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News - March 2017


March 2017


Synthiv releases Neviah free multi-filter/delay effect plug-in 31st March 2017

Synthiv has released Neviah, free multi-filter/delay VST effect plug-in for Windows (32bit).

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Trashy Techno Drums free lofi TR-909 sample pack            31st March 2017

Trashy Techno Drums free lofi TR-909 sample pack by Plughugger.

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Sonic Anomaly releases TriLeveler 2 free voice leveler plugin 30th March 2017

Sonic Anomaly has released TriLeveler 2 free voice broadcast leveler plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Atom Hub releases Trumpette free instrument for Kontakt   29th March 2017

Atom Hub has released Trumpette, free instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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HY-Plugins releases HY-MPS sequencer plugin (free version)   29th March 2017

HY-Plugins has released HY-MPS (free version), a block based sequencer plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Analog Obsession releases Filteq free 3-band equalizer    28th March 2017

Analog Obsession has released Filteq, free VST/AU 3-band equalizer for Windows and Mac.

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Flo Audio releases Lexicon PCM 91 – Studio free impulse response pack    28th March 2017

Flo Audio has released Lexicon PCM 91 – Studio, free impulse response pack featuring 50 impulses from the PCM 91 reverb processor from Lexicon.

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Jhudstudio releases free EQ31 Unlimited effect plugin      27th March 2017

Jhudstudio has released EQ31 Unlimited, free mastering effect plugin for Windows (32 bit).

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CT-7000 Vintage Synth - free sound library for SFZ Player    24th March 2017

CT-7000 Vintage Synth - free sound library for free SFZ Player by Michael Picher.

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NUSofting releases Bit Fluzer free bit crushers plugin       23rd March 2017

NUSofting has released Bit Fluzer, free audio effect similar to standard "bit crushers" for Windows (32 and 64bit).

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CoolSoft releases free VirtualMIDISynth v2.0                          23rd March 2017

CoolSoft has released VirtualMIDISynth v2.0, a free software MIDI synthesizer that uses SoundFonts.

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D-Charged releases free Phase 90 VST phaser effect     22nd March 2017

D-Charged has released Phase 90, free VST plugin phaser effect for Windows (32bit).

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Beatmaker releases SL Drums 3 free virtual drum machine   21st March 2017

Beatmaker has released SL Drums 3, free virtual drum machinefree easy to use virtual drum machine.

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Digital Suburban releases Dexed v0.9.3 free plugin synth    21st March 2017

Digital Suburban has released Dexed v0.9.3, free multi format plugin synth that is closely modeled on the Yamaha DX7.

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VidPlayVST.com releases VidPlayVST Beta free multi-format VideoPlayer 21st March 2017

VidPlayVST.com has released VidPlayVST Beta, free multi-format VideoPlayer for audio workstations.

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BurghRecords releases free Phat Noise ModFilter plugin    20th March 2017

BurghRecords has released Phat Noise ModFilter, free VST plugin for Windows (32 and 64bit).

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253 free gangster sting samples by SampleRadar                  19th March 2017

253 free gangster sting samples released by SampleRadar.

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Free Dirty Wurlitzer Ableton sampler instrument              19th March 2017

Free Dirty Wurlitzer Ableton sampler instrument released by Expanding Sound.

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Audacity Team releases Audacity version 2.1.3              19th March 2017

Audacity Team has released Audacity v2.1.3, free (open source) digital audio editor and recording application.

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Sonuscore releases free Sustained String Chords for Kontakt 17th March 2017

Sonuscore has released Sustained String Chords, a free Kontakt instrument, offering a unique and useful tool to create warm and massive string chords.

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Smacklabs releases free SL84 Console EQ                     16th March 2017

Smacklabs has released SL84 Console EQ, free equalizer plugin for Windows.

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Onlinemasteringstudio.eu releases ProMixEQ-10A free precise mixing equalizer 16th March 2017

Onlinemasteringstudio.eu has released EU ProMixEQ-10A, a free high quality precise mixing equalizer by Marian Brezekhiel Brezovan.

