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News - November 2016


November 2016


Saschart releases free panoscillator VST plugin effect   29th November 2016

Saschart releases panoscillator, free VST plugin effect for Windows. panOscillator make pan position oscillating and enhance your stereo signal. Extremely low resources taken!

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bigcat instruments releases free VSCO2 Orchestra Rompler    28th November 2016

bigcat instruments has releaseds VSCO2 Orchestra Rompler, free VST/AU instruments for Windows and Mac.

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SoundBytes music magazine releases SoundBytes Wusik Station 8 free VST instrument   25th November 2016

SoundBytes net music magazine released its first plug-in - SoundBytes Wusik Station 8, a fully functional version of this virtual sampler/rompler with reduced sound content.

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LVC-Audio releases T-Chain free versatile channel strip plugin   25th November 2016

LVC-Audio has released T-Chain, a free versatile channel strip plugin, designed to be used in a variety of situations.

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Sanford Sound Design re-releases Cobalt Hybrid Synth for free (Windows VSTi)  24th November 2016

Sanford Sound Design has announced that Cobalt is now freeware. Cobalt is a VSTi software synthesizer for Windows inspired by many of the digital synthesizers from the 1980s.

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Free VST plugins released by NaLex Software          24th November 2016

Free VST plugins for Windows released by NaLex Software.

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Bedroom Producers Blog releases BPB Cassette Drums freeware drum machine VST/AU plugin bundle    24th November 2016

Bedroom Producers Blog has released BPB Cassette Drums, a freeware drum machine VST/AU plugin bundle based on the Cassette 606, Cassette 808 and Cassette 909 drum sample packs.

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Sonimus releases free SonEQ v1.2 with 64-bit, AAX and VST3 support    23rd November 2016

Sonimus has released SonEQ version 1.2, a free equalizer effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Monocasual Laboratories release free Giada 0.13.1 for Linux, Windows and OS X    23rd November 2016

Monocasual Laboratories release a new version of free Giada, number 0.13.1 codename The Shunned House, inspired by the short horror story by H.P. Lovecraft.

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Free crash cymbal AU & VST plug-in for Mac and Win      22nd November 2016

Free crash cymbal AU & VST plug-in for Mac and Win released by VST4free.

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Electric cafe releases Timeless free wavetable FM synth (open beta)  20th November 2016

Electric cafe has released Timeless, free wavetable FM synth (open beta) fro Windows.

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Free Kontakt instrument K-AMP Processed Amplifier Noise  20th November 2016

Free Kontakt Instrument K-AMP Processed Amplifier Noise released by Necromare.

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250+ Handcrafted samples from Cristofer Odqvist   18th November 2016

250+ hand-crafted drum samples, loops, effects, transitions, impulse responses, reverb tails, synths, harmonies and more from Cristofer Odqvist.

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Repro-1 public beta synth free until the end of 2016   18th November 2016

Repro-1 public beta synth free until the end of 2016.

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Music SDP released free music and sound design platform   17th November 2016

Music SDP released free (open source) music and sound design platform for Windows and Mac.

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SoundGym reveals the Learning Center                            16th November 2016

SoundGym has revealed the Learning Center, where audio educational videos and courses on the web are curated, organized and ranked.

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Noise gate free download by Viper ITB                            16th November 2016

Noise gate free download for Windows (32bit) released by Viper ITB.

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SampleScience releases RX-21 HD free drum machine sample pack  15th November 2016

SampleScience has announced the release of RX-21 HD, a high definition sample pack featuring the sounds of the Yamaha RX-21 drum machine.

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s(M)exoscope free oscilloscope plugin now available in 64-bit for Windows and Mac 14th November 2016

Armando Montanez has released a 64-bit port of the s(M)exoscope oscilloscope plugin for Windows and Mac, originally released by Bram de Jong and Sean Evans of Smart Electronix.

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Sonuscore releases free Orchestra Chords for Kontakt 14th November 2016

Sonuscore has released Orchestra Chords, a free Kontakt instrument.

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Jagged Planet releases free (donationware) J-Scope VST Oscilloscope plugin   12th November 2016

Jagged Planet has released J-Scope, free (donationware) VST Oscilloscope plugin for Windows 32bit and 64bit.

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19 free drum kits for electronic music                          12th November 2016

I am happy to announce the release of Analog Rumble, a free sample pack from our friends at Drum Depot, exclusively available from Rekkerd.

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SaschArt releases panENV free VST plugin for Windows  10th November 2016

SaschArt has released panENV, free VST panning effect plugin for Windows.

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Hermann Seib updates free VSTHost to v1.55                 09th November 2016

Hermann Seib has announced that the free VSTHost application for 32- and 64-bit Windows has been updated to v1.55.

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Function Loops releases Free Label Sampler 2016 Part 2  09th November 2016

Function Loops has released the second and the last part of its 2016 label sampler, loaded with over 550MB of free loops, samples, MIDI files and presets.

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Homegrown Studio releases free fd-bkr - electric guitar feedback 08th November 2016

Homegrown Studio has released fd-bkr, free VST instrument (electric guitar feedback) for Windows and Mac.

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Flintpope releases 16 Pads for Kontakt free sound pack  08th November 2016

Flintpope has announced the release of 16 Pads for Kontakt, a sample library that uses original samples designed to produce “interesting ambience”.

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The Alpine Project releases Alpine Bass Ensemble free Kontakt instrument  08th November 2016

The Alpine Project  has released Alpine Bass Ensemble, free Kontakt instrument for Windows.

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DistoCore releases free Disto::Fx v1.4.0 multi-fx     07th November 2016

DistoCore has released Disto::Fx v1.4.0, free multi-fx with distortion/dynamic shaper / saturation / filter / ring modulator / phaser / EQ and Input-Output control units.

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Adam Monroe Music releases AAX versions of Adam Monroe's free tremolo plugin     07th November 2016

Adam Monroe Music has released AAX versions of Adam Monroe's Tremolo for Windows and OS X.

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Free VST plugin effects for Windows by GVP Audio         05th November 2016

Free VST plugin effects for Windows released by GVP Audio.

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Animal Sounds ringtones free download by redRingtones.com        05th November 2016

Animal sounds ringtones free download released by redRingtones.com.

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Hart Instruments releases HISE - build your own VST / AU plug-in  04th November 2016

Hart Instruments has released a new beta version of HISE, a cross-platform open source audio application for building virtual instruments.

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Trans Computer Maschine free synth plugin updated to v2.30 b7 RC2 03rd November 2016

Cescato Musiktechnologie has released v2.30 b7 (Release Candidate 2) of Trans Computer Maschine, a free synthesizer plugin for Windows.

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Voice synthesizer Alter/Ego version 1.505 released by Plogue 03rd November 2016

Voice synthesizer Alter/Ego version 1.505, real-time VST/AU/RTAS singing synth, released by Plogue.

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Sound Magic releases free piano one v3.0                    02nd November 2016

Sound Magic has release piano one v3.0, free virtual piano instrument for Windows and Mac.

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Tihanov Denis updates free OrilRiver Reverb to v1.0.2  02nd November 2016

Tihanov Denis has updated OrilRiver, free VST reverb effect for Windows to v1.0.2.

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