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News - May 2017


May 2017


BurghRecords releases PhatNoise Phazer free VST plugin           31st May 2017

BurghRecords has released PhatNoise Phazer, free VST effect plugin for Windows.

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123creative releases free event horizon loops                      31st May 2017

123creative has released Event Horizon, free  loops made from Dune2 presets.

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Sonic Visualiser for Mac, Win & Lin updated to v3.0.3        31st May 2017

Sonic Visualiser, a free application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files, has been updated to version 3.0.3 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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Audio Damage updates free FuzzPlus 3 to v 1.0.1 with AAX support   31st May 2017

The free FuzzPlus 3 plugin has been updated to version 1.0.1, which includes AAX support and fixes some bugs.

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SynthIV releases GSS-370 free VST synth                           30th May 2017

SynthIV has released GSS-370, free VST plugin synth for Windows.

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BeatMaker releases Dirty Chords Lite free sample based Rompler Chords VST/AU  27th May 2017

BeatMaker has released Dirty Chords Lite, free VST/AU ROMpler for Windows and Mac to play chords with one finger.

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Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases free CGC Shaker for Kontakt 27th May 2017

Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes has released CGC Shaker (free for email subscribers), experimental percussion sounding similar to shaker for NI Kontakt.

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Venn Audio releases Free Clip plugin public beta                      26th May 2017

Venn Audio has relased a public beta of Free Clip, a multi algorithm soft clipper/wave shaper audio effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

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Full Bucket Music updates free Mono/Fury synth to v2.0.0  26th May 2017

Full Bucket Music has updated free Mono/Fury synth to version 2.0.0 for Windows.

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HY-Plugins releases HY-Phaser v2.01 free VST/AU plugin      25th May 2017

HY-Plugins has released HY-Phaser v2.01, free VST/AU phaser effect.

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Matthieu Brucher releases ATKBassPreamp 1.0.0 free VST/AU plugin 24th May 2017

Matthieu Brucher has released version 1.0.0 of ATKBassPreamp, a free and Open Source stereo delay plug-in, for 64-bit Mac OS X (10.11 minimum) and Windows (32 and 64-bit) in VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in formats.

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Analog Obsession releases ROLLAMP free guitar amp simulator 23rd May 2017

Analog Obsession has released ROLLAMP, free guitar amp simulator for Windows and Mac.

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[BEN/SCHULZ] releases Spectrum free spectrum analyser plugin 23rd May 2017

[BEN/SCHULZ] has released Spectrum, free VST, AU and AAX plugin that allows you to inspect the frequency content of your mixes.

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Aciddose releases free Xhip synthesizer v8.0 for Windows      23rd May 2017

Aciddose has released version 8.0 of Xhip, the free synth plug-in for Windows.

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Dead Duck Software releases DJX10 and DDX10 free VST instruments  22nd May 2017

Dead Duck Software has released DJX10 and DDX10 (Dead Duck Synth Bundle), free VST plugin instruments for Windows.

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167 free krautrock samples by SampleRadar       22nd May 2017

167 free krautrock samples released by SampleRadar.

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MAAT releases free 2BusControl monitor control & balance and correlation metering plugin      19th May 2017

MAAT has released free 2BusControl, universal L/R plus MONO/DIFF monitor control and Balance/Correlation metering plugin for stereo bus masters.

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Beatmatch releases EDM Drums free sample pack                  19th May 2017

Beatmatch has released EDM Drums, amazing compilation of sounds, drum kits and project files available as a free download.

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Beatskillz presents MAX1 free compressor plugin         18th May 2017

Beatskillz has released MAX1, free automatic compressor plugin with “intelligent” and variable release time and ratio settings for Windows and Mac.

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GyL Synths releases Baze-2 free VST rhythm/melody machine   17th May 2017

GyL Synths has released Baze-2, free VST rhythm/melody machine for Windows.

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Free VST host Auditor released by Transonic                          17th May 2017

Free VST host Auditor for making A/B comparisons with VST plugins.

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Free multitrack sequencer Ardour updated to v5.9     17th May 2017

Ardour 5.9 is now available, representing several months of development that spans some new features and many improvements and fixes.

