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News - June 2017


June 2017


Krotos releases Reformer free VST/AU plugin for sound design 30th June 2017

Krotos has announced the release of Reformer, a new sound design software that allows for sculpting effects in real-time.

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Eugene Yakshin releases free granular VST instrument     29th June 2017

Eugene Yakshin has released a free granular VST instrument/effect that can be used to play as a synthesizer, glitch and scratch sounds, create textures, and more.

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Free sample based multi platform synthesizer plugin     29th June 2017

Free sample based multi platform synthesizer plugins released by RDGAudio.

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Audio Assault releases The Punch plugin free until July 10th    28th June 2017

Audio Assault has released The Punch, a new effect plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows in VST2, VST3, AU, RTAS & AAX formats.

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Bitsonic releases free sample based piano plugin                  26th June 2017

Bitsonic has released Keyzone Classic, free sample based piano plugin on Windows and Apple OS system.

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Full Bucket Music updates Kern to v1.0.5 and the qyooo to v1.0.3 26th June 2017

Full Bucket Music has updated free Kern synth to version 1.0.5 and free the qyooo synth to version 1.0.3 for Windows.

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PulpoAudio releases D'Pinga free virtual Percussion instruments 24th June 2017

PulpoAudio has launched its D'Pinga collection of virtual percussion instruments.

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Bob Perry Audio updates free Gate plug-in to 1.3.1           23rd June 2017

Bob Perry Audio has updated Bob Perry Gate to version 1.3.1.

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r-loops releases free Hip-Hop vinyl samples               23rd June 2017

r-loops has announced the release of Free Hip-Hop Vinyl Samples, a sample pack featuring a new collection of hip hop loops.

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Inear Display releases free Regressif v1.1 digital chaos unit   22nd June 2017

Inear Display has updated the Regressif digital chaos unit. This update brings a cleaner theme as well as some minor workflow enhancements.

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Kawa releases kawaChord2 free for Mac and updates to v2.02 22nd June 2017

Kawa has announced the release of the Mac OS X versions of kawaChord2 Free, which support VST and VST3 plugin formats. The current version is now 2.0.2 for Mac and Windows.

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Free ocenaudio Audio Editor updated to v3.2.10                 22nd June 2017

ocenaudio, the free cross-platform, easy-to-use, fast and functional audio editor, has been updated to v3.2.10.

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Free sounds from Atmosfears Volume One - Light & Dark Freebie  21st June 2017

Free sounds from Atmosfears Volume One - Light & Dark Freebie by SampleBytes.

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Mercuriall Audio Software updates free Greed Smasher guitar pedal emulation  21st June 2017

Mercuriall Audio Software has updated Greed Smasher to v1.1.

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Buzzazi Gamebox releases free analogue style drum machine for Android  19th June 2017

Buzzazi Gamebox has released BeatWacker, a free/simple to use pocket-sized beat making application for Android.

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Klanghelm releases free IVGI v2.0.0 saturation plugin  18th June 2017

Klanghelm has announced the release of IVGI v2.0.0, a free saturation and distoration effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

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8kut free frequency cutter effect plugin updated to v2.2.0  18th June 2017

8kut our free 8-band frequency cutter effect plug-in  has been updated to v2.2.0.

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Production Voices releases free Death Piano LE for Kontakt  18th June 2017

Production Voices has released Death Piano LE, a free (donationware) piano instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Daily Beats updates DailyBeatsVI Free with major changes    16th June 2017

Daily Beats has updated DailyBeatsVI free VST/AU instrument with major changes.

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1Gb of free world class loops, samples and patches            15th June 2017

1Gb of free world class loops, samples and patches released by F9 Audio.

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Mercuriall Audio releases Greed Smasher free audio plugin  13th June 2017

Mercuriall Audio has released Greed Smasher, a new free audio plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows in AU, VST and AAX plugin formats.

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Xenobioz updates free Lynx Synth VSTi for Windows to 0.875  12th June 2017

Xenobioz has updated Lynx, a free Windows 32-bit VSTi plugin, to version 0.875 with the following changes.

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Tihanov Denis updates free OrilRiver VST reverb to v2.0.2 beta - releases Mac version  12th June 2017

Tihanov Denis has updated the free OrilRiver reverb VST effect plug-in for Windows to v2.0.2 beta and released the first Mac version.

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Venn Audio releases Quick Haas free panning audio effect VST/AU  12th June 2017

Venn Audio has released Quick Haas, a simple psychoacoustic panning audio effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Krakli Plugs releases Arminator free VST synth                    11th June 2017

Krakli Plugs has released Arminator, free VST plugin Yamaha CS80 synthesizer-emulation.

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bigcat instruments releases free NSI Instruments for Kontakt    11th June 2017

bigcat instruments has released free NSI Instruments for NI Kontakt.

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258 free dystopian drone samples                                    11th June 2017

258 free dystopian drone samples by SampleRadar.

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Hart Instruments releases HISE v1.0.0 build 649 free cross-platform for building virtual instruments  08th June 2017

Hart Instruments  has released HISE v1.0.0 build 649, cross-platform open source audio application for building virtual instruments.

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99Sounds and SampleScience release free Drum Machine VST/AU  08th June 2017

99Sounds has released free drum rompler in collaboration with SampleScience.

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Full Bucket Music releases The blooo v2.0.0 free VST synth     07th June 2017

Full Bucket Music has released The blooo v2.0.0, free polyphonic software synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

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Wave Arts releases free Tube Saturator Vintage plug-in for Mac & Win  06th June 2017

Wave Arts has released Tube Saturator Vintage, a free reissue of the original Tube Saturator.

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Dead Duck Software releases Piano and ePiano free VST plugins  05th June 2017

Dead Duck Software has released Piano and ePiano (part of dead duck free instruments bundle), free VST plugin instruments for Windows.

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Smokey loops releases Handpan Kontakt free           05th June 2017

Smokey loops has released Handpan, free download NI Kontakt instrument.

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Audio Damage releases Rough Rider v2.0.0 free compressor effect plugin  03rd June 2017

Audio Damage has released Rough Rider v2.0.0 free compressor effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Autodafe releases free Autodafe XoX Drums for Kontakt          03rd June 2017

Autodafe has released Autodafe XoX Drums, free drum machine for NI Kontakt.

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Free Thermionik Amp Model – Serpent                               03rd June 2017

Free Thermionik Amp Model – Serpent for Windows and Mac.

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