmonically rich optical compressor - 14 day fully functional.

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330 free retro house samples                                                   07th May 2016

330 free retro house samples released by SampleRadar.

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GyL Synths releases Marsaut TE free VST synth            05th May 2016

GyL Synths has released Marsaut TE, new improved version of Marsaut synth for Windows.

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Ample Sound releases free Ample Bass Precision LITE II      05th May 2016

Ample Sound has released Ample Bass P Lite II, a free lite version of ABP, recorded on a Fender Precision Bass.

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RAZ Audio releases F1 FilterBox v1.1 free multi mode filter      05th May 2016

RAZ Audio has released F1 FilterBox v1.1, free multi mode filter plugin for Windows.

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The Alpine Project releases free Eb Clarinet for NI Kontakt      05th May 2016

The Alpine Project has released the Alpine Eb Clarinet, a free clarinet instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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VST host Freestyle released by New Sonic Arts                 04th May 2016

New Sonic Arts has released a public beta of Freestyle, a VST host software for Windows and Mac.

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PG8X virtual synthesizer - New versions (2016 04 30) uploaded  03rd May 2016

PG8X virtual synthesizer - Martin Lueders from ML-VST plugins: New versions (2016 04 30) uploaded.

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AudioGaming releases LS Levelator energy/loudness normalization tool  03rd May 2016

AudioGaming has released LS Levelator, a free energy/loudness normalization batch processing tool for broadcast and localization professionals.

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