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News - January 2017


January 2017


Inear Display releases Regressif free digital chaos effect plugin  31st January 2017

Inear Display has released Regressif, a free digital chaos unit for Windows and Mac.

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Metronome app Android released by Sound-Base Audio, LLC  31st January 2017

Metronome app Android "Andulum Mobile Metronome" released by Sound-Base Audio, LLC.

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Negativist releases Doomed Vol. 1 free neuro/sound design sample pack  31st January 2017

Negativist has released Doomed Vol. 1, free neuro/sound design sample pack.

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Marco Ortali releases free WalterDelayer stereo splitter/enhancer for Windows  30th January 2017

Marco Ortali has released WalterDelayer, free stereo splitter/enhancer (stereophonizer) VST plugin for Windows.

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Airwindows releases Tremolo free VST/AU effect plugin  30th January 2017

Airwindows has released Tremolo, free VST/AU effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Falcosoft releases Munt MT-32 emulator free synthesizer software for Windows    27th January 2017

Falcosoft has released Munt MT-32 emulator, free portable VST synthesizer software for Windows based on Munt.

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Free gong sounds by GowlerMusic                                27th January 2017

Free gong sounds released by GowlerMusic.

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Airwindows releases Desk, TubeDesk and TransDesk Plug-ins for Mac & Win   26th January 2017

Airwindows has released another slew of free plug-ins for Mac (AU) and Windows (VST).

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Full Bucket Music updates free Nabla synth to v1.1.0 for Windows 24th January 2017

Full Bucket Music has updated free Nabla synth plugin  to version 1.1.0.

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100 free chord samples released by Sample Magic       24th January 2017

100 free chord samples released by Sample Magic. One-half audio, one-half MIDI, this pack of 100 chord samples is perfect to give your tracks a more musical angle and kick-start inspiration.

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Seaweed Factory releases free Roland JX3P bass sample pack  23rd January 2017

Seaweed Factory has released free Roland JX3P bass sample pack.

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Daniel Stawczyk releases Stamina free Soundbank for OB-Xd  23rd January 2017

Daniel Stawczyk a.k.a. status has released Stamina, a free bank for discoDSP's OB-Xd. The set features 128 presets and includes quite a wide choice of sounds: basses, bells, keyboards, pads, leads, SFXs and tens of synthesizers.

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Bouche ą beat for Native Instruments Kontakt is now free  20th January 2017

Rossignol-Studio has announced that its Bouche ą beat for Native Instruments Kontakt is now available as a free download.

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SoundBytes magazine releases SoundBytes DDMF IIEQ Pro free plug-in    18th January 2017

SoundBytes magazine in cooperation with DDMF has released a new free plug-in for all SoundBytes magazine readers.

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Record Scratch sound effect free download by Mayo Staccato   17th January 2017

Record Scratch sound effect free download released by Mayo Staccato. Grab some vox scratches to freshen up your beats! This pack contains 45 recordings of my voice I scratched, divided into 30 one-shot-like scratches and 15 scratch sets to pull your own from.

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Monocasual Laboratories updates Giada Loop Machine to v0.13.2 for Linux, Windows and OS X   16th January 2017

Monocasual Laboratories release a new version of Giada inspired by Konstantīns Raudive, a guy who investigated electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

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Full Bucket Music releases free Brigade Delay v1.0.0    13th January 2017

Full Bucket Music has released Brigade Delay v1.0.0, free effect for Microsoft Windows simulating the functionality and sound of classic analog delays.

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Free massive presets released by Krilium                           13th January 2017

Free massive presets (dubstep, drumstep, drum and bass, electro) released by Krilium.

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BeatMaker releases Atmos free ambient piano ROMpler for Mac & Win VST & AU  12th January 2017

BeatMaker has released Atmos, a free ambient piano ROMpler featuring a Grand Piano sampled from C2 to C9 and processed with two types of reverb, distortion and delay, complemented with an extra sound layer (FX).

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GyL Synths releases Saturn free VST synth                 11th January 2017

GyL Synths has released Saturn, free VST sythesizer plugin for Windows.

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Airwindows releases free PowerSag, Fracture, NaturalizeDither and NodeDither plug-ins    11th January 2017

Over the last month Airwindows has released four new free plug-ins for Mac OS X and Windows in AU and VST plug-in formats:

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Flintpope releases Layercake sound design instrument for Kontakt   10th January 2017

Flintpope has announced the release of Layercake, a Kontakt 5 instrument for sound designers.

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Soundmanufacture releases free "Metronom for Live" Max for Live Device   10th January 2017

Soundmanufacture has announced the release free Metronom for Live, a Max for Live Device.

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Falcosoft releases free Bassmidi VSTi MIDI synthesizer for Windows   09th January 2017

Falcosoft has released Bassmidi VSTi, free MIDI synthesizer for Windows based on the Bass/BassMidi libraries by Un4Seen.

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discoDSP updates OB-Xd free VST/AU synthesizer to v1.4   09th January 2017

discoDSP has released OB-Xd version 1.4, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows, Mac & Linux.

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Physical Audio releases new beta of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb AU free plug-in for Mac  08th January 2017

Physical Audio has released version 0.7.1 of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb. This updated beta version is free.

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Free Kontakt 5 Library & Samples - BeatBox Beast     08th January 2017

Free Kontakt 5 Library & Samples "BeatBox Beast" released by 123creative.com. This is your ultimate library for making Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep and many genre“s beat, delivering a special Compresor and destructive Overdrive.

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273 free rhythmic inspiration samples                       08th January 2017

273 free rhythmic inspiration samples released by SampleRadar.

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Autodafe releases Pianowa free Piano for Kontakt        06th January 2017

Autodafe has released Pianowa, a free Piano for Kontakt.

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TBProAudio releases mvMeter free meter plugin               06th January 2017

TBProAudio has released mvMeter, a free multi-variable meter effect plugin, featuring RMS, EBUR128, VU and PPM measurement.

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ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v5.6.2  06th January 2017

ExperimentalScene has updated DarkWave Studio to v5.6.2. for Windows.

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2Rule releases SynthTrack free filter effect plugin        04th January 2017

2Rule has released SynthTrack, free filter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

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The Alpine Project releases Alpine Bassoon free instrument Kontakt   03rd January 2017

The Alpine Project has released Alpine Bassoon, a free bassoon instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Serpo - free virtual instrument for Windows and Mac      03rd January 2017

Serpo (KVR Developer Challenge 2016) - free virtual instrument by JD Tech for Windows and Mac.

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Krakli plugins releases KR5 free drum machine      01st January 2017

Krakli plugins has released KR5, free VST plugin drum machine for Windows.

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Free plugin synth Digits v2.1 adds Windows 64-bit build       01st January 2017

Free plugin synth Digits v2.1 now works natively in 64-bit hosts on Windows.

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