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Samsara Cycle Audio releases free G-EQ A guitar equalizer with distortion     15th May 2017

Samsara Cycle Audio has released G-EQ A, free VST guitar equalizer with distortion for Windows (64bit).

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Sanford Sound Design releases Cobalt v2.0 free VST synth 15th May 2017

Sanford Sound Design has released version 2.0 of Cobalt, the free synth VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

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First Audio Research and Technology releases Big Skinny MkII free VST synth  13th May 2017

First Audio Research and Technology has released Big Skinny MkII, free VST synth for Windows (32 and 64bit).

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88 free Toraiz AS-1 loops for Zampler                             13th May 2017

88 free Toraiz AS-1 loops for Zampler by Beat.

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Status releases free Analog FREEgures 110 presets for LittleOne 13th May 2017

Status has released Analog FREEgures, a soundset featuring a collection of 110 presets for the LittleOne 3.0 synthesizer instrument by Xhun Audio.

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Szcz's Audio Adventures releases Beat Knitter free drum machine for Kontakt   11th May 2017

Szcz's Audio Adventures has released Beat Knitter, free tiny drum machine and random drum pattern generator for Kontakt.

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Samsara Cycle Audio updates Hurdy Gurdy free VSTi       11th May 2017

Samsara Cycle Audio has updated Hurdy Gurdy free VSTi for Windows.

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Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.17 compressor plugin 10th May 2017

Thomas Mundt has updated LoudMax to version 1.17 for Mac OS and Windows. The Winamp version has also been updated.

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Loopersound releases free Techno & Tech House sample pack 10th May 2017

Loopersound has released free collection of Techno and Tech House sounds via social share.

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Sonic Anomaly updates Transpire free transient transient processor  08th May 2017

Sonic Anomaly has re-released its Transpire free transient processor plugin. Transpire is a transient processor. It can enhance or dampen the initial attack and the sustain (body) of sound.

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Ghosthack releases Neurofunk free drum and bass sample pack   07th May 2017

Ghosthack has released Neurofunk, free Drum and Bass Sample Pack featuring 70 royalty free one-shot samples and loops.

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EQ E78 equalizer for Reactor is free now                               07th May 2017

EQ E78 equalizer released by WNP Sounds for Reactor is free now.

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Folca Bass free synth inspired by the Volca Bass           04th May 2017

First Audio Research and Technology has released Folca Bass, free synth inspired by the Volca Bass.

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Dream Audio Tools releases Dream Box free Kontakt instrument  04th May 2017

Dream Audio Tools has released Dream Box, a free Kontakt instrument library featuring the sounds of a music box.

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Autodafe releases free Casio VL-1 AU/VST instrument         04th May 2017

Autodafe has announced the release of Casio VL-1, free plugin for MAC (AU and VST) and Windows (VST 32 and 64-bits)

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SampleScience releases Wolfpack free Akai analog sample pack 04th May 2017

SampleScience has released Wolfpack, a free sample pack of Akai analog instruments (the Rhythm & Timbre Wolf).

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Astatic DSP releases Barffet Sound Re-Genarator free FSU effect   03rd May 2017

Astatic DSP has released Barffet Sound Re-Genarator, free FSU effect AU/VST for Mac.

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Synsonic releases free BD-909 bass drum synth plugin            03rd May 2017

Synsonic Instruments has released BD-909, free bass drum instrument modeled after Roland’s TR series Rhythm Composer drum machines.

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Impact Soundworks releases free Super Audio Boy for Kontakt  03rd May 2017

Impact Soundworks has released Super Audio Boy, free Kontakt instrument where classic retro waveforms meet modern sound design power.

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Analog Obsession releases Fetish free Compressor/Limiter  02nd May 2017

Analog Obsession has released Fetish, free Classic Fet Compressor/Limiter AU/VST.

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MV's Plugins updates free MIDI Choir to v2.0 for Windows   02nd May 2017

MV's Plugins has released version 2.0 of MIDI Choir, a free real-time pitch shifter.

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