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2nd sense audio releases 2S EQ free parametric EQ    14th March 2017

2nd sense audio has released 2S EQ, free VST/AU parametric EQ for Windows and Mac.

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Oblivion Sound Lab releases free OSL Chorus effect plugin    14th March 2017

Oblivion Sound Lab has released OSL Chorus, a free chorus effect plugin inspired by the onboard chorus of the Juno 60 synthesizer.

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TB Arthur releases KICKZ: Tormented Bass Drums            14th March 2017

TB Arthur has released KICKZ: Tormented Bass Drums, a sample pack featuring a collection of 24-bit kick drum samples.

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Isotonik releases free Crystal Goblets for Ableton & Eugene for Kontakt 13th March 2017

Flintpope has released Crystal Goblets & Eugene, a free instrument pack for Ableton Live and Native Instruments Kontakt, in collaboration with Animus Invidious of PerforModule.

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123creative releases free Hardstyle Elements - Construction Kit (Loops, MIDI) 13th March 2017

123creative has released Hardstyle Elements Construction Kit in cooperation with Freak music. The Kit contains 22 Loops and 11 Midis including basses, claps, kicks, hats, leads, risers, synths, vocals.

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SynthIV releases Desert Haze mp3 player VST plug-in beta for Windows 13th March 2017

SynthIV has released Desert Haze, a free VST plug-in that plays back mp3 files through effects.

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The Alpine Project releases free Alpine Flute for Kontakt     09th March 2017

The Alpine Project has released Alpine Flute, free virtual instrument for NI Kontakt.

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GyL Synths releases WaveFlex FBG-1 free VST synth              08th March 2017

GyL Synths has released WaveFlex FBG-1 (FaceBook Group 1 year Anniversary), free VST sythesizer plugin for Windows.

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Free surround sound ambiences from forests, canyons, parks and wetlands  08th March 2017

A Sound Effect has released free sample library featuring a collection of surround sound ambiences from forests, canyons, parks and wetlands, recorded by Rick Hernandez of Respawn Entertainment and Melee Sound Design.

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Channel Robot releases FreeForm free instrument for Kontakt 07th March 2017

Channel Robot has released FreeForm, a free rompler instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring version 2 of Channel Robot’s Formula engine.

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Sonic Visualiser v3.0 for Mac, Win & Lin released         07th March 2017

Version 3.0 of Sonic Visualiser, a free application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files, is now available.

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SmackLabs releases SL63 free VST compressor                  06th March 2017

SmackLabs has released SL63, free VST plugin compressor for Windows (32 bit).

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SampleRadar releases 250 free dub designer samples     04th March 2017

SampleRadar has released 250 free dub designer samples, laidback beats, basses, guitar chops and more.

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Black Rooster Audio releases VHL-3C free vintage high/low pass filter 04th March 2017

Black Rooster Audio has released VHL-3C, free VST/AU/AAX vintage high/low pass filter for Windows and Mac users.

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Boyss-Sound-{e}-scapes releases the 2nd Year free sample pack 04th March 2017

Boyss-Sound-{e}-scapes has released the 2nd Year free sample pack. It consists of atmos, bass, drums and extra loops. All WAV loops are 24-bit / 44,1 kHz; ~630 MB uncompressed. MIDI for each part is provided too.

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BeatMaker releases 808 Bass Module 2 Lite          03rd March 2017

BeatMaker has released 808 Bass Module 2 Lite, free and fully functional bass ROMpler for Windows and Mac.

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Wavesfactory releases SK10 free subkick simulator             01st March 2017

Wavesfactory has released SK10, free audio plugin that simulates a subkick microphone.

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Sonic Anomaly releases free SEGX2 dual band expander gate  01st March 2017

Sonic Anomaly has released SEGX2, free VST dual band expander gate for Windows and Mac.

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SynthIV releases free Soft Glow Organ                               01st March 2017

SynthIV has released Soft Glow Organ, free Vintage theater organ rompler vst plugin for Windows (32bit).

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